John RYAN and Mary GLEESON

 July 28, 2002:

My name is Frances Ryan I visited your site because I was doing a search for
my great great grandparents John Ryan and Mary Gleeson / Gleason. I am trying to
locate the names of their parents. The church records for St. Mary's in
Almonte burnt, so there are few avenues for me. If you have information on
Emma and Laurence perhaps somewhere you have information on Laurence's
parents John and Mary or might have a route to it? I would greatly
appreciate any assistance. 
Thanks very much,
Frances Ryan

It seems that most (all?) of the children of John Ryan and Mary Gleeson were 
baptized at St. Michael's Church in Corkery. Do you have the names of these children? 
If not, I can post them for you.

I'll also have a look for the parents of John and Mary.
... Al

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