John O'NEIL and Elizabeth BARRETT
County Wicklow, Ireland to Goulbourn Township

December 20, 2001

I will give you my story and if you want to put it on your site I would 
appreciate it.

John O'Neil (Neal in Ireland) was born February 1809, the son of Pat Neal 
and Mary Kelly of Paulbeg, Carnew Parish, Shillelagh Barony, County 
Wicklow.  John married Elizabeth Barrett Jun 10 1832.  I think she was the 
daughter of Edward Barrett and Rose Travis.(no proof of this)

After John and Elizabeth married they lived in Newroe, part of the 
Coolattin  Estate, owned by Lord Fitzwilliam (see below, dated June 27, 2003).  
They all attended Tomacork Church in Carnew Parish.  Lord Fitzwilliam was a 
fairly benevolent landlord and allowed his tenants to attend church.  
(I looked at the church records when I was in Ireland) Four children were 
born in Ireland: Patrick (my grandfather) born Mar 17, 1833; Margaret 
born June 1835; Elisabeth born June 15, 1837; and Edward born  June 1840.

The family emigrated in the spring of 1842.  They settled in Goulbourn Township, E 
1/2 Lot 19 Conc 11. where they had five more children: Anna born Jul 13, 
1843; Bridget born Jun 18, 1846; John born Sep 4, 1848; James born March 
1852; and Ellen Jane Mar 1, 1855.

By 1858 the family have moved to Lower Town, Ottawa, leaving son Patrick on 
the farm. Patrick married first Margaret Teevens and after her death he 
married Isabella Wright, my grandmother. and they died in Stittsville.

Margaret married John Behan (Beahan, Bahen) and lived in Lower Town

Elizabeth married Patrick Behan (Beahan, Bahen) brother of John and they 
lived in Lower Town

Edward  I can't find a marriage or a death for him.

Anna married Andrew Cosgrove and they lived in Cumberland until 1868 then 
moved to Iowa.

Bridget married James Hughes and she died shortly after childbirth.  They 
lived in Ottawa.

John I can't find a marriage or a death that I can identify as this person.

James married Elizabeth Coss and they lived in Lower Town and died childless.

Eliza Jane (Helen) died in Montreal, unmarried.

There were other O'Neils , living very close in Lower Town and I suspect 
they were relatives but have no proof.  I have only one clue about Edward 
and John.  When father John died in his 3-line obituary it said for papers 
in New York, USA, and Cornwall to copy.

I have quite detailed descendants of all the rest of the family if anyone 
is particularly interested.

Jean Broadfoot

E-mail correspondence regarding Hi Al - thanks for your reply. At 04:16 PM 12/18/2001 -0500, you wrote: >Hi Jean: > >Thanks for your e-mail. > >Were your O'Neils Catholic or Protestant? I checked the records of St. >Michael's RC Church at Corkery in Huntley Township in the 1840's but could >find none of your names there (although there was a Neal/O'Neil family there >early). Some of the early people from the NW area of Goulbourn attended St. >Mike's. My O'Neils were RC and I have also checked the church records at St. Mikes and St. Phillips in Richmond, etc. Seems to me I have checked all possibilities in the area. >There was also an O'Neil family (RC also I believe) near the O'Neil Sideroad >in Goulbourn - someone on my web site is researching this family. Where is the O'Neil sideroad in Goulbourn? I have heard of it but don't know where it is. Neil Ave in Stittsville is named for my family--my grandmother and grandfather, Patrick and Isabella lived there, also thier son James Henry. >Also, there are some O'Neils / Neils on the 1842 and 1852 Censuses for >Nepean. Some are Protestant and some Catholic. >The Nepean Library at Centrepointe has computerized these records. It's a >long shot, but I could have a quick look for you next time I'm over there. I don't want to bother you about the census at Nepean Library. I can do that. I have looked at that census too. >It would be worth your while to post an O'Neil inquiry to the >Stormont/Dundas/Glengarry forum at >It includes Cornwall and is very good. I shall do that! >When did your John O'Neil die? He died in 1882 and is buried at Notre Dame Cemetery. Could I give you a more detailed story of my O'Neils for your web site? As to the O'Neil from Fitzroy and area I have some info on them but they are not part of my family. I have been looking for O'Neils for so long that I have an extra database of all the information I keep jotting down. The families that I have are from County Tipperary, County Clare, County Kilkenny, County Down, County Tyrone, County Kildare, County Carlow. If anyone is asking I can look up what I have on these families. I don't guarantee the authenticity of what I have as since they were not mine I often didn't indicate the source. Since mine are from County Wicklow I doubt there is a connection of any of these. I know there were some in Goulbourn area but while I know they were born in Ireland I don't have a place so can't connect them.
June 27, 2003: The book "Some other place ... than here" by Ronald Rees describes Irish migration to St. Andrews, New Brunswick. It includes interesting information regarding Lord Fitzwilliam and the Coolattin Estate and the emigration of 6,000 tenants from his estate to Canada (six ships landed at Quebec and one ship landed at St. Andrews). ISBN 1-896775-23-3 Carleton University Library Call # FC 2499 s22 z7 2000. On the reading list for History 3500, Emigration and Settlement, 1760-1875 (Professor Bruce Elliott)
October 3, 2005: Hi folks; I have corresponded with Marilyn Cottrell several times re these o'neil's of mine. I'm once again reading the st phillips' bytown - john oneil elizabeth barrett page. We always thought the o'neils we descend from were from kilkenny, but i'm not sure. They..michael O'Neil and Hanora O'Neil are listed in your early births at st phillips page showing their daughter Bridget in 1850, with mr Cosgrove and mrs Lyng as godparents. My grandfather, the grandson of that michael was born in New york as was his father Arthur, first of michael and hanoras children to be born in USA grandfather hugh patrick o'neils aunt was a Lyng, so some of them came to Lewis County, New York too. Not knowing the fathers name of our Michael is a burden. I doubt any of the records you have would give that info, would they? Also in the original records there for Michael O'Neil 1801-1880 do you have anything with his total birthdate on it ... all i have is year, which adds to the difficulty. Thanks for all you all have done to get this stuff on the web. I feel like if I ever do get to our roots parish in Ireland, it will be due mostly to all the hard work you people have done to try to preserve history. Thanks, and any info will be appreciated. Marilyn said she thought our relatives were from County Cork. I'd never heard that from family lore though it may be that that's where mine are from??? I want to know..but dont know where to go from here. warmest regards. ... Frank O'Neil Cleveland, Ohio, USA PS, Our Michael and Hanora came from Ireland to your area with children Michael jr b 1836, John b 1843, Hanora b 1844 and Eliza b 1846. While in Canada, Hanora gave birth to Bridget and Ann. Bridget in 1850 and Ann between then and 1853 when they emigrated to New York State, Lewis County. This whole bunch is buried up in what the locals call "Tug-Hill" near Barnes Corners / New Boston New York. Their parish, Sts Peter and Paul is closed out and the church sold, but the cemetery remains.

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