John Laurence KILROE and Mary DUNN
also James McGUIRE and Ann SMITH
Ireland to Nepean Township

Hi Al, 
I am researching the Kilroe, Lennon, McGuire, McCarthy, Baxter lines. 
The Kilroes came over from Ireland in 1841 and settled in Nepean. 
There were 14 of them, I have identified 8 of them.I am looking for more info 
and pictures. 
Ernie Kilroe.


There's a Mary DUNN, died Feb 15, 1872, aged 84 years. Her husband was 
Laurence KILROE (no dates). Also Stephen Kilroe died Jan 13, 1888, aged 62 years.
Same plot, at St. Patrick's in Fallowfield.

Were they first Kilroes to come from Ireland? Do you know from which County in 
Ireland they came?

... Al

Al: Picture is of my great grandparents[ I believe] taken aprox. 1860. Stephen Kilroe, Mary, nee Moore, and their oldest son Lawrence. The name I have for my gggrandfather is John [could be John Lawrence] I then would be the 5th generation with the name lawrence , and my son would be the 6th. I have Mary Dunn as my gg great grandmother. this is from the St. patricks grave yard. I have her death being in 1873 . this is from the St. Patrick Parish records, my Grandfathers birth is on the same page. I believe ggg John died in Kingston. I am looking for some confirmation on this. Stephen Kilroe is buried with his mother [Mary Dunn} My grandfather always said that they came from Cork, but I think that is just where they left from. ... Ernie
November 13, 2001 To Taylor Kennedy: Hi, My name is Ernie Kilroe and am looking for a connection to the Kennedys. My Great Grandfather's Stephen Kilroe's sister Mary Married a Phillip Kennedy in aprox. 1853 . They had four? children Bernard born1853-4. John born 1854-55,Mary Anne born 1858 ,Mary born 1860-61 they farmed in Nepean con. 2 below Maple Hill. Do you have any info. on this branch of the family?? The births are recorded in St Patricks Fallowfield I believe. Any info would be appreciated thank you. Ernie
November 14, 2001 All of the following from Taylor Kennedy, a good friend, even if a fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs! Hello Ernie Nice to hear from a descendent of the Township of Nepean. Now I am not related to Philip Kennedy (as yet, he he) but I do have some of the census papers here plus St. Patrick Church cemetery records so here is what I found for you with what I have here. I hope it helps you a little bit. Take care Taylor Kennedy P.S. Judging by your email address, you must be in Alberta? Next time I'm checking the census records, I'll keep Philip in mind. From the 1861 census for Nepean, District 1, Div. 1 shows the following Kilroe, Michael - age 40 yrs. - married Kilroe, Bridget - 28 yrs. - married Kilroe, Lawrence - age 7 yrs. Kilroe, Mary - age 5 yrs. Kilroe, Michael - age 3 yrs. Kilroe, Steven - 30 yrs. - married Kilroe, Mary - 28 yrs. - married (Maiden name Moore) Kilroe, Lawrence - 5 yrs. Kilroe, Mary - 4 yrs. Kilroe, Catherine - 2 yrs. Kilroe, Mary - 15 yrs. Kilroe, John - 12 yrs. A John was born June 16, 1861 to Steven Kilroe & Mary Moore. Baptized June 21, 1861 witnesses were Patrick Moloughney & Catherine Delaney. Kilroe, Mary - age 25 yrs. - no class married or widowed Kilroe, John - age 7 yrs. Kilroe, Brian - age 5 yrs. Kilroe, Mary - age 3 yrs. Kennedy , Philip - age 41 yrs - married Kennedy , Mary - age 43 yrs. - married (hard to make age out) Kennedy , Brian - age 7 yrs. Kennedy , Catherine - age 4 yrs. I don't have the next page, so there may be 1 or 2 other children. BERNARD Kennedy - born November 06, 1853, baptized November 20, 1853 to Philip Kennedy and Mary Kilroe. Witnesses Denis Tierney & Ann Kilroe. ALL OF THE ABOVE ARE ON 1 PAGE AND EACH HAVE THEIR OWN LOG CABIN. From the 1891 Census District 55, Carleton County . sub District "D", Div. 4 shows the following on page 49. Kennedy, Bernard - age 34 yrs - married - born in Ont. Kennedy, Mary - age 34 yrs. - married - wife Kennedy, Philip J.- age 6 yrs. - son Kennedy, Mary M. - age 4 yrs. - dau. Kennedy, John - age 1 yr - son Kennedy, Philip - age 66 - widowed - father Kilroe, Lawrence - age 35 yrs. - married Kilroe, Sarah - age 25 yrs. - married Kilroe, Ann - age 20 yrs. - lodger Kilroe, Henry - age 18 yrs. - lodger Kilroe, Catherine - age 16 - lodger Kilroe, Theresa - age 13 yrs. - lodger From the 1901 census for District 55, Carleton, sub District "E", Div. 5, page 2 Kilroe, Lawrence - head born October 1855 - married Kilroe, Sarah - wife - born July 03, 1865 - married Kilroe, Michael J. - son - born November 19, 1892 Kilroe, Patrick S. - son - born August 08, 1894 Kilroe, Joseph L. - son - born January 28, 1896 Kilroe, Bridget M. - dau. - born August 29, 1897 Kilroe, Francis H. - son - born May 11, 1899 Kilroe, Thomas E. - son - February 22, 1901 - six weeks old. FROM ST. PATRICKS CHURCH CEMETERY # 164 - Mary, wife of Philip Kennedy, died Dec. 27, 1863, aged 38 yrs. # 163 - Mary Dunn, wife of Laurence Kilroe, died Feb. 15, 1872, aged 84 yrs. Also with her is Stephen Kilroe, died Jan. 13, 1888 aged 62 yrs. Also Philip James Kennedy son of Bernard Kennedy died 1969. See picture. Note: Taylor has the original colour version of this picture ... Al
November 24, 2001: From Ernie Kilroe to Delbert Moore Kilroe Family Lawrence Married--Sophia Amelia McCarthy Julia--unmarried Maggie--unmarried Thomas--married--Catherine McGuire[ my grandparents] Mary --unmarried??[ McCarthy] Catherine--Married --John McCarthy John--married--Ellen Mary Baxter Bridget--Married--Jim Tierney Ann--married--Thomas Henry McCarthy Ellen--unmarried and more great pictures from Ernie:
Mary Moore Kilroe

Note: There is a Thomas Kilroe ML# 79 on the McCabe List
February 10, 2002 Hi Ernie & Al I chuckled at my note that I sent you a month or so regarding not being connected as yet to Philip Kennedy. Well Philip Kennedy and Mary Kilroe's daughter Catherine Kennedy, married Michael Hawley, son of Roderick Hawley of Nepean. They married December 30, 1879 and headed back to Minnesota. Take care Taylor
February 14, 2002 More from Taylor: From the Ontario Archives, MS 929, Reel # 6, Registration # 021689 shows Ellen Kilroe being born to Michael Kilroe and Bridget Dunn on September 16, 1870. Michael listed as a farmer and father of the child resided on Lot 8 in Concession 2 in the Township of Nepean. This birth was registered by the Registrar F. W. Harmer on September 7, 1871. ======= And this from Al: 1842 Census of Nepean: Two heads of Families living on the same property: John Kilroe and ? Spain. Both listed as labourers, 2 from England, 14 natives of Ireland, all church of Rome 100 acres, 4 acres cleared, had 3 head of cattle and 3 hogs. previous year produced 5 bushels of wheat, 25 barley, 40 oats, 5 Indian corn, 100 potatoes.
