Francis LECHARITY / LACHARITÉ and (1) Mary MOON and (2) Miriam McNEELY
99th Regiment to Goulbourn and to Old Chelsea

September 12, 2005: Picture of Lacharité Road in the Gatineau Park
Picture of Lacharity Road Sign
September 3, 2004: Thanks to Robert Sample for the following: Alexa: I was looking over your info on Al Lewis' site and note your comments on Francis LeCharity / Lasharity who was with the 99th Regiment. I believe this to be the same Francis Lasharity who married Miriam McNeely. I have an interest in Francis because of his McNeely connection. The plot thickens. I believe that descendants of Francis and Miriam married a Doucet / Doucett and they came back to the Beckwith area and are the Doucetts of Carleton Place. I have yet to make the hook up but from family knowledge of the past, I believe I am right. Miriam McNeely would be my Grandmother Sample nee McNeely's great Aunt. Descendants of Francis Lasharity 1 Francis Lasharity b: 1779 d: Jan 18, 1874 in 84 yrs See Scbk. Burial: St. Stephens Cemetery, Old Chelsea, Gatineau County, Quebec .. + Miriam McNeely b: 1792 in Carneal, County Antrim, Ireland d: Jan 06, 1859 in 67 yrs See scbk. m: in Upper Canada Burial: St. Stephens RC Cemetery, Old Chelsea, Gatineau County, Quebec Father: James McNeely Mother: Agnes Unknown ...... 2 Elizabeth Lasharity b: 1825 d: 1914 .......... +John P. Doucet b: 1831 d: Jul 20, 1875 ...... 2 Johannah Lasharity b: Aug 06, 1828 in Village of Old Chelsea d: Jan 02, 1922 in Hull Twp., Gatineau County, Quebec Burial: St. Stephens RC Cemetery, Old Chelsea, Quebec (see photo below) .......... +Patrick Farrell b: Mar 16, 1828 in County Mayo, Ireland d: Jan 13, 1916 in Village of Old Chelsea, Hull Twp., Quebec. Burial: St. Stephens RC Cemetery, Old Chelsea, Quebec (see photo below) ...... 2 James Lasharity b: 1831 d: Aug 26, 1892 .......... +Susana Unknown ...... 2 Susan Lasharity b: 1835 in Village of Old Chelsea, Hull Twp., Quebec. d: Aug 10, 1898 in Ashton Village, Beckwith, Ont. A cousin of Joseph McNeely Burial: Pinegrove, United Cemeteries, Beckwith, Ont. .......... + Joseph L. McNeely b: Dec 26, 1832 in Beckwith Twp., Ontario d: Oct 19, 1923 in Ashton Village, Ontario Burial: Pinegrove, United Cemeteries, Beckwith, Ontario Father: Brice McNeely Mother: Jane Moore ...... 2 Augustine Lasharity b: 1834 in Village of Old Chelsea, Hull Twp., Quebec. d: Jun 25, 1907 in Village of Old Chelsea, Hull Twp., Quebec. .......... +Catherine Daley b: 1834 in Village of Old Chelsea, Hull Twp., Quebec. ______________________ From the records of Notre Dame, Source: Ellen Paul 13 Mar 1836 Richmond Baptism of Susanna, 7 yrs. old, daughter of François Lacharité (99th) and Susan McMeilg? Godparents: Jeremiah Burns & Judith Burns 13 Mar 1836 Richmond Baptism of Augustin, 2 mos. old, son of Francois Lacharite and Susan McMeilg? Godparents: John Withers & Ellen Withers
September 17, 2004: Edie Sage nee Lacharity just sent me her file on the Francis Lacharity Descendants as she has them. I have never had the pleasure or recording a family history which has been done so well. Edie does not only include the full name of the spouse and their birthdate but she also includes the name of the spouse's parents. I was thunderstuck. Edie's e-mail address is

June 3, 2006: Hi Al: Here is a picture of Francis Lasharity and his granddaughter. If ya wish to publish it put in a caution that the dates may not be correct. I can remember a nice lady called Alexa that helped me a lot onj this family but I have lost her address. Maybe ya might wish to forward this on to her. ... Robert Sample
Francis Lacharity and Granddaughter

July 4, 2006: Thanks to Edie Sage for the following interesting history. Edie has some later details.
