from Ireland to Eastern Ontario, Canada

August 5, 2002:

My family is supposed to have lived near Irish Lake Ontario. My great grandfather John 
came from Ferns(1) or somewhere near there in Ireland about 1840 and something. The first 
trace of him in Canada shows up in the 1861 census.  Except by then he has a family.  
Old records say that he married Jane Hunt in Canada.  She was about 18 at their union. 
He was 35.  I haven't found any record of another wife or other family that may have 
been left behind or who may have died either in Ireland or Canada.  I use both the 
C and K spelling as he is listed in the census as John Cavanagh. And yet all of the 
children as well as his wife are a match.  It was and still is common to miss spell 
are name as there are the two spellings. I think the english enjoyed screwing up peoples 
names to confuse them.  Most of the family moved to MN/ North Dakota, USA in the late 1880s.  My great 
grandfather is suppose to be buried near Irish lake.  The rest of the family moving 
south to Kilkenny MN and to ND where my father was born.  Then further west to Washington 
State where I was born and where I make my home.  I would be interested in knowing more 
of the settlers of that region.  
Daniel Kavanaugh

(1) Ferns is in County Wexford. A lot of the Kavanagh families came from Wexford.

Note for search engine - other spellings: Kavanagh Cavanagh If I'm not mistaken, Irish Lake is joined to the Rideau Canal system via Irish Creek, south of Smiths Falls. Irish Creek widens into a large swamp called "Cranberry Marsh". In 1826, hundreds of Irish Canal workers were stricken with malaria while working in this area. ... Al
August 29, 2002: Hello! I believe I am a distant relation because my gg-grandmother was Margaret Ann Hunt Balfe and my grandmother called a decendant of John Kavanaugh, Peter Kavanaugh, a cousin. She knew Peter when he was superintendant of schools in the area of Park Rapids, Hubbard County, Minnesota, USA. My grandmother wrote a book in 1944 about her family and so we have her words as a guide to our genealogy hunt. We have yet to make a direct connection between Jane Hunt and Margaret Ann Hunt but the fun is in the search! Do you know anything about Jane Hunt's parents? I have been in contact with Joel Husebo and have the information that he has. Some other distant relatives are Kathryn Fowler and Maureen Johnson, and they may have contacted you also. I am interested in the statement on your web site stating that in some old records there is a note about John Kavanaugh and Jane Hunt being married in Ireland. Do you remember which old record that was and what other data it had on it? My gg-grandmother married Thomas Balfe in the Smiths Falls, Canada, area in about 1850. They had five sons and one daughter and several of those baptisms are documented in the St Phillip Neri church records. Then in the 1870's, they moved to Le Seuer County, Minnesota. They followed some relatives there, and it might have been your ancestors that they followed. The one daughter, Mary Agnes Balfe Morgan married Francis Morgan about 1880 and they had 12 children. The oldest daughter, Margaret Mary Morgan Morton, is my grandmother who wrote the book. By the way, in the book she states that the parents of her grandmother, Margaret Ann Hunt Balfe, were Daniel Hunt and Ann Grove. Does that mean anything to you? Some of the Morgans moved to North Dakota also, as did my grandparents, Charles Morton and Margaret Mary Morgan Morton. They had nine kids, of which my mother was 3rd from youngest. I live in Denver, Colorado. My, how we all get around! I would love to hear from you! Jane Ward ========================= August 29, 2002: As I said in my previous note, my family and I are trying to find a connection between Margaret Ann Hunt Balfe and Jane Hunt Kavanaugh, and so I recieved the following note that you might find of interest. Jane ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jane, I was just looking at a listing of St. Philip Neri cemetery plots in Toledo which Maureen Johnson had sent me. There is a John Kavanah d. Mar. 6, 1872, 57 yrs, and an infant child of John & Jane Cavanagh d. May 14, 1858. I can't help but wonder if this is the Jane Hunt you are looking for more documentation on? Bye for now, Kathryn Fowler
