John POWER and Catherine NOLAN
Ireland to South Gloucester

	1  	John Power	1793 - 1858
..		+Catherine Nolan	1799 - 1861
.......	2  	Thomas Power	1832 - 1901
...........		+Mary McGee	1841 - 1922 d/o Terrence McGee (ML) and Ellen Hughes
................	3  	Mary Powers	1872 - 1952
....................		+William Foran	1869 - 1940
.........................	4  	Edna Foran	1899 - 1982
.............................		+Michael Quinn	1897 - 1971
Here's an e-mail from John Power who is researching the POWER FAGAN GUILFOYLE / KILFOIL

This is about all we know right now.  Can't tell from your homepage if these
are your families or not!  Thanks for any help!   John Power    respond to:

Husband:    Michael Thomas POWER
Birth:  22 Dec 1889 Place:  Gloucester, Carleton, Ontario, Canada
Father: Michael POWER
Mother: Mary FAGAN
Marriage:   3 Sep 19182
Wife:   Mary Ellen GILFOIL
Father: Patrick GILFOIL
Mother: Mary Ann KENNEDY
1. M Child: Michael POWER
Birth:  1911    Place:  Canada3
2. M Child: Francis POWER (Direct Line)
Birth:  1913    Place:  Canada3
Residence:      Place:  Detroit, Michigan
Death:      Place:  Detroit, Wayne, MI
Burial: 8 Oct 1943  Place:  Holy Cross Cemetery, Detroit, MI
Death Cause:    bleeding ulcer complicated by alcohol
Nickname:   Frank
Spouse: Myrtle Lois MANSFIELD
3. F Child: Mary POWER
Birth:  1914    Place:  Detroit, Wayne, MI 3
4. M Child: Patrick POWER
Birth:  1916    Place:  Canada3
5. M Child: Leo POWER
Birth:  1918    Place:  Detroit, Wayne, MI 3
6. M Child: John POWER
Birth:  1921    Place:  Detroit, Wayne, MI 3

Last Modified:  10 Jul 1999

Reference Note 2
Marriage Certificate

Reference Note 3
Certificate of Naturalization
No. 1834010
Petition Volume:  137; Number 33208

for Michael Thomas Power and children having been subjects of Great Britain
and now residing in Detroit, Michigan

dated:  24 Sept 1928
In County Kilkenny the surname Power would be much more common in South 
Kilkenny near County Waterford. It is very common in and around Mooncoin.
Some of the Power and Foran families came to Ottawa, before 1829 from
Motehel, County Waterford, which is very close to County Kilkenny.