November 15, 2002: Hi All, I am one of the Kilroes from South Africa and have researched the origins of the family. It is almost certain that your family came originally from Roscommon and the areas surrounding it. The locals are well aware of the families having the name Kilroe all coming from that area. If you get to Ireland you should visit Roscommon where Kilroes still live to this day and they will I am sure be only too happy to show you round the area. I have some very old family records which I brought back from the Kilroes in New York / Honesdale and will look up the records if you are interested. Our family crest is very specifically three dolphins rampant and the family motto is AD FINEM FIDELIS. This coat-of-arms was emblazoned into the giant doors of the Kilroe (Fathers of the Sacred Heart) seminary in Honesdale P.A. The seminary was closed during the Vietnam war as the numbers seeking entry dropped dramatically..Hope this is of some value and that it will help in your search. Regards,Kevin Kilroe, Johannesburg, South Africa
March 26, 2003: To Jim McKenna from Ernie Kilroe: Hi my name is Ernie Kilroe, I believe that James Mcguire and Ann Smith are my gg grandparents . They had a son Michael [Mick] Mcguire whom married Mary [Molly] Lennon. They had a daughter Catherine [Katie] whom married my grandfather Thomas Kilroe.. I have been unable to prove the link between Michael and James, and am wondering if you have any more info on the Mcguire family?? Thank you for any help you can provide.. Ernie. ________________ also posted on March 26, 2003: Hi Ernie: Here's a lot of research and notes and Census stuff on the McGuires. Ann McGuire (d/o James & Ann) was my Great Grandmother who married Thomas McKenna (s/o Bernard McKenna): Marriage: Thomas McKanna (as spelled by the priest) son of BARNARD McKanna and Margaret CORRIGAN (deceased) of Gloucester (Ontario) married Ann Mc Guire, daughter of James McGuire and Ann SMITH on March 3rd 1862. The bridegroom "signed along with the witnesses": John Nash Jane Catharine McKenna (as signed by her) Thomas McKenna (as written by Thomas) Early Census records concerning James & Ann McGuire in Nepean: Census 1851 McGuire family - Nepean James b- Ireland 41 Ann (wife) b-Irel. 41 Michael b-Irel. 18 ANN b-Irel. 16 Laurence b-Irel. 14 Mary b-Irel. 12 Elizabeth b-Irel. 10 Patrick b-Irel. 8 Bridget b-Irel. 6 Jane b-Irel 4 Census 1861: Mc Guires -Nepean James b-Irel. 50 Ann wife b-Irel. 45 Michael b-Irel. 26 ANN b-Irel. 24 Laurence b-Irel. 21 Mary b-Irel. 19 Eliza b- Canada West 17 Patrick b-CanW 15 Bridget b-CanW 13 Jane b-Can W 11 It's also interesting that the second census now records that from Elizabeth onward all the other kids were born in Ontario (called Canada West before Confederation in 1867). That would mean that Ann came over from Ireland in the mid 1840s.. which makes sense. That was during the great Potato Famine in Ireland when many farm workers were put on boats and it also explains why they were uneducated. If nothing else we can see that Ann was still living with her family in 1861. Her first born, Elizabeth was 8 yrs. old when the census came by in 1871. So can we safely assume that Ann met and married Thomas sometime between late 1861 and 1862 in Nepean. McGuires -Census 1871 James 57 b-Irel. (illit). Ann McGuire 56 b- Ireland and also illiterate, Lawrence 26, b- Ireland (also can't read nor write). Elizabeth 23 born in Ontario who is literate Jane, 17 b-Ont.who is literate. The next farm over belongs to a Michael McGuire, 35, b-Ireland who AnnĀ¹s brother, also illiterate. On a tombstone in St. Patrick of Fallowfield RC cemetery -Nepean Pray for the soul of JAMES McGuire who died 27 Jan. 1878, age 65 Also his wife ANN McGuire who died 1 Mar 1879 age (not legible) NATIVES OF COUNTY MEATH, IRELAND Now that should be interesting to know where your McGuire ancestors came from in Ireland. Glad to be of help. Regards Jim McKenna Toronto
