James JORDAN and Bridget LAUGHNAN
County Mayo, Ireland to West half of Lot 12, Con. 3, Osgoode Township, Ontario, Canada

	1  	James Jordan	1790 - ? from County Mayo
..		+ Bridget Laughnan	1790 -
        (could be Langan or Loughney or Landrigan or Lonergan)

.......	2  	Thomas Jordan	1813 -
...........		+ Bridget Corrigan	
................	3  	Andrew Jordan	1853 -
.......	2  	Bridget Jordan	Lot 12, Conc. 3, Osgoode
...........		+ Lawrence Burns 1805 - 1879 (widower of Margaret DOYLE) Lot 10, Conc. 3
................	3  	Timothy Burns	1848 - 1918
................	3  	Lawrence Burns	1850 - 1920
....................		+ Margaret McDonald	1878 - 1935
.........................	4  	Florence Burns	
.............................		+Xyz Butler	
.........................	4  	Joseph T. Burns	1914 - 1986 (Joe Burns)
.............................		+ Anna Mary Downey ... This Downey family stooked grain by hand until the 1980's

(The above is not complete - I have a lot more on these Burns family ... Al)

March 31, 2002:

The Stone Walls on the Jordan Farm:

This farm has many long and strong stone walls separating the fields - walk around the land and you will be 
transported back to Ireland.

About 1840 Francis NEVINS / EVANS homesteaded in Concession 3 of Osgoode Township - 
the east half of Lot 12. This is the farm behind the Sleepy Cedars Campground on the 
Manotick Station Road and is now part of the city of Ottawa. He came onto his property 
from the Stage Coach Road to the east and found that the best site for a home was at the 
back of the farm. He cleared enough land for his log house, garden and some outbuildings 
and settled in to farm and raise his family. A few years later, the Jordan family came to 
settle on the adjoining farm (Sleepy Cedars Campground property - the west half of lot 12 
in Concession 3). Both the Nevins and Jordan farms were originally composed of 100 acres. 

It was soon discovered that, by mistake, Francis Nevins had cleared and was using about 35 
acres of the Jordan property, in addition to his own 100 acres. This land dispute was settled 
amicably and out of court when Francis Nevins agreed to buy the extra 35 acres from the 
Jordan family. Microfilm reel number TP-2, now gone missing, at the Osgoode Township Museum has the documentation 
and some hand-drawn diagrams attached to the correspondence between the Nevins, the Jordans 
and the Land Office to rectify the situation and is an example of the early spirit of 
co-operation between pioneer neighbours. 

The fences marking the boundary between the Nevins and Jordan properties are not just 
wooden fences. They are massive stone walls, eight feet wide at the base and were engineered 
using masonry skills honed on the building of the Rideau Canal. As the fields were cleared for 
cultivation, very large stones were moved by oxen pulling "stone-boats" and carefully set in 
place by the men. Good fences make good neighbours - and also keep the cattle at home.

My great-great grandfather, Lawrence Burns, married his neighbour Bridget Jordan in 1845. 
He was the widower of Margaret Doyle whom he had married at Notre Dame Church in Bytown in 1831.