February 26, 2002: Hi Al: Just visited your web site and wanted to send you some information on my Mother's family. I have had a hard time tracing them but David Nolan has been a great help. My great grandparents were John Power, born Jan 12, 1835, died Dec. 1911, the son of John Power and Catherine Nolan he married Ann Fagan, born approx. 1844, died 1918, daughter of Michael Fagan and Alice Hughes. John and Ann's children are: Alice Catherine, born 1871, married Thomas Plunkett and moved to Maniwaki. John, born 1877, died 1947, married Mary Doyle. Elizabeth, born 1873, married William Tierney. Agnes, born 1875, married John Jordan Patrick, born 1883 )Both Patrick and Michael were missing believed to have died in the fire at Haileybury). Michael, born 1881 May (My grandmother) born April 15, 1885, died March 3, 1970, married James Ward. Teresa, born 1886, married Martin Jordan Edward, born 1887 (Twin) Enfant (Edward's Twin) born 1887 Emily, born 1889, married John Wallace. My mother told me that the Power family came from Kilkenny, Ireland, she also said that my grandmother and my grandfather were 2nd or 3rd cousins, James Ward's (my grandfather) mother was Ellen Powers. When I wrote for information on Ellen Powers Ward's death the certificate states that Ellen died May 4, 1922 in Ottawa at the age of 76. It also says that her father was Michael Powers who was born in Scotland. This information was given to them by Ellen's nephrew Tom Jones. Tom was the son of Mary Power and James Jones who lived in Gatineau, Quebec. The Ward family came from County Armagh, and settled in Cantley, Quebec. Any help with this family would be greatly appreciated. Maureen ================ Hi Maureen: Thanks for the great e-mail - it made my day. We're probably related. There are lots of familiar names in your e-mail. For example, Martin Jordan was a next-door-neighbour and good friend of my Grandfather, George Burns. Martin was the godfather at the birth of Frank Burns, my uncle and the eldest son of George Burns and Theresa Christopher. I haven't met David Nolan yet, although we have a mutual friend in Michael Daley. I'll try and get back to you in a couple of days. ... Al
February 27, 2002: Hi Al: Thanks for writing. I want to make a correction to my last email. Emily Power was born approx. 1879. The birth dates I sent are approx. I was going by the 1891 Census Records for Russell (T-6367). I believe Alice Power died when she was 19 years old. My mother also mentioned that John Power and Ann Fagan are buried beside his parents. I have added a few notes to the following info, not sure how it all connects yet. Hope this helps you and other researchers out. I also visited with Mike Daley and Mike Finnely when I lived in Ottawa. My late brother-in-law Ken Herbert introduced me to both of them and that is where I got some of the following notes. David Nolan sent me the following records. My mother and I visited Our Lady of The Visitation Graveyard but at that time did not know that John's Parents were John Powers and Catherine Nolan. Notre Dame Church Records Ottawa Powers, Thomas baptized on Jan 11, 1833, son of Thomas Power and Catherine Nolan. Sponsors - Thomas Power and Helen Burke. Power, John (My great grandfather) born on Jan 12, 1835, son of John Power and Catherine Nolan. Sponsors - Michael Terry and Catherine Power. Power, Anna born on Jan 15, 1837 daughter of John Power and Catherine Nolan. Power, Nicholas born on May 11, 1839 son of John Power and Catherine Nolan. Sponsors: Richard McCann and Mary Finley. Power, Edward born on June 19, 1841 son of John Power and Catherine Nolan. Power, Bridget born June 28, 1844 daughter of John Power and Catherine Nolan. Power, Nicholas born March 4, 1848 sone of John Power and Catherine Nolan. Note this is the second son called Nicholas. Possibly the first died. Powers - Turner on April 3, 1874 married John Power, widower of Mary Ann Nayes, and Mary Turner daughter of John Turner and Susan Whelan, Osgoode. Witness - Mary Nofrett and Cornelius Hand Note: See Mary Turners birth. John Power, died by drowing 3 months after marriage, on July 15, 1874. Notre Dame Church, Ottawa Turner, Mary born on July 20, 1840, Mary daughter of John Turner and Susan Whelan. Sponsors. Patrick Cangly / Cangley and Mary Murphy. St. John's Church Osgoode - Marriage. Powers - Fagan: married on July 11, 1869 son of John Powers and Alice Nolan and Anne Fagan daughter of Michael Fagan and Alice Hughes. Sponsors: Michael Powers and Mary McGee. (Should read Catherine Nolan not Alice). Our Lady of The Visitation, South Gloucester Powers, Bridget on Dec 11, 1877 buried Bridget Powers, age 19 daughter of John Powers and Catherine Nolan, died on Dec. 10, 1877. Power, John on the 20 July 