April 2, 2003: From Ernie Kilroe: McGuire--Nepean James McGuire and Ann Smith--my gg grandparents Their Children Michael--married Mary Lennon-- my g grandparents Ann--married Thomas McKenna --Jim McKenna's g grandparents Laurence-married--? Mary-married---? Elizabeth--married--? Patrick--married--? Bridget---Married Martin Moore son of Thomas Moore and Catherine Dohoney..-- Delbert Moore and my g g grandparents Jane--married--? WHAT A FAMILY!!! Ernie
February 22, 2004: Hello, This is my branch of the tree: James McGuire and Ann Smith -Laurence McGuire and Elinor McSorley --William James McGuire and Harriet Omen ---William James McGuire and Elizabeth Hydes ----Michael McGuire Michael McGuire ____________________ 16 May 1872 After the publication of one bann, marriage of Stephen Murphy, son of age of Thomas Murphy and Mary Finlay of Luddington, State of Michigan USA, formerly of Osgoode Township, and Elizabeth Mcguire, daughter of age of James Mcguire and Anne Smith of Nepean. Witnesses: Thomas Shields and Jane Maguire / McGuire 3 March 1862 After the publication of one bann, marriage of Thomas McKenna, son of age of Bernard McKenna and Margaret Corrigan (deceased) of Gloucester, and Ann Mcguire, daughter of age of James Mcguire and Ann Smith of Nepean. Present: John Nash and Jane Catharine McKenna. Source: Ellen Paul's records of St. Philip's RC Church, Richmond, Ontario. ______________________ also posted on February 22, 2004: Good Morning , Does anyone have more info on Mary McGuire married to John McBride?? I suspect she could be the daughter of James McGuire and Ann Smith.-- the dates are right and the Irish naming pattern checks out .. Let me know. Thanks Ernie Kilroe
July 8, 2004: Hi Al ,thanks to Ellen Paul for all the info below. All my family except #2 -not sure?? The Patrick I have did not Marry, and came over in 1841.Still looking for the Marriage of Margaret Kilroe and Joe McCarthy,Mid 1850's.. Ernie ----- Original Message ----- From: "Ellen Paul" To: "Ernie Kilroe" Sent: Sunday, July 04, 2004 4:18 AM Subject: Re: kilroe family From Ellen to Ernie: > All events occured at Notre Dame, Ottawa except those noted at St. Philip of Richmond > > 1] 30 Nov 1855 After dispensing with banns, marriage of John Kilroe of > Cumberland, adult son of Lawrence Kilroe and Mary Dunn, to Mary Delaney of > Richmond, adult daughter of Daniel Delaney and Catherine Fahey. Witnesses: > John Kearns & Sarah Goland. Priest: M. Molloy. > > 2] 4 Mar 1841 Baptism of Martin, born 1 November 1840 of the marriage of > Patrick Kilroy and Mary Ryan. Sponsors: John Kelly & Ann Harney (from Osgoode Township). Priest: Ths. Cannon > > 3] 20 May 1853 After dispensing with banns and the impediment of affinity of > the 2nd degree, marriage of Michael Kilroy, adult son of Lawrence Kilroy and Mary Dunne of the parish of Richmond, to Bridget Dunne, adult daughter of > Michael Dunne and Mary Laning of Richmond. Priest: M. Molloy, P.O.M.I. > > 4] 6 Feb 1844 After the publication of one bann, marriage of Thomas Kehoe, > resident of Bytown to Catharine Kilroe of Nepean. Witnesses: Patrick Egan, > Margaret Kearns & others. Priest: P.A.A. Telmon, P.O.M. > > 5] St. Philip of Richmond > 2 February 1844 After the publication of banns, marriage of Denis Terney to Bridget Kilrowe. Witnesses: Denis Terney & Anne Spain. > > > 6] 13 Feb 1855 After one publication of banns, marriage of Steven Kilroe of Nepean, adult son of Lawrence Kilroe and Mary ---en, to Mary Moore of > Nepean, adult daughter of Thomas Moore and Catherine Donehy (Downey?). Witnesses: > Charles Spain & William Moore. Priest: M. Molloy, P.O.M.I. > > 7] St. Philip of Richmond > 31 January 1853 Marriage of Philip Kennedy, son of Bryan Kennedy and > Catharine Gleeson (deceased) and Mary Kilroe, daughter of Lawrence Kilroe > (deceased) and Mary Dunn, both of Nepean. The witnesses were Martin Spain > and Bridget Quinn. > > 8] St Philip of Richmond > 2 February After due publication of banns, marriage of Thos. Costolo (Costello) to Ann Kilrow. Witnesses: Thos. O'Grady & Ann Dunn. > > 9] no record found >> Kind regards,> > Ellen > > ----- Original Message ----- > From: "Ernie Kilroe" > To: "Ernie Kilroe" ; "Ellen Paul" > Sent: Saturday, July 