Also posted on August 29, 2002: Hi there! I know Jane Hunt quite well, as she is the sister of my great-great grandfather, John Hunt. Their parents were Daniel Hunt and Ann Grove. I too live in Washington State, as my great-grandfather, William Joseph Hunt came to Seattle in the early 1900s/ late 1890s. As far as I know, Jane and her siblings lived in Kitley, Ontario. Many did move on to Kilkenny, MN. From there my great-grandfather settled in Aberdeen South Dakota for a time, then on to Seattle. There's lots of inter-related cousins out there, that I've met through the Leeds-Grenville (Ontario) GenWeb message boards. Anyway, good to meet you in cyberspace!! Maureen Johnson Granddaughter of the Hunt family.
August 30, 2002: Daniel, As I've already shared with Jane Ward and Maureen Johnson, from my research into my Kitley Township ancestors (south west of Smith's Falls), I have learned that a Jane Hunt was a sponsor at the 1850 baptism of Daniel Fowler, a brother of my great-grandfather. Baby Daniel's mother (and my great-great grandmother) was Mary Hunt, born about 1821 in Ireland and died in Kitley in 1894, where she is buried, although I don't know exactly where. Also, In the old cemetery at Bellamy pond, south of Toledo, there is an Ann Hunt wife of John Hunt, d. Nov. 3, 1879, age 47 years. In the new cemetery at Bellamy Lake, there is : Catherine Hunt, 1845-1921 wife of Philip Fenlon, d. oct. 3, 1900, age 62 Peter Hunt, d. Sept. 8, 1920 age 75 yrs/his wife Bridget Garvin 1851-1941/dau Mary Catherine d. June 19, 1910 age 22 yrs 11 mos./Helen Hunt 1889-1973 James Hunt d. Oct. 28, 1872 age 75 yrs/dau Catherine d. Aug. 29, 1861 age 20 yrs Andrew Hunt d. May 15, 1873 age 69 yrs/wife Mary Balph d. May 25, 1871 age 57 yrs In the earlier census, there are Daniel, George, James, Peter Robert and William Hunt. these are the Head of Households census of 1839, '41 and '44. My great-great grandmother Mary Hunt, born about 1821, I estimate, who married Holmes Fowler in Kitley in 1843. They had 13 children, and I have a reasonable idea about the descendants of four of them. Daniel Hunt was a witness at their wedding and Nancy Hunt lived very near Mary Hunt Fowler in the 1881 census. It is not impossible to conclude that Mary may have been an older daughter of Daniel and Nancy Hunt (both born late 1790s it seems in Ireland). There was also a Catherine Hunt of that generation who married James Byrnes on Nov. 12,1844 with witnesses Daniel Hunt and Holmes Fowler. From census info we can definitely conclude that Daniel Hunt and Nancy Hunt were parents of John (b. about 1830), Margaret Ann (b. about 1826) who married Thomas Balfe and James (b. about 1840). It was James, I assume, who was the husband of Ann (Bern?) who died 1879. Whether Jane Hunt was a daughter of Daniel Hunt and Ann Grove (Nancy Hunt) is uncertain, as I understand things. I also have heard mention of a Michael Hunt and Mary Ann O'Meara, as being parents of Jane was born in 1833 and died in 1905. Some of Daniel Hunt's descendants seem to have called Jane Hunt a cousin. It could well be that Daniel and Michael were brothers or at least cousins! As my probable fourth cousins Jane and Maureen say, sorting all this out is quite fascinating and can be both fun and confusing. We have talked about establishing a Hunt page, and would love to hear from you. ... Kathryn Fowler
September 13, 2003: Hi, I saw your entries on the net. My grandmother was Nellie Kavanaugh Smith Her parents were Gerald James Kavanaugh (b 1838, Timahoe, Co. Laois, Ireland) Elizabeth Ann Hunt (b. ca 1840, Coburg, Ontario?) Elizabeth's father was Thomas Hunt (b. Ireland) Gerald's father was Andrew Kavanaugh, (b. Ireland) And yes, Kavanaugh = Cavanaugh = Cavanagh = Kavanagh, etc. If we are close, I can dig up more information. David Myers, Arizona
January 14, 2010: Are you still looking for people possibly buried in St Philip Neri Cemetery in Toledo, Ont? I am the secretary\treasurer and also have the documentation as to who is buried where. regards, Luke Healey

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