John GREEN and Catherine MULSHINNA

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

 April 9, 2003:
Hello Al:
I am the great great grandson of John Green (reported as senior) and Catherine 
Mulshinna who both emigrated as part of the first wave of Peter Robinson Settlers 
to Canada in 1823 on the "Stakesby" and settled near Pakenham and later moved
to Fitzroy Twnsp, Carleton County on Upper Dwyer Hill Road. In 1997  wife Betty 
and I travelled to Castletownroche in County Cork and were disappointed that our 
ancestor(s) had no readily available records (birth about 1791) as the parish records 
are only available after about 1830 or so. We have found, and took pictures, of their 
original  log house in Fitzroy Twsp still standing, My GGranfather's log house still 
standing near Lake Dore ( Eganville) and my Grandfather's log house one mile away 
at Lake Dore. He later moved West from nearby Rankine Ont to a new homestead at 
Oyen Alberta -which explains why I am a Westerner living in West Vancouver BC. 
The Green family descendants are now in the thousands and are centred in the the 
Upper Ottawa River Valley and scattered across Canada. To my knowledge ,only 
one or two travelled south to settle in the USA. (This was all before the Canadian
 high taxes :>) 

I have all the books on Peter Robinson's Settlers and voyage and others where 
these people are mentioned and I have spent four or five days last summer in the 
National Archives and the Anglican Archives in Ottawa.; I now have about 1400 
names in my Family Tree Maker data base and growing. My problem now is the 
Ancestors in Ireland of which I have-------nothing, except the listing that they 
registered for Peter Robinson as from Castletownroche, County Cork , a small (550) 
village at the base of a semi ruined Castle.I stomped the grave yards there and 
nearby Parishes, but as you know, the headstones dated before about 1860 are 
all unreadable from erosion. The Mallow Heritage centre about 9 miles away could 
not help as my people were before their records  etc.etc.-at least that is what they
say, although that is there primary function-to computerise all the Parish records. 
I suspect the problem is that my Greens were definitely Anglican Orange people.
John Green of the Stakesby signed his marriage certificate with an "X--his mark " 
and his bride, Catherine Mulshinna on the certificate has had her name spelled 
with several versions( Mullcahey / Mulcahey etc) depending upon the phonetic version of 
the record clerk of the time. Another interesting fact (or family legend) is that 
Catherine Mulshinny was Catholic and John Green Anglican in 1823 and they eloped on the 
Stakesby with Catherine as a stowaway, as parents would not allow a mixed marriage 
in Ireland. They got married in Perth, Ontario in 1824
I am writing this as I can see we have a common interest in this fascinating subject.  
Regards:     Alton Green 
Dear Mr. Lewis,
I just found your site on Peter Robinson's 1823 passenger list. I would appreciate your help with information on these listed passengers: CONNOR, Hugh (Hebe); both John GREEN(s) on the Stakesby and William Green, (Stakesby); George Green(Stakesby); GREGG, Michael and Gregg, William(both Stakesby).
I have found my ggggrandparents who came in 1825 on the Brunswick. I am hoping that these Connors, Greens and Greggs are relatives that I can tie into the families. Any information you can give me on the Stakesby and Hebe passengers above would greatly be appreciated. Thank you in advance for looking at your information for me. Betty Koltz

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