03, 2004 9:25 AM > Subject: Re: kilroe family > > > > Good Morning Ellen , I don't know if you received my last e-mail. ?? But I wish to take you on your kind offer to do some lookups of my family .. > Thank > > you . The most important info is from the marriage records dates, parents > > names, where in Ireland they came from etc.etc. > > > > Children of John Lawrence Kilroe and Mary Kilroe. > > 1-John married Mary ? --aprox-1854 > > 2-Patrick > > 3- Michael married Bridget Dunn-1854-? > > 4-Catherine married Thomas Kehoe-mid 1800's > > 5-Bridget married Denis Tierney-1845-? > > 6-Stephan- married Mary Moore-1856-? > > 7-Mary -marriedPhillip Kennedy-1853-? > > 8-Anne-married-Thomas Costello-153? > > 9-Margaret-married Joe McCarthy-Mid -1850's? > > > > Thanks again for your help in finding info on my family!!!! Ernie.. > > ----- Original Message ----- > > From: "Ellen Paul" > > To: "Ernie Kilroe" > > Sent: Monday, June 14, 2004 9:55 AM > > Subject: Re: kilroe family> > > > > > I have a transcription of the register of Notre Dame. If you give me > > > specific given names and approximate dates, I will be glad to do some > > > lookups for you, and, yes, the register, is available on microfilm. > > > Ellen > > > ----- Original Message ----- > > > From: "Ernie Kilroe" > > > To: "Ellen Paul" > > > Sent: Monday, June 14, 2004 8:02 AM > > > Subject: Re: kilroe family> > > > > > > > > > Thank you for the info!! Are the records for Notre Dame on micro > film?? > > I would like to get the 1840's info on the Kilroe family >> Thanks again. > > > > Ernie > > > > ----- Original Message ----- > > > > From: "Ellen Paul" > > > > To: "Ernie Kilroe" > > > > Sent: Monday, June 14, 2004 4:48 AM > > > > Subject: Re: kilroe family > > > > > > > > > > > > > Catherine, Terence, Bridget, Thomas, Patrick, Mary, Mark and Michael Kilroy/Kilroe appear in the register of Notre Dame in the 1840's. > > Which St. Mary's are you looking for? If you are referring to the church in > > > > Kingston, it is available on microfilm through the branches of the Family History > > > > > Center. > > > > > Kind regards, > > > > > Ellen Paul > > > > > ----- Original Message ----- > > > > > From: "Ernie Kilroe" > > > > > To: > > > > > Sent: Sunday, June 13, 2004 10:45 AM > > > > > Subject: kilroe family Hi Ellen, ,just wondering if there are any records of the Kilroes at Notre Dame?? Also where would I find the church records of St. Marys for > the early records of the family.
October 15, 2007: New E-mail address for Delbert Moore (included in the list below):
October 17, 2007: Thanks to Sue for the following: You may already have this information, but I found it in the online Ontario BMD registrations (images of actual registrations) at Death: Mary Kilroe, born county Tipperary, died 20 Feb 1873 at age 94 in Nepean, widow of Lawrence. Informant was son Stephen Kilroe of Nepean. Death: Bridget Kilroe, born Hull, Quebec, died 29 Nov 1885 at age 50, wife of Michael Kilroe. Informant was son Laurence Kilroe of Nepean. Death: Michael Kilroe, born county Cavan, died 10 May 1889 at age 72. Death: Stephen Kilroe, born county Tipperary, died 13 Jan 1888 in Nepean at age 65. Informant was son Lawrence Kilroe Death: Lawrence Kilroe, born Jockvale, died Fallowfield 28 July 1893 at age 34, (son of Stephen and Mary) Death: Lawrence Kilroe, born Nepean, died Nepean 20 Nove 1902 at age 47, (son of Michael and Bridget) Death: Ann Kilroe, born Nepean, died 6 Oct 1870 in Carleton county at age 7, a daughter of Michael & Bridget Death: Patrick Kilroe, born Nepean, died 25 May 1899 in Nepean, at age 37. Informant was John Kilroe. ... Sue also from Sue:
Tierney surname listed as Kilroe in the 1861 Census
