Patrick KEHOE and (1) Jane BRASIL / BRAZZLE and (2) Hanora RALPH
County Wicklow, Ireland, to Marlborough Township, Ontario

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

May 2, 2007:

Hi Al, 

I have some detailed information for a page on Patrick KEHOE of Marlborough: 

1851 census of Marlborough
Patrick Kehoe, Tailor, b. Ire., RC, 50
Honor, ditto, 42
Andrew, ditto, 22
William, ditto, 20
Mary Ann, b. UC, 18
Catherine, b. UC, 16
Eliza, b. UC, 14
Sarah, b. UC, 9
Hanora, b. UC, 5(?)
Patrick, b. UC, 12
Thomas, b. UC, 8(?) 

Patrick seems to have had a first marriage to a Jane BRASIL, by whom 
he had two children in Croneyhorn (Hot Pot Lane), Co. Wicklow: (taken 
from the Tomacork parish records): 

MARY KEHOE bapt. 6th MARCH 1824
Hot Pot Lane (Croneyhorn)

ELINOR KEHOE bapt. 12th JUNE 1825
Hot Pot Lane (Croneyhorn) 

According to the Fitzwilliam estate rentals records for 1827, Patrick Kehoe 
was aged 30, a widower, living with one son and two daughters. He was a tailor, 
and had a cabin only (no land).

This Patrick Kehoe was gone by the time of the 1839 rental records, and no 
other Patrick Kehoe was present in Croneyhorn in 1827 or 1839. 

Then here is the St. Philip’s, Richmond, Goulbourn Township marriage record 
for his daughter, Elinor Kehoe: 

11 Oct 1846
Marriage of John BYRNE, son of Silvester Byrn and of Catharine McDonnell, 
Parish of Clonagall, Ireland, and Elinor KEHOE, daughter of Patrick Kehoe 
and Jane Brazzle, Parish of Tamacork, County Wicklow. The witness was Patrick Kehoe. 

This couple was listed in the 1851 census for Augusta, ON, with their children 
Mary, Jane, and Silvester.  

In Augusta the Byrnes lived close to other emigres from the same area of 
the Fitzwilliam estate:  Thomas and Honor Trainor;  Arthur and Eliza Byrne; 
Peter Doyle and his siblings; and Gabriel and Nancy Tarp / Thorp. 

Patrick Kehoe took as a second wife, Hanora RALPH: (TOMACORK RC POS.4256, 
Tomacork parish records in the National Library of Ireland) 


Two children were born to the Kehoe / Ralph couple in Ireland: 

ANDREW KEHOE bapt. 12th MAY 1829 the son of
Hot Pot Lane (Croneyhorn) 

WILLIAM KEHOE bapt. 19th SEPT. 1832 the son of PATRICK KEHOE and HONOR RALPH
Hot Pot Lane (Croneyhorn) 

Perhaps there are other researchers who would add to this information. 