Lacharity Family Tree
E:\LACHARITY\Francois Mary MOON;Minnie McNEELY.MCN Francois (Francis, Frank) LACHARITY, 1. Mary MOON, 2. Miriam (Miinnie) McNEELY Francois (Frank or Francis) L. LACHARITE, b. 1791, in Ireland, d. Jan. 18, 1874, (age 83), and buried in St. Stephen's Cemetery, Old Chelsea, Que. Francois was the first recorded Lacharite to locate in the West Quebec area. He had first settled in the Ashton area, abt. 10 miles from Carleton Place, Ont. The 1822 Goulbourn Census has him living in Goulbourn Twp., Ont., and gives the place of his m.1. to Mary MOON as Ireland. Francois was in the 99 Regiment No. 30, 1st Regiment, Carleton, Richmond, in 1812 (according to Militia General Orders, June 13, 1821, Goulbourn, Nepean, Huntley and March). [Mary MOON possibly died after their only child was born in 1821]. Three years later, in 1824, Francis married Miriam (Minnie) McNEELY. When he moved to Quebec he purchased land along the West shore of the Gatineau River, where he established a farm, built his house, stables and barns. A ferry was operated from Lacharite Landing, and it was also a Flag Stop for the Gatineau train. The name was changed to Kirks Ferry, and still later, to Larrimac. In the 1891 Census, Frank was listed as a Soldier/Farmer. On Dec. 23, 1844, he was made a Warden at Fabrique St. Ethienne (St. Stephen's) Mission in Aylmer, and later became a Warden at the new St. Stephen's Roman Catholic Church in Old Chelsea, Que., which had been erected between 1840-44. Family of Francois and Mary Moon (1) Jane 1 Jane Josephine LACHARITE, b. 1821, in Ontario and d. Feb. 15, 1896. Buried in St. Stephen's Cemetery in Old Chelsea, Que., m. Owen DALY (also spelled Daily). Owen was b. in Ireland, son of Richard DALY and Ann KIRNAN. Date of m. June 19, 1844, at St. Paul's R.C. Church, Aylmer, Que. The Daly's were farmers. Jane became a talented weaver. She was said to be a very beautiful woman. Family: (4) Mary, Kate, James, Jane. (1) Mary DALY, b. Nov. 9, 1851, (or 1853), m. John Thomas O'ROURKE, son of Patrick O'ROURKE (farmer) and Mary CAHILL of Wakefield, Que. Date of m. Sept. 25, 1885 at Wakefield. Family: (3) Mary, David, Katie. 1. Mary O'ROURKE, b. Aug. 7, 1886, d. March 4, 1906 (19 yrs.) 2. Patrick David O'ROURKE, b. Jan. 7, 1890, (twin of Katie), d. Apr. 2, 1908. 3. Katie O'ROURKE, b. Jan. 7, 1890 (twin of David), d. June 24, 1907. (The three children were baptised at St. Stephen's in Old Chelsea, Que., and were buried in St. Stephen's Cemetery, Old Chelsea, Que.) (2) Catherine (Kate) DALY, b. Oct. 9, 1855, m. Joseph FILIAN (FILEAN), son of Pierre FILIAN, a hotel keeper, and Caroline FORTIER of Quebec City. Date of m. Oct. 17, 1882. Family: (2) Caroline, Mary Ann 1. Caroline Jane FILIAN, b. Mar. 12, 1886, m. Eugene THIBAULT. Date of m. May 11, 1908 at Notre Dame de Grace, Hull. 2. Mary Ann FILIAN, b. Mar. 11, 1890. (3) James DALY, b. Aug. 29, 1857. (4) Jane Josephine DALY, b. 1858. d. Oct. 17, 1884 (age 26 yrs.) [End of Jane Lacharite & Owen Daly's family] Francois m. 2. Miriam (Minnie or Mina) McNEELY, (also spelled McNEILY/McNEALY/McNEALLY). She was b. 1792, in Carneal, County Antrim, Ireland, d. Jan 6, 1859, dau. of James McNEELY and Agnes unknown. buried in St. Stephen's Cemetery, Old Chelsea, Que. Date of m. Oct. 18, 1824, in St. Stephen's Church. They settled on lots 14 and 15, Range 12, Hull Township, at Kirk's Ferry (Larrimac). The property was passed on to his youngest son, Augustine (Austin) and later to Austin's son Owen. Francois' (Frank) then acquired property on the Eastern shore of Meech Lake, (first settlers on the lake), and built a log house and out-buildings. (The Indians, who traded with Frank, and the Loggers who worked for him, called the lake, "Lac Lacharite", but after more Irish moved into the area, they began calling the