... Al Lewis
November 28, 2002: Obituary, Ottawa Citizen, 1926 In this city on December 22, 1926, Margaret Jordan, widow of the late William Neville. Funeral from the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Edward O'Brien, 22 Hazel Street, on Dec. 24. to Holy Family Church and thence to Notre Dame Cemetery. Pembroke papers please copy. Here is the connection to Renfrew County. 1. Which Church was "Holy Family" (Our Lady of Perpetual Help?) 2. Were the Neville's from Pembroke ? There was a Neville farm in Osgoode Township (now part of the City of Ottawa, Canada)in 1879.
May 11, 2003: 1881 Census Place: Osgoode Township, Russell, Ontario, Canada (later in Carleton County due to boundary change) Source: FHL Film 1375865 NAC C-13229 Dist 104 SubDist G Div 1 Page 56 Family 242 Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace John JORDAN M M 37 Irish Ontario Occ: Farmer Religion: Catholic Margret JORDAN F M 37 Irish O Religion: Catholic Mary JORDAN F 7 Irish O Religion: Catholic Thomas JORDAN M 5 Irish O Religion: Catholic James JORDAN M 3 Irish O Religion: Catholic Catherine JORDAN F 1 Irish O Religion: Catholic Bridget JORDAN F W 70 Irish Ireland (Widow of Lawrence Burns) Religion: Catholic James JORDAN M 33 Irish O Religion: Catholic Ellen JORDAN F 40 Irish Ireland Religion: Catholic
July 20, 2003: From the Drouin records for St. Philip's Church, 27 December 1848 Baptism of Jane, born 13 October same year of the lawful marriage of Thomas Jordan and Bridget Casey. The sponsor was Ann O'Meara.
and here's one (in Latin!) from Renfrew County: Baptismal and Marriage register for the mission of Brudenell 1862 April 23 Baptizami Jacobo natum 23a die aprilis 1862 ex Jacobo Hogan (James Hogan) et Bridgetta Jordan ejus uxor. Sponsores fueuent Martinus Roche (Martin Roche) et Julia Seymour. P. N. Cody, P.P. also Item # 1 Page 4#35 Honor Hogan die Julii 1863 26a Bapt. Honoram Hogan nat. 21a Maraii 1863 ex Jacobo Hogan et Brigitta Jordan ejus ux Sp. Michael O'Brien et Catherina Ryan. P. M. Cody. Martii 1866 18a Bapt. Conditinalite Joannem nat. 3a Novembris ex Jacobo Hogan et Brigitta Jordan sp. Joannes / John Bennett et Anastatia Roache / Roche. P. Cody Item#3 Page 281 George Hogan June 13th 1890 I, interred in the Cemetery of this Parish the body of George Hogan, son of James Hogan and Bridget Jordan, who died June 11th aged 16 years. Witnesses: Joseph Rankins and William Ryan. James MacCormac, P.P. Item#3 Page 292 John Patrick Healy and Honora Hogan May 27th 1891 The banns of marriage having been once published between John Patrick Healy, son of James Healey and Honora Ryan, on the one part; and Hanora Hogan, daughter of James Hogan and Bridget Jordan, on the other part; no impediment having been discovered, we the undersigned, Parish Priest of Brudenell, received their mutual consent to marriage, and gave them the nuptial benedcition in presence of John Hogan and Bridget Harrington. James MacCormac, P.P. ... continued into the next generation in the Brudenell records
October 19, 2003: My immigrant ancestor was Peter Jordan, born County Mayo, 1804, who came to Ontario in 1831 I believe he worked as a stonemason on the Welland Canal. Your website (www.bytown.net/jordan.htm) citing your link to James Jordan and Bridget Laughnan is extremely interesting to me. I believe my Peter was joined by most of his close relatives as they all seemed to disappear from their townland of Derrysallagh in County Mayo about the same time. Do you have more information on the Jordans that you might share with me? David Hayes j.d.hayes@mindspring.com
September 23, 2005: The old Jordan family farm on the Manotick Station Road is now Sleepy Cedars Family Camping. ... Al
January 27, 2006: This Jordan family may be related to the Patrick Jordan family of the Gatineau Valley in Quebec. ... Al
April 17, 2015: Thanks very much to Sue for the following research regarding the Jordan and Nevins families, neighbours in Osgoode Township: 1870 Panton, Addison, Vermont, USA, census John Jordan, 25, Canada Mary, 24, Canada Eliza, 5 Canada Margaret, 3, Canada Caroline, 1, Canada Eliza, 70, Canada (I presume that this is John's mother) __________________________________________________ 1880 Vergennes, Addison Vermont census John, 37, New York-Canada-Canada Mary, 36, Canada-Canada-Canada Margaret, 13, New York, USA Caroline, 10, Vermont, USA Rosanna, 4, Canada ___________________________________ 1901 Ottawa, Canada census Mary Jordan, 2 Feb 1846, widow (born Ontario) Maggie, 21 Apr 1871 born USA, emigrated to Canada in 1882 Carry, 12 July 1872, born USA, emigrated to Canada in 1882 Rose, 2 April 1878, born Ontario NOTE: So unless Mary is mistaken, her husband John Jordan died sometime after 1880 and I am guessing on or before 1882 and that whis is what prompted Mary and the girls to move back to Ottawa. They only had the 4 children, all girls. _____________________________________ 1911 St. George Ward, Ottawa Rose Wadsworth, widow Allen " born 1903, Ontario, son Olga " born 1905, Ontario, daughter Mary Jordan, Feb 1845, born Ontario, widow Maggie " , Apr 1872, born Ontario Carrie " , July 1874, born USA _____________________________________ 1921 St. Georges Ward, Ontario Rose Wadsworth, born USA, widow Allen " Olga " Marie Jordan, born Ontario and both parents marked as born in Ireland Margaret, Born USA, with father born USA and mother born in Canada ______________________________________ Daughter Eliza Ann Jordan married Thomas Lamb (son of John Lamb and Rosanna Brady) on 7 September 1896 in Ottawa. Thomas was born