1861 Nepean census Kilroe, Steven - 30 yrs. - married Kilroe, Mary - 28 yrs. - married (Maiden name Moore) Kilroe, Lawrence - 5 yrs. Kilroe, Mary - 4 yrs. Kilroe, Catherine - 2 yrs. Kilroe, Mary - 15 yrs. ******** Kilroe, John - 12 yrs. ******** ***** This is actually Mary Tierney, born 24 May 1848 ***** This is actually John Tierney, born 26 May 1846 For some reason, their ages seem to be reversed. These are children of Denis Tierney and his 1st wife Bridget Kilroe (Stephen's sister). Bridget died sometime before the 1851/1852 census was taken and Denis remarried in 1852 (to Mary Ann Kitts). Mary Tierney is with the Kilroe family in the 1851/1852 census, age will be 4 at her next birthday. I have no idea where her brother John is in this census - perhaps he was just forgotten to be added in! Sue
October 22, 2007:
Thanks again to Sue for the following info regarding the family of James TIERNEY and Mary CORCORAN: In the 1851 census there is a James and Mary Tierney, with 6-yr-old son Jamy. With them is Denis Tierney. This same couple is in the 1881 Osgoode, Russell census (badly transcribed as Gienuy !) as: James, 67, born Ireland Mary 55, born Ireland **the following children are born in Ontario**** James, 31 Ann, 23 William, 21 John, 19 Mary, 17 Sarah, 15 Missing is Margueret (sp), who was born in the 1850's and married 1873 William Howe / Hough (born in North Gower, a son of Thomas Howe and Hannah O'Hare). Margaret and William had at least 7 children, surnamed Howe (Mary who married Walter Withers in 1896 in Richmond - Sarah Tierney of Gloucester was a witness; Thomas; Sarah; William; John; Emma; William A.) _________________ Mary Corcoran Tierney, the matriarch, died in Osgoode 21 Dec 1911. On her death registration, her father is listed as P. Corcoran. She is also found in the 1901 Osgoode census, a widow (and as Terney) with son John (single and listing his birthdate as 24 May 1864). With them as well is John's younger sister Sarah C. (single and birthdate as 10 June 1868) and Mary E. T. Howe (born Ellen Mary Tierney Howe 11 Aug 1898, the only child of James and Mary's daughter Mary (who married 1897 to Thomas Howe of county Tipperary - Mary died before the 1901 census). Coincidentally, Thomas, born abt 1849 in Tipperary, was a son of Martin Howe and Ellen Tierney (obviously married in Tipperary). Martin Howe was born in Ireland abt 1820 and died in North Gower in 1877. ________________ Of the remaining children of James Tierney and Mary Corcoran, Ann married 1885 William Howe who was born abt 1853 in North Gower, a son of Martin Howe and Catherine Tobin. Son William married 1896 Elizabeth Powers (born abt 1873 in South Gloucester, a daughter of John Powers and Ann Fagen/Faighan / Fagan). Son James married Bridget Kilroe, a daughter of Stephen Kilroe and Mary Moore. They are in the 1901 Osgoode, Russell census, immediately next door to brother John Tierney (as Terney) and mother Mary. In this census, James and Bridget Kilroe Tierney have 8 chidren (Mary, James, Catherine, Ellen, Annie Margaret, Steven, May, and Veronica). I cannot find daughter Sarah after the 1901 census nor can I find son John Tierney. The question remains, who was James Tierney? According to the 1881 census, he was born abt 1814 in Ireland and his first child, son James (Jamy), born Nepean, was going to turn 6 at his next birthday in the 1851 census, so James obviously emigrated from Ireland sometime before 1846. How is he (or is he?) related to the Denis Tierney family of Nepean? More pieces of the incomplete puzzle! ... Sue
February 18, 2008: More from Sue: To add a bit more to the Kilroe puzzle, I found this in the Drouin collection, a baptism at Notre Dame in Ottawa Baptized 17 December, 1832, Ann, a daughter of Thomas KILROE and Bridget ROONEY. ... Sue
March 18, 2008 and from Ernie... This Is another family connection of the Kilroe family Theresa Ann King married to Walter John Rowan is the grandaughter of Denis Tierney and Bridgett Kilroe This makes her my fathers 2nd cousin Ernie Kilroe
Descendants of Bridgett Kilroe
Generation No. 1
1. BRIDGETT2 KILROE (JOHN LAWRENCE1) was born Abt. 1824 in Ireland, and died in Fallowfield. She married DENIS JR. TIERNEY 02 Feb 1844 in St. Philips. He was born Abt. 1811 in Tipperary Ireland, and died 15 Jan 1856 in Nepean ,Ontario. Children of BRIDGETT KILROE and DENIS TIERNEY are: i. JOHN3 TIERNEY, b. 26 May 1846. 2. ii. MARY TIERNEY, b. 24 May 1848; d. 23 Apr 1928, Ottawa.