1874 buried John Power husband of Mary Turner, who drowned on July 15, 1874. Taken from tombstone inscriptions - South Gloucester Cemetery, David Bryden, Aug 1885. In memory....please pray for the souls of John Power, Catherine Nolan his beloved wife, both natives of Co. Kilkenny, Ireland. The farmer whose soul took it's departure from it's tirene prison on the 9th of Oct. 1858, age 65 yrs and the latter whose spirit quitted it's worldly tenement on the 15 January 1861 at 62 yrs. This slab has been erected by their disconselate children as a memento of their filial love and they hope that all who read this will pray that the souls of their parents may rest in Gods eternal bliss. Amen. In memory of Margaret Powers died June 5th, 1908 age 57 years, Bridget Powers died Dec. 15, 1905 age 75 years wife of John Stewart. NOTE: (Bridget is my Great Grandmother Ellen Powers Ward's sister). Their daughter Mary Jane married Alonzo Daley and their daughter ? married a Garret who was a Funeral Director on Somerset St., Ottawa. Ellen also had a sister Mary Powers who married James Jones. Tom's sisters were Nellie (Helen) m. James Finley. Their daughter Stella m. Kearns and moved to Vancouver. Mary Anne m. John Blais - No Family. Julia m Paddy Maloney. No Family. Julia died 6 weeks after her marriage. In loving memory of William Foran 1869 - 1940 his wife Mary Powers 1872 -1952, Foran In memory of Thomas Powers died June 15, 1901 age 69 yrs his wife Mary McGee died July 3, 1922 aged 81 yrs. R.I.P. Powers In memory of John Powers died Oct 24, 1947 husband of Mary Doyle 1884 - 1975. (NOTE) Aunt Mary's father was Patrick Doyle m. JoAnna Stackpole. Their farm was where the Rideau Carleton Racetrack now stands. They had no children. Some other notes. Mick Power worked on the Police Force with my grandfather Jim Ward. Worked until a union was formed and all were fired. Michael Powers died in approx 1930 and left both May Power Ward and James Ward each $100.00. My mother remembered this because back them it was a lot of money. Again it relates to how my grandparents were cousins. I was also speaking with John Proudhomme who's mother was Catherine Power married to Michael Moran, both born in South Gloucester. She taught school in 1891. She was born in 1870 and is buried in Perkins. I know these people are cousins of my grandmother May Power Ward. Patrick Powers born 27, Dec. 1878 Died 5 Feb. 1948 John Powers (Jack) 1870 - 1953 Mary Power (Minnie m. Bill Foran 1869 - 1940 I also have the 1861 and 1871 and 1891 Census Records if you would like a copy. My g grandfather's farm was Lot 27, Concession 6. ... Maureen
November 18, 2002: hi, my name is theresa gail (power) ronan and i live in allen park, michigan. i had found your website last year and did not think that john power / catherine nolan where my relatives. i did, however, contact jpower2000, because the people he named are my ancesters, and as it turns out, he is my first cousin. his father and my father were brothers. when i recently visited the sight again, i was happy to read the email from maureen posted last february, because now i am convinced that these are my relatives (including you two apparently), because my great grandmother was mary fagan, who had the same parents as ann fagan. i have documents that show that my grandfather, Michael Thomas Power, is the son of Michael Power and Mary Fagan (by the way, it was my grandfather that was fired from the ottawa police department). i went to ireland last year to try to look some of my people up but i did not have enough information to find out anything. i realized that i have to go to ottawa for more research, which i plan to do in may, 2003. attached is a flowchart that i tried to make from your information, but i do not know where the mary fagan / michael power marriage fits in; if mary fagan is a sister to ann fagan who married john power, how did my grandfather power get in there. i plan to research this more, but wanted to get in touch with you and see if you have any boxes to add to the chart that can piece some more of it together. you will need Microsoft Vision to open the attachment. if you can't maybe i can fax it to you. i also found a map of the gloucester area when john power had his farm, but i think you already have that as you stated the concession that the farm was on. would love to hear from you..... gail
January 20, 2006: Mary Quinn is a descendant of John Power and Catherine Nolan. She has a great deal of information (and many old photographs) of her ancestors in the Bowesville and South Gloucester area. Here are three of Mary's photographs: Mary McGee Powers John Powers and Kate Powers Plunkett Catherine Nolan Powers

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