John and Alice KEEGAN
County Kerry, Ireland to Osgoode Township, 1845-1860

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

Thanks for responding to my request on the Keegans.  If you wish to post my
message on your website, that's fine with me.  Any help would be
appreciated.  Gretchen

At 08:49 AM 12/1/00 -0500, you wrote:
>Hi Gretchen:
>Thanks for your e-mail regarding John Keegan.
>I don't have a copy of Volume IX of the Pioneer Families of Osgoode Township
>but have come across the name "Keegan" a few times.
>There was at least one Keegan family in Torbolton Township (just west of
>Ottawa) as early as 1833. They were tied in somehow with a family named
>Cahill. Not sure if these families ended up in Osgoode later.
>I believe there may be some records of John Keegan at the Osgoode Township
>Museum. They have the 1851 census records as well as a lot of
>birth/marriage/death records. You could e-mail them - their address is
>somewhere on my main web page.
>Alternately, I'll be over there - but I don't know when - and I could have a
>look for you.
>In the meantime, I'll keep an eye out for the Keegans.
>Do you mind if I post a copy of your e-mail to my website? I'll give your
>e-mail address as a contact for others researching the name Keegan in the
>Ottawa area.
>I have some material on an Alexander Thompson from Osgoode. I'll check
>through it for you.

Note: March 25, 2000
There's a write-up on this family in the June 2000 Osgoode Township Historical 
Society Newsletter. Stephanie Keegan, born in Osgoode, daughter of John Keegan 
and Alice Huggart, married Alexander Thompson in Maniwaki, Quebec, in 1885. 
Alexander Thompson Sr. moved in with them in Maniwaki in 1886 where he died. 
Some of the descendants later returned to Osgoode.

>... Al

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>Subject: Keegan genealogy
>> How do I find information regarding John & Alice Keegan who resided in
>> Osgoode between 1845-1860?  Their daughter Fanny Stephanie Keegan married
>> Alexander Thompson Jr. on July 8, 1885. It should be recorded in "pioneer
>> Families of Osgoode Twp. Vol IX.
>> I'm trying to find out where in Ireland John Keegan was born and his
>> parents name.  Have you any suggestions?  
Gretchen Lowe

According to Doris Grierson Hopes' Book, Torbolton, Its Earliest Years:

"Settlers of the Roman Catholic affiliation tended to take up land in the northern 
area of Torbolton. James Teevens and Patrick Dolan settled near the Fitzroy line.
Michael Pileau (Pilon?),Michael Coyle, C. Peter Keegan and William Cahill 
settled in the same area. Patrick Kelly, an Irishman from Hull, first worked for Big 
John Grierson near Crown Point but later purchased several lots in the Township.
Other Roman Catholic settlers were Oliver Major and John McDonald."
I believe some of the records for these families (Teevens, Patrick Kelly, for sure, 
are at St. Michael's in Corkery ... Al

Here's some further KEEGAN information from Kevin Collins on Feb. 17, 2001:
On exploring Al's web site, Keegan was one of the family names that struck
me as familiar. My mother was an O'Meara and I have a couple of Keegan's
(tentatively) on her ancestral side. I have a James William Keegan
(1868-1937) who was married to Kathryn O'Meara (1873-1929) - they lived in
Iowa. Kathryn's parents were John O'Meara (1838-1877) and Rose Ann Slavin
(1836-1886). John O'Meara was born in Fallowfield, but evidently migrated to

I used the word "tentatively" above because I am still trying to sort out my
mother's side of the family tree, and am not certain that John O'Meara (and
the Keegan connection)is indeed part of my clan.

However, if you are not aware of it, you should track down Volume 2, Tree
3009, in the World Family Tree project (part of the Family Tree Maker
software system) which is a tree contributed by one Mary E Keegan of Iowa,
and has her roots including the Fallowfield connection.

