County Mayo, Ireland to the Gatineau Valley, in the 1840's

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

New October 27, 2009:

Would like to hear from anyone who's researching the Kearney family from Cantley, Quebec. 
My Patrick Kearney (died 1872) was married to Bridget Tempanny (died 1904). Patrick and 
Bridget are both buried in St. Elizabeth de Cantley Cemetery, next to John Kearney (died 
1903) and Bridget Maloney (died 1907).

I can only suspect that my Patrick and John were brothers; does anyone know, or know 
specifically where in Ireland they came from?
I am also interested in Bridget Kearney "beloved wife of John Lynott" who died Jan. 9, 
1894 at 40 years. John Lynott died Sept.29, 1919 at 72 years.
Also interested in Stephan Hogan, 36, carpenter (son of James Hogan and Mary Barnett) 
who married Ellen Kearney, 38- "a widow" (of whom??), in Rat Portage, ON. July 19, 
1904 (I suspect this Ellen was the 7th child of my Patrick and Bridget Kearney). 
Where did the Hogan's live, were there children?
... Andrews

Where did Patrick Kearney come from in Ireland?
Here is a record from Notre Dame Cathedral in downtown Ottawa:
27 Nov 1843
After one publication of banns, marriage of Patrick Kearney, resident of Hull, Lower 
Canada LC and adult son of the late Michael Kearney and Mary Walsh of County Mayo in 
Ireland, to Bridget Tempany living in this mission, adult daughter of John Tempany and 
the late Catherine Mularky also of County Mayo (later records are at St. Stephen’s 
in Chelsea, LC) Source: Drouin Records at

... Al Lewis

Thanks to Frank Watters for the following information:

Hi Al and Andrews;
From what I read, Patrick Kearny's name was written "Kilherney" in Notre Dame, Ottawa.  
The name is subsequently written Kearney most of the times, but in St. Paul, Aylmer, 
Patrick's sister Ann is recorded as Ann Kaharney when she married Patrick Garretty, 
son of Patrick Garretty & Catherine Kusick from County Mayo on 14 October 1844.  
Present at that wedding were John O'Byrne, John Kaharney (sic), Joseph Lafontaine 
& Jean Baptiste Cyr.  

In some other instances, I've seen it written Carney and Kerney.
As to whether John Kearny ,married to Bridget Maloney is related, I would say yes, 
probably a brother.  I wasn't able to find the wedding of John and Bridget Maloney 
(at times spelled Mullowney) but they both belonged to the Old Chelsea Mission in 
the 1840's and 1850's before the Cantley Parish was opened.  Furthermore Patrick was 
godfather at the birth of Patrick Kearney, son of John and Bridget Malowney in Old 
Chelsea on 28 March 1858 while Bridget "Tenpenny" was godmother at one of John's 

We already saw that John was a witness at Ann Kearney wedding in Aylmer, and we know 
that Ann was Patrick's sister. Both Patrick Kearney and John Kearny were born in 
Ireland per the 1851 and 1861 censuses I found. The first named was born in 1817 
and the other in 1825 and they lived almost side by side in the Hull East censuses 
in 1861 and 1871.
John Lynott, som of Lamco (??) Lynott and Elen Cavanagh married Bridget Kearny dau. 
of age of Patrick Kearney (deceased) and Bridget Tenpenny in St Elizabeth, Cantley 
on 21 February 1882.  Present were Lamco Lynott Elen (sic) Kearney.
Tempany was most often spelled Tenpenny.
Ellen Kearny daughter of Patrick and Bridget Tenpenny died and was buried in Cantley 
on 14 September 1935.  There was no mention of any husband, and since she was identified 
as the dau. of Patrick & Bridget I surmise that she never married. 
In connection with the Hogan wedding, the record states that widow Ellen Kearny was 
born in Cantley, and was 38 years old, making her dob as being in 1866.  
In the 1911 census for Fort William, where Steven and Ellen are then living, we see 
that she says that she was born in October 1867 and living with them is Eva Proulx, 
daughter, born in Ontario in December 1893. She has to be the daughter of Ellen 
In the 1901 census for Rat Portage (now Kenora) Ellen, is listed as "Nellie Proulx", 
widowed, born on 16 October 1866,  with her daughter Eva, born 6 December 1893.   
I checked in October 1864 and 1865 in Old Chelsea and found the baptism of Ellen on 
30 October 1864, daughter of John and Bridget Maloney, at the age of three weeks.  
That fits perfectly, because in the 1881 census, the ages of the  children of John 
and Bridget Maloney were all out by two years. i.e. shown as being born two years 
later that they actually were.  Thus Ellen was shown as being 14 yrs old in that 
census rather than 16.
As a matter of interest, seems that Ellen's brother, Patrick, born in 1859 moved at 
around 1878 to some place in the USA and had three children: Arthur H., born in 1892 
in Kenora, then Mary M., born in Wisconsin and Mable S., 
born in Minnesota in 1898.  The parents must have died between 1898 and 1900 as both 
Mary and Mable Kearney were living with Nellie Proulx (nee Kearney) and identified 
as nieces in the 1901 census.
... Frank Watters

In 1849, Patrick Kearney was a witness at the following burial in Chelsea, Quebec:

15 Aug 1849
Richard Tigue / Tighe, Chelsea
s/o James Tigue / Tighe and Hannah Newcombe
Died yesterday, aged 4 days
Present: John Scott and Patrick Kearney
(microfilmed records of St. Stephen's Church, Old Chelsea, Quebec)
... Al

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