lake, "Meech Lake", after a Methodist preacher, Asa Meech, who had arrived in Hull about 1826, from the U.S.A. and founded the first Methodist church in Aylmer, Que., but later, also built on the shore of the lake some time after the Lacharities). The Lacharite house and horse stable were still standing in 2001. On Oct. 15, 1853, Frank was Deeded Lot 25 at Meech Lake, by the Crown, [Cost of the Lot was 23 Pounds: $92.00]. The property was accessible only by a horse trail through the woods, by boat in summer or on the ice in winter. The house now has white aluminum siding and a new summer kitchen-sun-porch, but the interior remains the same: stone fireplace, hardwood floors and retractable staircase--that pushes up to become part of the ceiling, preventing heat-loss from the lower floor in winter. The winter cut of logs in the area were piled on the shore of Meech Creek that runs from the lake to empty into the Gatineau River near Farm Point. Patrick FARRELL (Frank's son-in-law) had built the first dam and sawmill at the mouth of Meech Creek . When the dam was opened in the spring, the water was deep enough and the creek wide enough to carry all the logs to the Gatineau River. Patrick had become a major land owner on the lake. His wife, Johanna Lacharite, had inherited the Lacharite property. [Thomas (Carbide) WILLSON was later to build his generating station on the dam]. The Farrells passed the property on to their son, Patrick. In 1900, either Pat, or his son, Patrick, Jr., sold (or gave) some of the land to the Capucin Fathers for their Meech Lake Chapel. (Johanna wanted assurance that she would have a church close by when she was old). In 1914, the Lacharite-Farrell home was rented to a John HOPE and in 1916, they purchased the home. [The HOPE family owned a Book Store in Ottawa]. In later years the HOPEs sold to their dau., who had married a Mr. JOHNSTON. When the HOPE family owned the property they had a phone line laid along the bottom of the lake. There is no hydro, but a little stream from a spring runs down to the back of the house where it is piped into the bathroom and kitchen. The house is now known as "Hope House" [Miriam (Mina or Minnie) McNEELY's sibs: (4) Brice, b. 1794, in Carneal Co., Antrim, Ireland; John, 1797; Mary Eliza,b. 1804; Janet, b. 1807, [Brice, Mary Eliza, and Janet all arrived in Canada in 1822] Family of Francois and Miriam (Minnie or Mina) McNEELY: (5) Elizabeth, Johanna, James, Augustine, Susanna 1. Elizabeth LACHARITE, b. 1825 (1st child of Francois [Frank] LACHARITE and Miriam (Minnie) McNEELY), d. 1914, m. John P. DOUCET, (DUSCET/DUSET) b. 1831, d. July 20, 1875. Family: (2) Lornie, John (1) Lornie DUSCET. (No other data found) (2) John J. DUSCET, b. 1860, d. 1935, m. Elizabeth CONDIE, b. 1866, d. 1938. (No other data found) 2. Johanna LACHARITE, b. Aug. 6, 1828, (2nd child of Francois (Frank) LACHARITE and Minnie McNEELY], d. Jan. 2, 1922, in Hull Twp, Gatineau Co. m. Pat FARRELL (O'FARRELL), b. March 13, 1828, in County Mayo, Ireland, d. Jan. 13, 1916, in Old Chelsea, Que., son of Pat FARRELL and Annie DEANE. Date of m. Jan. 17, 1858, in St. Stephen's Church, Old Chelsea, Que. Johanna and Pat took over the Lacharite farm on Meech Lake. Family: (7) Susanna, James, Patrick, Francis, Joseph, Margaret, John (all b. at Meech Lake) (1) Susanna Jane FARRELL, b. June 25, 1859, d.. 1939, in Old Chelsea. Susanna remained single. She was a competent seamstress and quite a beautiful woman. Buried in St. Stephen's Cemetery, Old Chelsea, Que. (2) James FARRELL, b. Nov. 25, 1860, in Meech Lake, d. Aug. 28, 1933, at Aylmer, Que., m. Edith (Ettie)) O'MEARA, b. Feb. 28, 1869, in Luskville, Que, d. March 16, 1948, in Aylmer, dau. of Edward O'MEARA, (b.Jan 5, 1846, d. March 2, 1875) and Catherine VILLENEUVE (b. Feb. 1, 1846, d. Dec. 31, 1912) Date