Kemptville, Ontario, Canada
History and Genealogy

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

June 30, 2015:

Sign for Kemptville, Ontario, Canada
Ian White has transcribed the history of the Kemptville Oddfellows. There are many connections between the early settlers in Gloucester and Osgoode Townships and the pioneer families in Kemptville.
Marriage of Timothy McGahey from Kemptville, Ontario to Mary Bridget Tobin in Osgoode Township, 1903 Source: Drouin records at for St. John's at Enniskerry marriage of Timothy McGahey and Mary Bridget Tobin, 1903
Timothy is the son of Patrick McGahey and Hanora O'Neil of Kemptville Mary Bridget is the daughter of John Tobin and Bridget Coleman of Osgoode Township. Many of the early Irish Catholic and French families are buried at Holy Cross Cemetery. Kemptville is part of the Rideau Canal system and, after construction ended in 1832, many workers settled in the Kemptville area. Holy Cross Cemetery in Kemptville, Ontario, Canada

1879 map showing Kemptville and neighbourhood (Source: Belden's Digital Atlas) Family names are Quinn, Bennett, Easton, Pierce, Bower, Bottum / Bottom, Holden, Moore, Dickenson / Dickinson, Kernaghan / Kernahan, Harris, Clark, Purcell, Barnes, Thompson, Barkley / Barclay, Johnston, Main, Wood, Kemptville, Ontario, map in 1879

The book Kemptville Past and Present, by J. Carr Anderson, 1903 (reprinted in 1991), Kemptville and District Historical Society, ISBN 0 9695303-1-5, contains a lot of early history of Protestant families in the Kemptville area. The Roman Catholic parishioners can be found in Holy Cross Cemetery, Kemptville, Ontario, Oxford-On-Rideau Historical Society Historical Society, 1994, ISBN 0-9698516-2-6. Narcisse Turcotte, who drowned at Kemptville in 1829 was likely a worker on the Rideau Canal. 25 Apr 1837 Burial in the Roman Catholic Cemetery of Narcisse Turcotte, drowned the 22nd at Kemptville, aged 26 yrs. Record Source: Notre Dame Cathedral in Bytown (now Ottawa), Note: There are many Turcotte folks in the Notre Dame reords, starting in the 1830's. and here is another Francophone in Kemptville: 15 Jan 1838 After three publications of banns, marriage of Venance Rivest / Rivet from Kemptville, to Rosalie Beaudry of same place Witnesses: Francois X. Fortin, Pierre Blais & several others The Rivest family were pioneers along the Rideau Canal; their records show up in Gloucester Township, North Gower Township (see location of their farm in North Gower where they were neighbours of the Laplante family, and in Osgoode Township. Also, the Valcour / Valcourt family: 2 Nov 1853 After two publications of banns, marriage of Jeremie Morin dit Valcourt of Kemptville, adult son of Augustin Morin dit Valcourt, to Valerie Rull / Riel or Ruel ? dite Desabrets of Bytown, adult daughter of Alexis Rulle dit Desabrets (Desbarets?) Witnesses: Bride's father, Isaac Villeneuve and Julie Morin ... Al

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