Early settlers in Pontiac County, Quebec, Canada

August 26, 2002:

Thanks to Dillon McGee for the following:

Descendants of Thomas Kavanagh
	1  	Thomas Kavanagh	1834 - 1902 (buried Vinton, QC), Pontiac County
.		+Jane McDonnell	
........	2  	Thomas W Kavanagh	
............		+Mary Ann McGee	1878 -
........	2  	Mary Ellen Kavanagh	
............		+John Doyle	
........		*2nd Husband of Mary Ellen Kavanagh:	
............		+Samuel James Brown	- 1912
........	2  	Catherine Kavanagh	
............		+Joseph Jeffrey	
........	2  	Elizabeth Ann Kavanagh	
............		+Thomas Joseph McManus	
........	2  	Maggie Jane Kavanagh	
............		+Patrick Bolan	1868 - 1898
........	2  	Theresa Kavanagh	
............		+Patrick J Lawn	

September 21, 2002: Noticed the above on Bytown or Bust. I have six generations from Thomas Kavanagh, six generations from Timothy Lawn, father of Patrick J, seven generations from William McColgan, and six generations from Hugh Lunney My family is Kavanagh-McColgan. The Kavanaghs are from Vinton & Quyon, the Lawns Campbell's Bay, McColgans from Quyon - Onslow and the Lunneys from Pakenham. I'm a bit loath to publish on the net without permission from some of the individuals concerned although an outline descendants tree doesn't look too bad. To family members I can provide information in Word/WordPerfect, GEDCOM or PDF. John Kavanagh ============== John: Thanks for the above and the offer to share with other descendants. I'm interested in the surname McColgan. There was a John COLGAN in Bytown in 1829. He came from County Kildare - a parish called "Rathangan" (spelling?). Do you know if your William McColgan was related to him? In some of the old church records there appears the name COLLIGAN which may be the same family. I believe the Colligans may have settled in Nepean. ... Al Note for Search Engine: Possibly related to ML# 119 on the McCabe List
September 23, 2002: Looked at the website, looks fine. I don't mind name, address and phone number being published. Colgans and Colligans, nope. The McColgans probably came from Ireland in the early 1840s. The last birth I have recorded in Ireland is 1839. The family probably had some money as it would appear the old man set everyone up with land etc., in the Quyon/Onslow area. One of the church records, I think it is in the Manotick area, lists the bride as Susanna Colligan from Huntley. I have a photostat of the entry but have to find out which church. At least her tombstone has the name right. Talk to you, John John Kavanagh 57 Newbury Ave Ottawa ON K2E 6K7 Canada 613 225 4934
October 11, 2002: Hello John, My wife is a Bolan descendant, Patrick Bolan who married Maggie Kavanagh is my wifes 2nd great uncle. I have had a lot of trouble location information about this family although I have found Patricks parents and siblings, but not his children. I would like to locate their origin and locations in Canada prior to 1871. Thanks in advance for any details that you have. Dave Dobson ______________________ also posted on October 11, 2002: Al, Could you do a couple of lookups from your Huntley births 1837- Boylen, William 1/28/1843 Boland, Bridget 1/23/1858 Many Thanks Dave Dobson _______________________ Dave: Here is what I have (from St. Michael's Church at Corkery): Boylen, William son of Boylen, James and Lunney, Mary born on 1/28/1843 Godparents: Lunney, William & Dooley, Mary Boland, Bridget daughter of Boland, Thomas and Connors, Mary born on 1/23/1858 Godparents: Kelly, William & Roche, Sarah There are also records of some Bolan / Boland folks at Bill Martin's web site which you can reach from my Brudenell page. ... Al
November 28, 2002: Hi, I found an entry for the Kavanagh family that might interest you. Assumption Parish Book, Maniwaki,Quebec 1843-1875 Page 96 KAVANAGH, James Patrick (Patrick & Bridgit Killin / Killeen ) Born: Dec. 23,1861, Baptism: Dec. 26, 1861 Married: ??? Killin, sister of the child's mother Signed: R. Déléage , priest, OMI Darlene
also posted on November 28, 2002: 1881 Census Census Place: Bryson & Upper Litchfield, Pontiac, Quebec, Canada Source: FHL Film 1375862 NAC C-13226 Dist 98 SubDist K Page 63 Family 240 Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace Edward KAVANAUGH M M 48 Irish Ireland Occ: Farmer Religion: Catholic Catherine KAVANAUGH F M 40 Irish Ireland Religion: Catholic Margaret KAVANAUGH F 20 Irish Q Religion: Catholic Patrick KAVANAUGH M 19 Irish Q Occ: Farmer Son Religion: Catholic Bridget KAVANAUGH F 17 Irish Q Religion: Catholic Roseann KAVANAUGH F 14 Irish Q Religion: Catholic Francis KAVANAUGH M 13 Irish Q Religion: Catholic John KAVANAUGH M 12 Irish Q Religion: Catholic Daniel KAVANAUGH M 10 Irish Q Religion: Catholic Michael KAVANAUGH M 8 Irish Q Religion: Catholic Edward James KAVANAUGH M 6 Irish Q Religion: Catholic Thomas Morgan KAVANAUGH M 4 Irish Q Religion: Catholic Francis William Charles KAVANAUGH M Irish Q Religion: Catholic Born: Jul; 0

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