in Quebec abt 1864. Daughter Caroline (Carrie) married Thomas Ryan who was born 5 May 1866 and died 27 Feb 1928 and is buried at Notre Dame cemtery in Ottawa. Caroline Jordan Ryan is also buried at Notre Dame with birth and death dates: born 12 July 1869 and died 29 December 1954 Daughter Rose married John Allan James Wadsworth (a son of James and Jame Wadsworth) on December 15, 1902. Rosa Ann was born 2 April 1876 and was baptised on April 6, 1876 at Notre Dame in Ottawa. Daughter Margaret (Maggie) was still unmarried in the 1921 census, aged abt 54 if she was aged 3 in the 1870 census. Mary Nevins Jordan died in Ottawa on December 27 1930 and according to her daughter, Mrs. C. Ryan (who was the informant for the information), Mary was born in Ontario on February 2, 1846. This date is consistent throughout the censuses as well. Listed as Mary's parents were Joseph Nevins and Ann Kenney / Kenny, both born in Ireland. Mary is buried in Notre Dame cemetery in Ottawa. ... Sue ____________________________________ April 18, 2015: Found it! John Jordan's obituary is in the Ottawa Journal of January 26, 1914 (page 11). He died in Ogdensburg, New York, USA. I'll see if I can find him in one of the New York censuses for 1900 and/or 1910. Here it is in full: JORDAN, at Ogdensburg, New York, Jan. 25, 1914, JOHN JORDAN, aged 68 years. Funeral from the residence of his daughter Mrs. J.A.J. Wadsworth, 410 Daly avenue, Wednesday, Jan. 28th at 8:45 a.m., to St. Joseph's church in Sandy Hill, thence to Notre Dame cemetery. Friends and acquaintances, please accept this intimation. ________________________ From the Ottawa Journal of Jan. 27, 1914 (page 7): MR. JOHN JORDAN The funeral of Mr. John Jordan, whose death occured at Ogdensburg on Sunday, will be held from the residence of his daughter, Mrs. J.A.J. Wadsworth, 410 Daly Avenue, Ottawa, on Wednesday morning at 8:45 to St. Joseph's church, and thence to Notre Dame cemetery where interment will be made. Deceased was well known in Ottawa, and news of his death came as a shock to his many friends in Ottawa. _________________________ The funeral taking place at St. Joseph's would explain why there is no mention of his funeral in the Notre Dame funeral records. And here is Mary Nevins Jordan's obituary, in the Ottawa Journal of Dec. 29, 1930 (page 18): JORDAN - At her residence, 393 Nelson St., on Saturday, December 27, 1930, Mary Nevins, in her 85th year, widow of John Jordan. Funeral from above address on Tuesday, the 30th inst., at 8:45 a.m., to St. Joseph's Parish Hall for Requiem High Mass at 9 o'clock. Interment at Notre Dame cemetery. _________________________ And here is a full obituary for Mary Jordan, from the Dec. 29, 1930 (page 8) edition of The Ottawa Journal: MRS. MARY JORDAN The death occurred Saturday at her home, the Nicholas Apartments, 393 Nelson street, of Mrs. Mary Jordan, who lived practically all her life in the Ottawa district. She had been ill for 17 months. A native of Nepean township, Mrs. Jordan, who was in her 85th year, was a daughter of the late James Nevins. She had long been a devout member of St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church. Surviving are four daughters, Mrs. T. W. Lamb, Miss Margaret Jordan, Mrs. Carrie Ryan, and Mrs. Rose Wadsworth, all of Ottawa; one sister, Mrs. Margaret O'Connor, Revere, Massachussetts, USA; three brothers, Nicholas, Joseph and John D. Nevins, of Ottawa. A brother, Capt. Francis Nevins, died last April, and her husband predeceased her 17 years ago. (Was this Captain Nevins the steamboat pilot on the Ottawa River ? ... AL) The funeral will be held tomorrow morning at 8:45 o'clock from 393 Nelson street to St. Joseph's Parish Hall where a requiem high mass will be chanted. Interment will be in Notre Dame cemetery. NOTE: yet another article in the Dec. 30th paper (page 14) points out that the requiem high mass was chanted by Rev. Father Wilfred Nevins. It also mentions that "this was the first funeral service to be conducted in this parish since the destruction by fire of St. Joseph's Church last Saturday." ... Sue
June 6, 2015:
John Jordan and Margaret McCabe baptize a child in 1872 Note that Father Aeneas McDonell Dawson is recording here in Latin) St. John's Church at Enniskerry John Jordan and Margaret McCabe, Osgoode Township (Ottawa), 1872

June 28, 2018: Hi, I was attempting to contact a poster (above) from your Bytown or Bust page. I realize the email address is old, but I was wondering if you had an up to date address for Mr. Hayes, or could forward this on? (Doreen: Sorry, I do not have an updated e-mail address for Mr. Hayes ... Allan) Thanks, Doreen Pellissier From: Doreen To: j d hayes Sent: Sunday, June 24, 2018 8:34:10 PM Subject: Peter Jordan 1804 Hello, Before writing much, I will just send this off to see if the email address is still valid. I came across your post from 2003 and am wondering if it is Peter Jordan who married Catherine Early? October 19, 2003: My immigrant ancestor was Peter Jordan, born County Mayo, 1804, who came to Ontario in 1831 I believe he worked as a stonemason on the Welland Canal. Your website (www.bytown.net/jordan.htm) citing your link to James Jordan and Bridget Laughnan is extremely interesting to me. I believe my Peter was joined by most of his close relatives as they all seemed to disappear from their townland of Derrysallagh in County Mayo about the same time. Do you have more information on the Jordans that you might share with me? Regards, Doreen Tall Pellissier

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