John Kelly and Mary Douglas
to the Gatineau Valley

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

New August 31, 2020:

August 30, 2020:
I know I am correct about John P. Kelly marrying Catherine O'connor and the family history 
that followed. 99 percent sure about John Kelly and Mary Douglas being the parents of JOHN 

... Linda

August 30, 2020:
I have been doing a little bit of research on the Kelly family as well.

My great great grandfather John Kelly married Mary Douglas and they had 16 children, one of 
them being John P Kelly. 

My great grandfather John P Kelly married Catherine O'Connor and they had 12 children. My 
grandfather was Anthony Kelly. 

Anthony Kelly married my grandmother Edith (Elizabeth Hayes) who was from Lowe, up the road 
from Farrellton. 

My mom was Shirley Ann Kelly, one of 5 children. 

I have info from my 86 year old aunt who remembers her grandparents etc and documented some 
Kelly history about her parents. The early history I have is from websites etc. 

Many of the Kelly's etc are buried at St. Camillus. I have been there  as it is close to 
my home in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

My cottage is on the Quebec side near Maniwaki, so I pass many of the roads named after all 
the Irish families that lived from Wakefield to Low and Brennans Hill etc. 

Here are a 2 links I found helpful.

St. Camillus Cemetery:

Kelly,_John_family History:,_John_family.html 

Hope this message reaches your email. Lots of Kellys at St. Camillus. My 86 year old aunt 
was baptized there. 

Linda Elliott
(Nee Featherstone, that was my dad's surname, who married Shirley Ann Kelly)

August 30, 2020:

Hi Linda:

Your John Kelly and Mary Douglas were involved in one of the earliest records at Notre Dame Cathedral 
on Sussex Drive, downtown. Here is a baptism of a daughter, Mary:

22 Mar 1833
Baptism of Mary, daughter of John Kelly and Mary Douglass
Witnesses: Joseph St. Francois & Mary Campbell

and Mary Douglas was a Godmother a few months later at Notre Dame:

27 Oct 1833
Baptism of Catherine, daughter of Hugh McKenna and Catherine Duffy
Witnesses: Daniel Henry & Mary Douglass

Linda: Hugh McKenna came from County Tyrone in Ireland. He settled at South Gloucester 
and attended the same church as my GGGrandparents. ... Al

2 Oct 1834
Bytown   Baptism of Richard, son of John Kelly and Mary Douglas
Witnesses: Hugh McKenna & Ann Morgan

13 Mar 1836
Baptism of Bridget, daughter of John Kelly and Mary Douglass
Witnesses: Francis Chartrand & Helen Kiernan

13 Mar 1836
Baptism of Julia, daughter of James Morgan (McCabe List #181, from County 
Longford) and Mary Flinn / Flynn Witnesses: George Morgan & Mary Douglas

6 Jan 1839
Baptism of Ellen, born 25 April of the marriage of John Kelly and Mary Douglas
Witnesses: Mathew Bowes & Mrs. Bowes (Lived at Bowesville, where the Airport is now)

13 Apr 1842
Baptism of Thomas, born 6 November 1841 of the marriage of John Kelly and Mary Douglas 
Witnesses: Edward Bodsell / Redsell & Mrs. Swain (not sure of the name Bodsell -- 
Bad penmanship !)

1 Jul 1846
Funeral service for Martin Kelly who died the day before yesterday, aged 21
yrs., son of John Kelly and Mary Douglas of this mission 
Witnesses: Louis Tasse & William Kelly (William Kelly may be the Great Great 
Grandfather of the late Lorne Kelly from Kelly's Funeral home).

... Al

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