Daniel KELLY and Elizabeth DAVIS
also Morgan DOYLE
County Wicklow Ireland to Hastings County, Ontario c. 1854

July 19, 2008:

Hello from Calgary, 
I have read the info on Bytown.net with great interest, it was a surprise to find the 
family of my g.g.grandfather Kelly:Daniel & family as well as another family Doyle:Morgan 
related by marriage, both from Killballyowen, County Wicklow. 
I am somewhat puzzled by the names shown after Daniel & Betty (Elizabeth Davis) and 
would like to know how to find more detail about their ages and relationship. I know for 
example that James, George & John were their children and that Anty (for Anastasia?) & 
Daniel may be as well. As for Catherine? it was the name of Daniel's mother (Catherine 
Graham - Timmins). I was unaware that she accompanied them to Canada, it may not be his 
mother at all and her age may help solve that puzzle.
I have recorded info on about 1200 descendants of Daniel Kelly &  Elizabeth Davis. I have 
not been diligent in family research recently but the interest remains and I hope to give 
it more of my time.  
Thank you so much for your work in this area, it means a great deal to people like me. 
Marlene (Kelly) Cochrane

Thanks to Anne Burgess for the following reply:

Hello Marlene,
Thanks very much for writing.
Below is the emigration record from the Fitzwilliam estate for the Daniel Kelly family, 
which lists Catherine as one of their daughters, but it's quite possible that Catherine 
married and stayed behind, or she may have died in Ireland.

Fitzwilliam Tenants - Family Group 
    ID:  642 Parish     Preban 
           Year Listed:   1853 
   Surname   Kelly 
          Reference No.     53 
   Group Members: 
   Daniel 47, Betty 47, James 19, Catherine 17, Anty 15, George 12, Jno. 9, Daniel 2.
   Voyage                    Townland 
  Ship  Dunbrody      As spelt in the Emigration 
   Departure  New Ross.      Kilballyowen 
   Arrival           Official 
   Other Information    Holding 
   Chest/Graves in side column.  6.5 acres from George Graham.
Source: Companion CD to the book Surplus People by Jim Rees.
I have some Ontario census records on the Kelly family, and the death record for Anastasia 
Kelly Kavanagh in 1920 in Bancroft, but much of the information I have on the Kellys I 
took from two entries on Ancestry's World Tree, which is usually put up by family members, 
who sometimes differ in their view of dates, places, etc. (For instance, one entry showed 
Anastasia's marriage in Belleville, and another in Wicklow.)
Perhaps we should cut back the Kelly entry on Bytown or Bust to just Daniel and Betty, 
plus James, Anastasia, and George (the only ones we're absolutely sure came to Ontario). 
See what you think about that.

Hello Anne,
I can't thank you enough for your prompt response and the info you've provided for me. 
I can confirm that Anistasia's marriage to Dermot Kavanagh in Belleville ON is correct.  
The info I got from her grandson indicated she came from Ireland by herself, it did say 
1854 on something I saw, my understanding is that her parents emigrated in 1853. 
I must now look for info on Catherine the daughter who may have remained in Ireland. 
I think it's quite alright to leave what you have in the Bytown entry, because the mention 
of Daniel Jr. has helped to confirm that he was a son in that family. We have always 
thought that was the case but now we're sure. The story goes that he left Ontario for the 
goldrush in 1898 & never returned. So the extended entry has certainly been helpful to me.

The Doyle's link to the maternal side (McRae) of my family. I suspect (based on what Anne 
sent) that back aways there may have been a link to Kelly's as well via the Graham family. 
It appears both Morgan Doyle & Daniel Kelly were on land from George Graham, don't know if 
that's significant or not. 

Again, my thanks to you for what you've done Anne, it certainly means a great deal to me. 
Obviously your research benefits many, keep up the good work.


... Marlene 
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