also Charles KITTS (99th Regiment of Foot) and Elizabeth GRENAN

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March 20, 2002:

I took a wild guess and typed in the names of my great great maternal grandparents 
and the list of marriages in Richmond, Ontario came up.  Do you have any knowledge of the 
Irish origins of the Kitt clan?  My mother was born to Elizabeth Mary Kitts, and 
Edward Malone of Brudenell (married 1902). I can't remember where either of the 
families originated in Ireland. Just thought you might have access to that info.
Sally Crawford Haberer


Hi Sally:
This may be a bit of a stretch, or maybe not.

In 1829 there was a Samuel KITT or KITTS in the Ottawa area. This man may be an 
ancestor of yours. He was from County Derry, Ireland and had two brothers-in-law, 
last name Boyd, back in Ireland. Therefore his wife may have been a Boyd.

Now, so far we have what looks like a Protestant family, going by the names 
(Samuel, Boyd).
However there was a KITT family near Richmond (Kitt's Corners, now called Twin Elm). 
At least part of this family was Catholic. 

I believe that some of this KITT family later went to the Brudenell area in Renfrew 
County. If you go to Bill Martin's page you'll find lots 
of Kitts, including some named Samuel and Charles.

Edward Malone is also there.

... Al Lewis

August 20, 2002: I am seeking information on my gr-gr-gr grandfather Charles Kitts. He was born in Dublin Ireland in 1784 and he join the 100th British Regiment of Foot. He fought in the War of 1812, and he later settled in Carleton County, Ontario Canada. In 1808 he married Elizabeth Breason. Also, she was born in Ireland. Charles daughter Teresa married John Kitts. John Kitts was born in Liverpool, England in 1832. I believe they were cousins. ... Karen Thompson Note: Charles KITT, aged 39, Charles Kitt aged 19 and Michael Kitt aged 20 are all listed on the 1828 Goulbourn Militia List. (Men of Upper Canada, by Bruce Elliott). ... Al
October 30, 2002: Hi Karen, Sally and Al, I am a descendent of the Goulbourn Kitts family. My great, great grandfather Michael Kitts (Militia 1828) moved to Brudenell Twp with some relatives about 1857 shortly after his brother-in-law Denis Tierney died. I have been working on this family for many years. I am trying to link the Samuel Kitts on the McCabe list with Charles Kitts from the 100th Regiment. I can probably answer most of your questions. Mark Woermke ________________________________________________________ Also posted on October 30, 2002: My gr-gr-gr grandfather Charles Kitts was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1784,and died 1n 1872 in Goulbourn Township Carleton County, Ontario. He was a member of 100th British Regiment of Foot, and he fought in the War of 1812. After the War of 1812, he received a land grant in Goulbourn. they had children from 1808 until 1840 . Sarah Kitt was born in 1808 (Canada). She married Francis Grenan (Before 11 June 1838, Goulbourn Township, Carleton County, Ontario. Mary Ann Kitts was born in 1844 and she was married to Denis Teirney. February 27, 2010: NOTE: From Sue: "According to church records, Mary Ann Kitt, a daughter of Charles Kitt and Elizabeth Bryson, was born in Montreal 30 May 1817 and baptized at Notre Dame in that city on 1 June 1817 - godparents being Patrice Wilkinson and Winifred Mulholland. Her father, Charles Kitt, signed as "Cpl. Chas. Kitt, 99th Regiment". Ellen Kitts was born in 1820. Teresa Kitts was born 1832, and died 1900. She was married to John Kitt (I believe a first cousin). John Kitts was born in 1831 in Merseyside, Liverpool, England. This family was listed in the 1881 Census of Goulbourn Township. Name Marital Gender Ethnic Birthplace Age Occupation Status Origin John Kitts M Male Irish England 50 Farmer Teresa Kitts M Female Irish Ireland 50 Henry Kitts Male Irish Ontario 25 William Kitts Male Irish Ontario 22 Sarah Kitts Female Irish Ontario 19 John Kitts Male Irish Ontario 14 ... Karen Thompson