Generation No. 2
2. MARY3 TIERNEY (BRIDGETT2 KILROE, JOHN LAWRENCE1) was born 24 May 1848, and died 23 Apr 1928 in Ottawa. She married WILLIAM THOMAS KING 08 Aug 1871 in Ottawa Ontario, son of HENRY KING and CATHERINE THOMAS. He was born Abt. 25 Dec 1851 in Montreal, and died 27 Sep 1927 in Ottawa. More About MARY TIERNEY: Census: 1881, House keeper for Priest-Aphonse Shane in Arnprior Renfrew South ottawa Children of MARY TIERNEY and WILLIAM KING are: 3. i. LENA A.4 KING, b. 28 Apr 1872. ii. MARY KING, b. Abt. 1874. iii. WILLIAM KING, b. Abt. 1876. 4. iv. HORACE LYMAN KING, b. 30 Oct 1879. v. JOHN H. KING, b. 01 Sep 1881. vi. WALTER KING, b. 04 May 1884. 5. vii. THERESA ANN KING, b. 18 Jan 1890, Ottawa; d. 03 Dec 1962, Ottawa.
Generation No. 3
3. LENA A.4 KING (MARY3 TIERNEY, BRIDGETT2 KILROE, JOHN LAWRENCE1) was born 28 Apr 1872. She married JOHN GOODWIN. He was born Abt. 1875. Child of LENA KING and JOHN GOODWIN is: i. JOHN5 GOODWIN, b. Abt. 1908. 4. HORACE LYMAN4 KING (MARY3 TIERNEY, BRIDGETT2 KILROE, JOHN LAWRENCE1) was born 30 Oct 1879. He married ALICE MCGOVERN 09 May 1903 in Ottawa Ontario, daughter of THOMAS MCGOVERN and MARY MCMANUS. She was born Abt. 1874. Child of HORACE KING and ALICE MCGOVERN is: i. THOMAS5 KING, b. Abt. 1909. 5. THERESA ANN4 KING (MARY3 TIERNEY, BRIDGETT2 KILROE, JOHN LAWRENCE1) was born 18 Jan 1890 in Ottawa, and died 03 Dec 1962 in Ottawa. She married WALTER JOHN ROWAN. He was born 1886 in Chicago, and died 04 Jun 1949 in Ottawa. Children of THERESA KING and WALTER ROWAN are: i. MARY5 ROWAN, b. Abt. 1915; d. 05 May 1916. ii. WALTER J. ROWAN, b. 04 Apr 1917; d. 18 Feb 1989; m. (1) LIVING KENNEDY; m. (2) LIVING LEONARD. iii. ELIZABETH ROWAN. iv. MARY ROWAN. v. CATHERINE ROWAN. vi. RITA ROWAN. vii. GLADYS CECILIA ROWAN, b. 24 Nov 1925; d. 15 Apr 2001. viii. BABY ROWAN, b. 1928; d. 1928. ix. 1, b. 1930; d. 1930.
March 20, 2008: Theresa Ann King was a daughter of William Thomas King and Mary Tierney, who were married 8 August 1871 at St. Patricks (the church on Nepean St. in Ottawa). Mary Tierney was one of 2 children (and the only daughter) born to Dennis Tierney Jr. and his first wife Bridget Kilroe. ... Sue

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