John Joseph KELLY, possible British Home Child
from England to Eastern Ontario in 1926

New August 14, 2012:

Dear Taylor or Al;
A neighbour of mine has very little knowledge of his father who he believes was a homechild and I have been trying for sometime to 
help him  with no success possibly because there are several hundred  John Kellys and he may not have used his second name Joseph 
when immigrating.

The following information  he has given to me ......He believes his  father  John Joseph Kelly, Born Feb.14,1908 was a homechild possibly from   
Essex ,England arrived by ship in Quebec  in 1926. He lived in  Ottawa for a short while (thinks it was a home for boys) before being moved to 
Renfrew, Ontario and then he was moved to work on a farm for a "Quinn" family in Marmora, Ontario Canada .  
He spoke of his  parents in England. His mother's name  was Mary Hogan , father Patrick Kelly and  a sister Mary.
On March 12,1935 John Kelly married Charlotte Lowery in Havelock, Ontario, Canada he had four children and died suddenly of a heart attack on  
April 24,1974 .
Any help on this subject would be appreciated .
Ruth Stedall

Hi Ruth
A couple of questions:
1- Kelly or Kelley?
2- Were his parents English or Irish born?
3- What religious denomination? This helps with any available church records
4- Is that a definite he was from Essex?
Thank you
Taylor Kennedy

G'eve Al;
Thank you for your note and interest.
I rec'd your note this morning and have visited with  the son of John Kelly , he would be pleased for you  to start a web page and he 
has given me a photo which I have attached  as well . Rather than duplicate  information  I will carry on responding  to Taylor with 
some added info , he has been working diligently on this matter and possibly you have also and it is much appreciated .

Photo of John Joseph Kelly John Joseph Kelly, England to Canada in 1926

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