October 31, 2002: Hi all, The dates for Mary Ann Kitts Tierney are incorrect. She was born in 1818. Sarah Kitts was born in 1815 in Montreal and married Francis GREENAN in Bytown in 1835. In addition, eight other children were born to Charles Kitts and Elizabeth Bryson. Mark Woermke
Posted on November 2, 2002: Hi Al, Have you come across any information re. the Greenan / Green family of Goulbourn? Sarah (Sally) Kitts was married to Francis Greenan and they had a large family. Many moved from the Richmond area possibly to the US. Mark Woermke
December 10, 2002: Is this Samuel Kitt, a son of Charles Kitt who served with 100th British Regiment of Foot? He later moved to Renfrew area and married Catharine. Then, moved to Willow Crawford, Iowa. Did he have a sister Ellen who married Daniel Copps? Also, did this family moved to Willow Crawford, Iowa. The 1880 United States Census list: Samuel Kitt male Age 51 Birthplace Canada. Occupation Farmer Father Birthplace Ireland, Mother birthplace Canada. Catherine Kitt, wife of Samual Kitt, Age 36, Birthplace Canada, Father Birthplace, Canada, mothers birthplace Canada. Catherine Kitt, Daughter of Samual Kitt, Age 10, Birthplace Canada, Father Birthplace Canada, mothers birthplace Canada. Elizabeth Kitt , Daughter of Samual Kitt, Age 6. Birthplace Canada, Father Birthplace Canada, mothers birthplace Canada. Samuel Kitt, son Samuel Kitt, Age 4, Birthplace Canada, Father Birthplace Canada, mothers birthplace Canada. Charles Kitt, son of Samuel Kitt, Age 2, Birthplace Canada. Fathers Birthplace Canada, ... Karen Thompson ____________________ More KITT info, from registers of St. Michaels, Huntley Township (Copps country): Kitts, William son of Kitts, Edward and Sullivan, Mary born 8/19/1868 Godparents: McNally, Stephen & McNally, Anne Kitts, Charles son of Kitte, Charles and McDonald, Anne born 6/18/1842 Godparents: Kitte, Patrick & Maryanne Kitts, Jane daughter of Kitts, Edmund and Kitts, Mary born 7/5/1870 Godparents: Sullivan, John & Dowling, Johanna Kitts, Francis son of Kitts, Francis and ______, Mary b in Goulbourn 1/31/1865 married McDermott, Elizabeth (age 21) daughter of McDermott, John & Corkery, Bridget Witnesses: McDermott, Patrick & Foley, Anne b in Ramsay (I think it was the bride who was born in Ramsay Township ... Al) ... Al
February 26, 2010: Hi there... Mary Ann Kitts was my GG grandmother.. I am sending you a scanned copy of a photocopy of a picture of Mary Ann Kitts and her Husband Thomas Ferguson (below) along with her Obit and notes in the margin from my father. Her father was John Kitts of Liverpool England and her father's father was William Kitts of Dublin Ireland... William died in Liverpool England in 1859. I am only just beginning my search but hope this helps. I am also attached a picture of my G-Grandfather John (Jack) Ferguson who was Mary Ann Kitts son... this picture was taken in 1963 at my Sister birthday party... he is holding my sister Paula in his arms. Im the 2nd on the left. I was lucky enough to have my Papa in my life until I was almost 9. ... Kelly Lynn Britt Ellis
Mary Ann Kitts and her Husband Thomas Ferguson John (Jack) Ferguson Mary Ann Kitts and Thomas Ferguson Mary Ann Kitts and Thomas Ferguson John (Jack) Ferguson
_____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2 Mar 1835 (Notre Dame Cathedral) Marriage of Francis Greenan and Sarah Kitt (daughter of Samuel Kitt, 99th Regiment) Witnesses: Edward Malone & Sarah Pierce (Note: There is a Patrick Greenan, 1801-1884 buried at Our Lady of the Visitation #141, native of County Monaghan) 15 June 1837 (St. Philip's at Richmond) Marriage of Charles Kitt to Elizabeth Grenan / Grenon Witnesses: Daniel Hannigan & Isabella Mulholland. 