Good luck,
Kevin Collins

June 19, 2001: Al: Thank you and all the others who made this site. I see many O'Gradys but do not know if any of them belong to our branch. My G.Grandad Martin O'Grady wed Mary Keegan,dghtr. of Patrick Keegan and Mary Flanagan, who lived in Ottawa. Martin and Mary moved to Hamilton,Ontario, and raised six children, who married and raised our parents. Where and when Martin and Mary wed i haven't been able to find out. Counting backwards they may have wed between 1860-66, as my Grandad was born in 1866. Thank once again for your fine site. Regards-------Roy O'Grady. ============================ ----- Original Message ----- From: Sylvia McDonald on April 7, 2001: Sent: Saturday, April 07, 2001 4:44 PM Subject: The Keegan's in Maniwaki region Bonjour, I work in the center of archives of Montcerf and we have there some notes about the Keegan's, I would like to share them if you could contact me at our center, we have a site with the municipality of Montcerf. Those notes were written by a priest in 1887-1888, too bad I do not have at home the exact address. Sylvia McDonald --------------- From Al to Sylvia: April 8, 2001 Bonjour! Sylvia: Thanks very much for your e-mail regarding the Keegans in Maniwaki. The only information I have is what I've already put up onto the web site. I would be very interested in receiving further material from you to add to the web site and for other researchers to share. Also, there were 17 families who went from St. Mary's Church in South Gloucester (now on Bank Street in Ottawa) in the 1850's or 1860's to the Maniwaki area with Father Deleage, so there are connections between Maniwaki and South Gloucester. I don't know all of the names of the families, but some were Irish and some were French. Hope to hear from you. Merci beaucoup! ... Al Lewis --------------- Hello, I already sent an answer to gdlowe, I will send her a first reading, on tuesday or thursday of those notes the ones about Keegan then on a later date I will go on with what I find about the other english or irish families in the same notes. Just contact her OK. If need be I can help all of you with the translation. goodbye Sylvia McDonald
From the notes of a survey done by the Oblate fathers in Maniwaki between 1887-1889. Regarding John Keegan and Alice Huggard. They were married at Cornwall, Upper Canada, July 4, 1844. John Keegan was born in Ireland. At 35 years, he came alone and went to the lumberyard all the time. He bought a farm at Osgoode. When he left here he bought lot 1 of Range 2 of Kensington. He died t years ago in the month of May. He had only one brother, Francis and many sisters. Alice Huggard was born in County Kerry. She was 20 years old when she came to Canada with her family. She stayed at Cornwall and was married at 23 years of age. Her father Evan Huggard, born at Kerry farmed. He died at Cornwall as well as her mother, Frances Dumas. Alice Huggard had 5 brothers and sisters: John, James, Henry, Jany and Evan . In the year 1889 their son Frank left Maniwaki to Eau Claire Wisconsin, USA to find work. His wife stayed with her father. She has a little brother who stays with her uncle, Alexander Thompson. Gretchen Lowe Note to the above: Alex Thompson is a descendant of the Thompsons who went to Maniwaki in the early 1850's with Father Deleage's settlers. Mike Daley's wife is a Thompson, related to these folks. ... Al
October 10, 2001 Hello Al, I keep getting my E-mail returned so I'll try sending it just to you. I am not working on the Keegan family but do have an interest in them. Here is some information for your file. Notre-Dame, Ottawa, February 26, 1845. After a profession of faith, Mary Allys Hoggarth, daughter of Evan Hoggarth and Frances Dumas, was baptized into the bosom of the Church. The witnesses at both events were Rose Rice Casserly and Alexander Thompson. Her birthday was given as August 02, 1820 and her age as 25. Notre-Dame, Ottawa, November 06, 1845, baptized Mary Keegan, daughter of John Keegan and Allis Huggard. (birthdate not given) The godfather was ? Cassidy and the godmother Catherine ? The are both buried in the old section of Assomption, Maniwaki, P.Q. The stone reads in memory of John Keegan, died May 30, 1884, age 69 and Alice Hoggart who died April 08, 1894 at the age of 73. Good Hunting Kathleen in Michigan, USA a cousin of Betty Thompson Daley
