Matthew KEHOE from County Wicklow, Ireland
to Bytown, Upper Canada in 1844

New November 17, 2014:

Note: The link to the following article was sent in by Anne Burgess a couple of years ago.
      Taylor Kennedy has now recreated the article as a .jpg image file below.
      Thanks to both Taylor and Anne.

From Anne:
There is a truly marvellous article on Matthew Kehoe, telling where he lived (squatted) at first and later; how he framed the 
steeple of the Basilica, worked on the doors of the Parliament Buildings, etc.
The article says he (one of the "Wooden" Kehoes) came with a brother (I'll have to find him) and sister in 1844. 
The "Iron Kehoes" referred to in the article (John, Thomas, and William) were the Kehoes I sent you the other day, 
and WE know they were from Ballynultagh, County Wicklow, not County Wexford.
What an amazing find!
... Anne

The Ottawa Citizen article, February 12, 1927. Original at complete article is available in the . Image file created by Taylor Kennedy Matthew Kehoe, to Ottawa from County Wicklow, Ireland in 1844
Keywords for search engine: Peter Kehoe, Colonel By Estate, Lisgar Street, Nepean Street, Somerset Street, Biddy Street, Stewarton, William Stewart, Toll Gate, Mr. Talbot, Gladstone Avenue, Rideau Canal.

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