15 July 1838 (St. Philip's at Richmond) Baptism of Elizabeth, born 11 April same year, legitimate of Francis Grenan and Sarah Kitt. The sponsors were James Mulholland and Elizabeth Kitt. Source for the above three records: Drouin Records at
Note: James Mulholland, above, was also a member of the 99th (or 23rd Regiment) Regiment He took up land in the 9th Concession of Goulbourn. His family records are in the records of St. Philip's Church in Richmond. Source: For King and Canada by A. Barry Roberts, page 241. May 24, 2012: Birthdate of Mary Ann Kitt Born 30 May 1817 and baptized June 1st 1817 at Notre Dame in Montreal. The godparents were Patrice Wilkenson and Winifred Mulholland. Father Charles signed as "Cpl. Chas Kitt, 99th Regiment". ... Sue ______________________________ Hello everyone... you do realize that Mary Anne's parents were first cousins. There was a special dispensation made through Notre Dame Church, which I have a copy, see attached. Thought you might be interested. Mary Anne was my GG Grandmother, her son John Ferguson was my Great Grandfather and I have fond memories of him up until I was 9 years old. I miss him terribly even today. Papa, was an amazing man, even helped build our cottage in Venosta, Quebec. It is still there and is owned by my cousin. Half the lake belongs to my family and is a tribute to the Ferguson and Taylor family. ... Kelly Ellis
November 10, 2012: Thanks to Sue who has filled in some blanks for us, below! Known Children of Charles Kitt and Elizabeth Breason (Bryson / Breson) 1) Michael Kitt: born 26 Jan 1809 in Montreal and baptized at Notre Dame in Montreal on 29 Jan 1809. Sponsors were Patrick Murphy and Ann Cuff. Charles, the father, is listed as a 'soldier of the 100th Regiment'. Michael married Margaret Howe and had at least 9 children. Michael died 11 March 1893 in Brudenell. 2) Charles Kitt: born 1810 in Ontario and baptized 11 Nov 1810 at St. Mark’s in Niagara-On-The-Lake. Probably baptized by Rev. Robert Addison, Minister of Niagara and a military chaplain. Charles married Elizabeth Breson at St. Phillip’s in Richmond on 15 Jun 1837 and had 2 children: James G. (1837) and Ellen (1838). After Elizabeth’s death, Charles married Ann McDonnell at St. Phillip’s on 1 Feb 1840 and had at least 4 more children. 3) Sarah Kitt: born 2 April 1815 in Montreal and baptized at Notre Dame in Montreal on 3 April 1815. Sponsors were James Howard and Elizabeth Paul(?). Charles Kitt, the father, was entered as "Charles Kitt, soldier of the 100th Regiment". Sarah married Francis Greenan on 2 March 1835 at Notre Dame in Bytown and had at least 9 children. 4) Mary Ann Kitt: born 30 May 1817 in Montreal and baptized at Notre Dame in Montreal on 1 June 1817. Sponsors were Patrice Wilkinson and Winifred Mulholland. Charles Kitt, the father, signed as Cpl. Chas. Kitt, 99th Regiment. Mary Ann married Denis Tierney Jr. at St. Phillip’s on 15 Nov 1852 and had 2 children. Mary Ann died July 21, 1901 in Nepean. 5) William Kitt: born abt 1822 in Goulbourn Township. William married at St. Phillip’s on 30 Jan 1843 Catherine O’Reilly and had 7 children. After Catherine’s death, William married Mary Houlahan and had 6 more children. William died 16 Feb 1899 in Renfrew county. 6) Samuel Kitt: born abt 1827 in Ontario and married Catherine (surname unknown). They had 4 children, then moved to the USA in 1879. 7) Ellen Kitt: born abt 1830 in Goulbourn and married Daniel Copps in Fitzroy Harbour on 25 Jan 1854. They had 6 children. Ellen died in Renfrew county on 26 June 1902. 8) Lucille Kitt: born 7 April 1832 in Goulbourn and baptized at St. Phillip’s on 4 May 1837 at age 5. Sponsors were Philip Cassidy and Sarah Byrns. Lucille never married and died in Ottawa on 25 Dec 1913. 9) Teresa Kitt: born abt 1832 in Goulbourn and married her first cousin John Kitts, a son of William Kitts and Maria Kearn, at Notre Dame in Bytown on 27 April 1851. They had 5 children. Teresa died in Nepean on 17 Oct 1900. 10) John Bryson Kitt(s): born 10 Aug 1837 at Goulbourn and baptized at St. Philip’s on 20 Sep 1837. Sponsors were Patrick Mulholland and Eleanor Lambe / Lamb. John married Mary Keane in Onslow, Quebec on 23 Sep 1867. They had 3 children. John died at Bell’s Corners on 24 June 1898. 11) Francis Kitt: born 24 Oct 1840 in Goulbourn and baptized 31 Jan 1841 at St. Philip’s. Sponsors were Thomas Mulvahill and Bridget ? Francis married Elizabeth McDermott at St. Michael’s church in Huntley Township on 31 Jan 1865. They had 9 children, the last 2 born in the USA after they emigrated there in 1878. Francis died 3 March 1921 in Spokane, Washington. ... Sue

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