of m. Feb. 16, 1903, in Aylmer. Buried in an Aylmer cemetery. Family: (5) Joseph, Mary Agatha, John Lawrence, James Patrick, Moira (3) Patrick FARRELL, b. Oct. 25, 1860, in Meech Lake, Que., d. 1937. Bachelor Patrick owned 300 acres on Meech Lake . Buried in St. Stephen's Cemetery, in Old Chelsea, Que. Patrick lived with his sis.,Susanna. (4) Francis (Frank) FARRELL, b. 1864, in Meech Lake, Que., m. Mary CONNELL. Frank and Mary buried at the R.C. cemetery at Wolf Lake, Que. No family. (5) Joseph FARRELL, b. Dec. 13, 1866, in Meech Lake, Que., d. Jan. 21, 1899. Buried in St. Stephen's Cemetery, Old Chelsea, Que. He remained a bachelor. (6) Margaret FARRELL, b. March 31, 1869, at Meech Lake, Old Chelsea, d. June 22, 1952, in Old Chelsea, m. Michael SCOTT, b. Nov. 2, 1864, d. June 12, 1920. [son of Michael SCOTT, (1825-1895) and Mary Ann DUNLOP] Date of m. Sept. 14, 1896, in Old Chelsea, Que. Buried in St. Stephen's Cemetery, Old Chelsea, Que. Family: (4) Mary, Florence, Ellen, John 1. Mary SCOTT, b. June 23, 1897, d. Jan. 5, 1926, m. Jack McDONNELL, b. 1878, in Ireland. d. 1962. Date of m. July 18, 1923. 2. Florence Rose SCOTT, b. Aug. 30, 1898, in Old Chelsea, Que., d. Oct. 27, 1983, in Old Chelsea, Que., m. William John DUNN (3rd cousin), b. March 10, 1898, d. Sept. 27, 1983, [son of Michael L DUNN and Ellen RYAN]. John was in the Military and later served in Government. Date of m. May 18, 1926. Florence and John are buried in St. Stephens Cemetery, Old Chelsea, Que. (7) William John (Jack) FARRELL, b. July 9, 1872, at Meech Lake, Que., d. April 9, 1936. Bachelor. Buried in St. Stephen's Cemetery, Old Chelsea, Que. [End of Johanna LACHARITE and Pat FARRELL's family] 3. James LACHARITE, b. 1831, d. Aug. 26, 1892, (3rd child of Francois LACHARITE and Minnie McNEELEY), m. Susana unknown 4. Augustine LACHARITE (4th child of Fancois & 2nd wife, Miriam McNEELY), b. 1834, in Old Chelsea, d. June 25, 1907, m. Catherine (Kate) DALY, b. 1834, d. July 7, 1910. Date of m. Oct. 18, 1857, at St. Stephen's. Augustine and Kate farmed at Kirk's Ferry (now called Larrimac). The farm was the first property that Augustine's father, Francois, settled on, in Quebec. The farm was later owned by their second youngest son, Owen. Family: (9) Elizabeth, Frank, Michael, Augustine, Jr., Catherine, James, Joseph, Owen, Stephen Richard (Dick) [For family data, see: Augustine LACHARITY - Kate DALY's file] 5. Susanna LACHARITE, b. 1835, in Old Chelsea, Que., [5th child of Francois LACHARITY and Miriam McNEELY] d. Aug. 10, 1898. in Ashton, Ont., m. Joseph L McNEELY, b. Dec. 26, 1832, in Beckwith Twp., Ont., (a cousin), d. Oct. 19, 1923, in Ashton. [He was the son of Brice McNEELY and Jane MOORE, both b, in Co. Antrim, Ireland]. Susan and Joseph are buried in Pinegrove United Cemetery, Beckwith, Ont. Family: (2) Miriam, John (1) Miriam Jane McNEELY, b. 1868, d. 1878, in Beckwith Twp., Ont. (10 yrs.) (2) John Strachan Lewis McNEELY, b. Nov. 28, 1870, in Beckwith Twp., d. April 11, 1942, in Perth, Ont., m. Hariet Helen FROST, b. March 31, 1877, d. 1953. Date of m. Nov. 8, 1899. John and Hariet were buried in Plot A. 141, Elmwood Cemetery, Perth, Ont. Hariet's m. 2. Leslie DANNER, b. c.1880 Family: (1) Edward (1) Edward DANNER, b. c.1905, m. Helen THORNBURY, b. c. 1905 [End of Francois (Frank) L. LACHARITE and Miriam (Minnie) McNEELY family]
New February 7, 2008: The book Historical Walks, The Gatineau Park Story, by Katharine Fletcher contains this photograph of Patrick Farrell and Johanna Lacharity. In the photo below, it looks like page 11. In my version it's on page 13. (ISBN 0-9693580-0-8) They farmed at Meech Lake. Thanks to Anne Burgess for sending along this photo of Patrick and Johanna. ... Al
Patrick Farrell and Johanna Lacharity

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