John WALSH and Ellen KANE / KEANE / CAIN
Ireland to Goulbourn Township, 99th Regiment of Foot
also Louis PICHE / PICHER and Clercy WALSH

There were two John Walsh's, very close in age, who were granted land in
Goulbourn Township as disbanded soldiers from the 99th Regiment. One was
from County Derry and the other man was from County Monaghan.
... Al
Hi Al,
Yes you can put a copy of my posting (see below) and my e-mail address on your web site. 
I hope I have some luck. I have been trying to get some information on my Ellen 
Kane for a number of years with no luck. I have some information on John Walsh 
but not enough. Is there ever enough?

Do you have an address for St. Phillips Church in Richmond? I hope the next time 
you hear from me it's to thank you for tying me in with someone who has the 
answers for me. Keep up the good work.

Sharon Peot

Hi Sharon: You will find the surnames Walsh and Kane at the following web page: Search Engine: If you go to the search engine, try Welsh as well as Walsh. Also try Keane and Cain as well as Kane. You can also try Wisconsin, 99th, etc. (one at a time). I believe the records would be at St. Phillips Church in Richmond (most likely) if they were Roman Catholic. Or maybe at St. Michael's in Huntley, also RC. I'm interested in these folks as I have Walsh and Keane/Cain in my ancestry. Do you mind if I put a copy of your posting onto my web site with your e-mail address as a contact? ... Al Lewis
From Sharon: Surname: WALSH, KANE I'm looking for the date and the name of the church for the marriage of John Walsh and Ellen Kane. I'm also looking for the names of the parents for these two people. John Walsh came to Richmond about 1816-1818 after he enlisted in the military. He was in the 99th Regiment of Foot. After marrying Ellen they had quite a few children. I would like to find the church or the Missionary that may have baptised the children. Did Ellen have siblings? They came to Wisconsin in the late 1840's. I would appreciate any help on this family. John came from Newcastle Parish, County Tipperary to Richmond in 1816. He was a member of the 99th Regiment of Foot. Does anyone know if there is a history of Richmond and or the 99th Regiment available? I believe John had some land in Goulbourn in the 1820's. I would like to be able to find the name of his parents as well as the names of Ellen's parents and if they had any siblings. Does anyone know if there are any marriage records from the 1820's and the early 1830's. I also would like to find out where and when they were married. They started having children in 1831. Children are George 1831, William 1832, Francis 1834, Susan 1837, Charles 1838, Eliza abt. 1840, Lewis 1842, John abt. 1844, Michael abt. 1848. They came to Wisconsin about 1849. Ellen died in Watertown, Wisconsin, USA, on July 28, 1854. If anyone out there can help me please E-mail me. Thank you,
November 5, 2001 Witness at the 1831 marriage of Lawrence Burns and Margaret Doyle (my GGGrandparents) was John WALSH who may have been a retired soldier from the 99th Regiment of Foot (granted land in Goulbourn Township). John Walsh W 1/2 of Lot No 24 in the 3rd Concession of Goulbourn 4 Feb 1824 (disbanded soldier) 1 John Walsh . +Ellen Kane ? - 1854 ...... 2 George Walsh 1831 - ...... 2 William Walsh 1832 - ...... 2 Francis Walsh 1834 - ...... 2 Susan Walsh 1837 - ...... 2 Charles Walsh 1838 - ...... 2 Elizabeth Walsh 1840 - ...... 2 Lewis Walsh 1842 - ...... 2 John Walsh 1844 - ...... 2 Michael Walsh 1848 - ?
September 9, 2005: Hello Al. While searching the internet I came across your site, and wonder if perhaps you can help me. I am seeking the marriage date and the parents of my grgrandmother Clercy (Claire or Clerisse) Walsh who married a Clovis (Louis) Piche / Picher Before 1873 (First son's birth year). The census of 1901 has Clercy born 27 April 1849 in Quebec , and living in Hull, Quebec in 1901, but I can not find their marriage certificate in Quebec. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Best regards ... Lucy Tong
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