... Anne
August 22, 2008: I happened on to your site recently. I am D. James Kehoe of NY, USA. I am a great, great grandson of the Patrick Kehoe who emigrated from Croneyhorn on the Fitzwilliam estate to Marlborough Township. He was first married to Jane Brassill. They had Mary, Elinor and my great grandfather, James. I think they emigrated to Canada around the 1833-1836 time frame. Patrick's second marriage was to Hanora Ralph and they had several more children, both in Ireland and Canada. James married Catherine Wrinkle and they were the parents of my grandfather, William James. William James moved to upstate New York around 1855. His father died around 1869. The family is listed in the Canada 1871 census as living in Lanark, Ontario. James died around 1869, according to family history, of tuberculosis. Many of the family members moved to Lewis County in Northern, New York in the 1850's. Any further information that you may be able to provide me would be most greatly appreciated. Yours truly, D. James Kehoe ________________________________ Thank you very much for writing, James. I've passed your email message to Mary Jo Guinan, who is descended from the Brazel family who also lived in Marlborough Twp., and I expect that you and she will have much to share. I wanted to ask if your Patrick Kehoe might have had a son named Patrick, who would have been old enough to have married in 1837? I've attached a marriage record from Notre Dame Basilica in Ottawa for a Patrick Kehoe to an Ellen Harnet. Now there was a Harnett family, who were Church of England, and who also lived in Marlborough. They had a daughter Elizabeth, and I wondered if she might have been the person called Ellen who married Mr. Kehoe. Marriage of Patrick Kehoe and Ellen Hartnett in 1837 Source: Drouin Records at ... Anne Burgess
March 3, 2010: Thanks to Anne Burgess for this major contribution on early Kehoes ! Hi Al, I've been trying to sort through the various Kehoes in the Bytown area, and I noticed in "What's New" today (the page on the Kehoe/Brazzle couple) the piece about a Patrick Kehoe and Ellen Harnett/Hackett. Here's some more on them: Married at ND Ottawa 27 Mar 1837 Patrick Kehoe, b. Ire., to Ellen Hackett, b. Ire Wit: James K------ and Ellen Jones and several others Ste Anne’s, Calumet records: 3-4-1848 Bapt Elizabeth Kahoe d/o Patrick Kahoe and Helene Hackett of Bristol Sp: John Kahoe and Ann Ott----(?) 24-5-1850 Bapt Michael, s/o Patrick Keehoe and Helen Haket Sp: James Korrne(?) and Ann Mullan(?) In 1851 Bristol, Pontiac County, Quebec: Patt 35, Ellen 38, both b. Ire., plus Mary 12, b. Bristol; Ellenor 10, b. Bristol (later married John Kilroy); James 9, b. Bristol (later married Ellen Kilroy); Moyles 8, b. Bristol; John 6, b. Bristol; Elizabeth 4, b. Bristol; Michael 2, b. Bristol. In 1861 Bristol: Patrick, 50, Helen 50, both b. Ire.; Helen 18, James 17, John 15, Eliz(?)14, Michael, 12 It's not clear whether this death record below refers to Patrick Kehoe (m. Ellen Hackett) because the age is so far out: Quyon, Ste Marie Church: 10 June 1864 Death in Bristol of Patrick Kehoe, age 66, widower, “son of Michael Kehoe” Wit: Patrick Kehoe and James Bolger But I had wondered if Patrick Kehoe (m. Ellen Hackett) might be a brother to this James Kehoe below, also a son of a Michael. Both men were in Canada early, and James certainly moved around: Married at Montebello: 11 October 1831 James Kehoe, s/o Michael Kehoe and the widow Marie Butler of the parish of Bonagli? County Wexford, Ireland and Anne Newcomb, d/o Michael Newcombe and Mary Newcomb of the County Meayo (?), Ireland Wit: Abraham Patters? Andrew Butler, Joanne Doghaty, and Bridget Roark. 1 June 1837, L’Orignal Mary, d/o James Kehoe and Nancy Newcomb sp: John Moran and Bridget Butler 18 June 1843, L’Orignal Anthony, s/o Jas. Kehoe and Nancy ---- sp: Richard Moran and Ann Tomkin? 28 Mar 1852 Baptized in Chelsea, Ottawa County, Quebec, Canada Mission Catherine, d/o James Kehoe and Ann Newcomb Sp: Richard Burke and Catherine Walsh 1851 Census, Hull James Kehoe, 48, b. Ire Bridget Kehoe, 40, b. Ire Michael, 20, b. Can Richard, 18 James, 16 Mary, 14 Ellen, 12 Thomas, 11 David, 9 Philip, 4 Martin, 3 (The last three children never appeared with the family again.) 1861 Census, Gloucester: James Kehoe, 50, b. Ire., farmer, RC Ann Kehoe, 40, b. Ire., RC Michael, 26, b. U Can [m. Bridget Dea] Richard, 24 [m. Jane Snaith] John, 23 Anthony, 17 James, 19 Thomas, 14 Elen, 16 Ann, 11 [m. Peter O’Toole, s/o Michael O’Toole and Helen Tompkins] Catherine, 9 Margaret, 7 Elizabeth, 4 Bridget, 2, and Hanna, 2 22 Aug 1871 Married in Chelsea James, s/o James Kehoe and Ann Newcombe to Mary, d/o John Hogan and Bridget Bailey Wit: John Hogan and Martin McGowan(?) Here's Mary Hogan's baptism: 1843, Mission of Aylmer, Quebec Bapt. of Mary, dtr of John Hogan and Bridget Bailey of Chelsea (born in Kirk’s Ferry, per death cert.) Sp. Thomas Lynnott and Mary Caplis 1901 Census for Cyrville, Gloucester Township, Ottawa: James Kehoe, b. Ont., 1840 Mary Hogan Kehoe, b. Que., 1847 - Annie, James, Peter, Gerald, Liddy, all b. Ont. 4 Aug 1873, ND de Lourdes, Cyrville Married Peter O’Toole, s/o Michael O’Toole and Hellen Thumpkins (Tompkins)[from Wicklow] to Ann Kehoe, d/o James Kehoe and Ann Newcombe Wit: Michel Cyr and Joseph Lavigne ... Anne Source for the Drouin church records above is . Note: This is well worth the subscription price. Source for census records above is .
New March 5, 2010: We have a new researcher of the family of Patrick Kehoe and Jane Brasill: Hi Anne and Al, My name is Shannon Kehoe, and I am the great grand daughter of William Simon Kehoe, son of Matthew Kehoe. I was really excited to find the Citizen article and information that you have posted here on - this information has been a huge help and a joy to find. I noticed that your research mentioned Matthew's 7 children being baptized at St. Patrick's. I have been able to find four of his children - William, Peter, Minnie and Ellen - and I was wondering if you happen to know anything about the other three. I am new to tracing my family tree, but if I can share anything that will help you out, I would be more than happy to do so. Thanks so much, Shannon Kehoe Note: Anne Burgess has been in contact with Shannon and has sent some information to her ... Al

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