November 6, 2001 Kathleen, someone tipped me about your email to the Bytown or Bust site. This definitely must be my great great grandmother, Alice Huggard. She married John Keegan July 4, 1844 in Cornwall, but I can't find a record of their marriage there. She was Anglican by birth and I imagine her baptism in the Catholic faith was controversial. I thought she was born in 1822 based on her arrival from Ireland which was listed in an article in an Outaouais gen. bulletin. Now I need to see if the Notre Dame church in Ottawa has a record of her baptism. Can you tell me where your documentation comes from? I'm very interested in finding more info. I've hit a brick wall elsewhere. Again thanks for the info on the website. I almost didn't see it, but a cousin of mine did. Gretchen Lowe ======================== Dear Al--I've been enjoying your site since I found it in early Sept. I'm a John Keegan-Mary Alice Huggard descendant but didn't know too much about them. I was very ineterested in the account of the 17 families that left Osgoode for Ste. Famille du Aumond parish in the Maniwaki area. Previously I had been puzzled why my Irish Keegan left Ontario and moved to Maniwaki (Kensington, actually) to live among French families. I was even more curious when I received from Centre d'Archives, Montcerf, a copy of a report written in 1884/87 by Father Deleage on two of my ancestors, William Henry Keegan and Lucien LeClair. These were narrative accounts (a sort of census) of the immediate families of these people. In both reports they mentioned that the father/father-in-law John Keegan was the "maire du canton"; mayor of the township. I didn't understand how it would happen that an Irishman would become mayor of a township made up of French. Now after reading your story it all makes sense--the Keegans were living among both Irish and French! You might be interested in a further consequence of my finding your website. Following the story of the 17 families, I saw Gretchen Lowe's message and recognized her as one of my Wisconsin "cousins", but someone I did not know and had never communicated with. To make a long story short, we found we are 3rd cousins and we have now exchanged information, pictures, etc. But to top it off we found that our husbands are 7th cousins once removed in their Lowe family line. Thanks again, Pat Ring
December 24, 2001 Gretchen Lowe has an article in the December 2001 issue of the Osgoode Township Historical Society Newsletter. It has more information on John Keegan and Alice Huggard. ... Al
May 6, 2002: Hello Al Gretchen is looking for this marriage. Patrick Murphy s/o James and Catherine Dorcey / Darcy, born in Ireland, married Mary Ann Keegan d/o John and Alice Hogarth, born in Osgoode, on August 03, 1868. The witnesses were Pat Reddington and Bridget Conley. They married at St. Andrew's R. C. Church, Ottawa. St. Andrew's is now St. Patrick's and the records are stored there. Good Hunting Kathleen in Michigan
October 14, 2002: This message is for Kathleen from Michigan. I just accessed the Bytown website and saw your May message as it relates to the marriage of Patrick Murphy to Mary Ann Keegan. You mentioned that St. Andrew's is now St. Patrick's and the records are stored there. Do you have an address or email? I can't thank you enough for this information. Gretchen Lowe
November 25, 2002: Everyone, My name is Donnie and I am looking for my Keegan's in Canada, Ireland or the States. Bernard Keegan married Mary Morris and farmed in Pakenham, Ontario, Canada for 45 years. He died in 1883 and is buried in Indian Hills Cemetery in Pakenham. Their children were: James, Patrick, Michael, Liza(Ellen), Mary(married a Sherlock), Bernard, Thomas, and Sara Ann. I know Michael and Bernard moved to North Dakota but do not know where the rest of them went. If anyone has any information and can help me, it would be appreciated. Thank You in advance. ... Donnie
May 16, 2003: Hi Al. Just wanted you to know what a help Michael Daly was in helping me locate mary ann Keegan and Patrick Murphy's wedding site. I had always heard that they were married at St. Andrew's church near Alymer; but I was unsuccessful in finding a R.C. church by that name in that vicinity. Mr. Daly recalled hearing about a Methodist chapel that was purchased by a bishop and renamed St. Andrews. When the parish outgrew the church, a new one was built and it is now known as St. Patricks basilica. I contacted Msgr. Martineau at St. Patricks and indeed he found the names in an extract of the marriage register. Mary Ann Keegan and Patrick Murphy were married August 3, 1868. Patrick's parents were James Murphy and Catharine Darcy. We knew Mary ann's parents were John Keegan and Alice Huggard (spelled Haggard in the extract). He will be sending me a copy. One piece of the puzzle solved. Now if I can just find out where Mary Ann's parents John Keegan and Alice Huggard were married on July 4, 1844. In a survey from the Oblate fathers, it states that they were married near Cornwall by the current Oil River. Cornwall doesn't have any such record. Has anyone heard of the Oil River or is that possibly a translation error? Thanks to Michael Daley. Gretchen Lowe
March 30, 2006: Hi Al. An interesting note to the Keegan history is that Rose Rice Casserly was one of the witnesses to Mary Alys Hoggarth (Alice Huggard) adult baptism in 1845 at Notre Dame in Ottawa. Alice was the wife of John Keegan (married 7/ 1844) and was baptized 5 months (7/45) before the baptism of her daughter Mary Ann Keegan Murphy. Initially Alice was an Anglican as well as her parents Evan Huggard and Frances Dumas all from County Kerry Ireland. Regards, Gretchen Lowe
January 1, 2011: Maurice Hebert has sent along some connections between the Keegan family and the Moore family at Maniwaki.

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