John O'NEIL and Margaret SULLIVAN

 July 18, 2002:

Thank you for your email.  I am sorry to take so long to reply - my family has 
been here for an extended visit. 

I was very interested in your site and I have attached the information I have 
on the O'Neil (l) / Sullivan line.  Please feel free to edit and post. 

Most of the information came from my Grandfather John Martin O'Neil.  I have a photo 
of  him standing in front of the school in Canada and also one of  John and 
Margret Sullivan O'Neil. 

I would like to be able to take their line back to Bytown and Ireland.  I do not 
know the name of the ship they were on on their trip from Ireland. 

more later, 

(1) 1 John O'NEIL
Birth:	May 1807, Drinagh, Ireland
Death:	Possible - Illinois

Extracts from a letter to John O'Neil from his sister-in-law Flora Sullivan dated 
Sept 11th 1850, Dreeny, Ireland (now Drinagh, County Cork).
In this letter she advises them the daughter they left in Ireland when they sailed 
for Canada passed away six months later.
She also informs them that the two daughters of John's sister Mary had gone to the 
USA.  The name of one was Johannah O'Neil and her address was Leominister, Mass.
She also mentioned a brother-in-law Cornelius Sullivan.
"John O'Neil with his wife Margret came to Canada from Ireland on or before 1830, 
his wife's name before marriage was Margret Sullivan. 
They settled for a time in what was then known as By-town, now the City of Ottawa, 
Ontario.  My father Timothy Sullivan O'Neil was born at Van Click Hill in or near 
Ottawa. (Note: Vankleek Hill is a village about 70 miles east of Ottawa ... Al)
Later the family moved and settled in the then forest on the Rideau River near 
Wellington or Kars P.O.  They were pioneer's. (Note: Kars was originally called
Wellington ... Al)
Here the family cleared the land and built their homes.  My father married a neighbor's 
daughter, Laney Jane Schwerdfeger. I was born on this farm, also my sister Mary Ann and 
my brother George."

Canada West 1861 Census, Reel C-1012        Born           Religion          Age
*John O'Neill             Farmer          Ireland            R.C.             60
Margaret  "               Wife               "                "               61
Timothy   "               Laborer         W. Canada           "               20
Michael   "                 "                "                "               18
Hannah    "              Daughter            "                "               21
John      "                 Laborer          "               "               10
*Shows cannot read or write.
John may have had a brother Daniel who was a priest who was buried in Naperville, IL.  
There is a mention of a Father Daniel O'Neil who was pastor of St. Patrick's Church in 
St. Charles, IL from 1865-1867. 2, 1

Spouse:	Margaret SULLIVAN
Birth:	Mar 1807, Drinagh, Ireland
Burial:	Osgoode R.C. Cemetery, Carleton, Ontario

Lived with her son Timothy S. O'Neill prior to her death.
Margaret Sullivan may have been the daughter of Lord Sullivan of Queenstown 
(now Cobh) Ireland and her husband, John O'Neill was a sea captain.  This is 
questionable since he was unable to read or write as shown in the census records. 1

Marr:	Drinagh, County Cork, Ireland1

Children:	Mary Ann (1829-1885)
	Catharine (1832-1834)
	Margret (Margaret) (1837-1870)
	Hanorie (Hannora) (1839-1932)
	Timothy Sullivan (1841-1913)
	Michael (1842-1883)
	John (1845-)

(2) 1.1 Mary Ann O'NEIL 2
Birth:	13 Oct 1829, Born at Sea, English Waters, Ireland1
Death:	30 Oct 1885, Aurora, IL1
Burial:	French Catholic Cemetery, Aurora, IL1

Born at sea and was 6 year old when she 1st stepped on land.
Possible that her father, John left Kars for Illinois to live with Mary Ann after the death of his wife Margaret.
Cause of death was typhoid fever. 1

Spouse:	John Baptiste JARBOU 2,1
Birth:	20 Aug 1825, St. Leon, Ontario, Canada1
Death:	4 Mar 1911, Dakota (?)1
Marr:	10 Feb 18511

Children:	Margaret (1852-1936)
	Elizabeth (1854-1905)
	Hannah (1856-1883)
	John (1858-1881)
	Mary Ann (1861-1950)
	Rosa (1864-1892)
	Martha (1866-1897)

(2) 1.2 Catharine O'NEIL 2
Birth:	14 Jul 1832, Ottawa, Carleton County, Ontario, Canada
Death:	Oct 1834

(2) 1.3 Margret (Margaret) O'NEIL 2
Birth:	10 Feb 1837, Ottawa, Carleton County, Ontario, Canada1
Death:	30 Sep 1870, Cleveland IL1
Burial:	Cleveland IL

Married twice.
______? Harrington
Note from Bible page died 21 April 1870 ?

Spouse:	Lewis DEEM1
Birth:	1 Dec 1827
Death:	21 Apr 1874, Cleveland IL
Burial:	Cleveland IL

No Children
2nd wife surname Angil.

(2) 1.4 Hanorie (Hannora) O'NEIL 2
Birth:	22 Aug 1839, Ottawa, Carleton County, Ontario, Canada
Death:	10 Aug 1932 1

Spouse:	Patrick McGAHEY 2

(2) 1.5 Timothy Sullivan O'NEIL 2
Birth:	25 Jan 1841, Ottawa, Carleton County, Ontario, Canada 1
Death:	1 Jan 1913, Canada 1

Spouse:	Laney Jane SCHWERDFEGER2
Birth:	9 Mar 1845, Ontario, Canada
Death:	1 Jun 1927, Canada
Father:	Martinus SCHWERDFEGER (1806-)
Mother:	Nancy Ann RUTHERFORD (1815-1903)

Children:	John Martin (1869-1960) [my Grandfather - Ann O’Neil Crosby Nicholson -]
	Mary Ann (1871-1951)
	George (1884-1948)

(2) 1.6 Michael O'NEILL 1
Birth:	7 Oct 1842, North Gower, Carleton County, Ontario, Canada
Death:	7 Mar 1883, North Gower, Carleton County, Ontario, Canada
Burial:	10 Mar 1883, St. Bridget's Cemetery, River Road, Osgoode, Ontario, Canada

Spouse:	Lucy LAPLANTE 1
Birth:	29 Nov 1843, North Gower, Carleton County, Ontario, Canada
Death:	20 Jan 1915, North Gower, Carleton County, Ontario, Canada
Burial:	22 Jan 1915, St. Bridget's Cemetery, River Road, Osgoode, Ontario, Canada

Mother's surname was Fleming.

Children:	John Dominic (1867-1912)
	Frank (1870-1952)
	Cyrus (1872-1900)
	Ambrose Timothy (1875-1949)
	Eugene Basil (1877-)
	Lorne (1881-)
	Margaret (1883-)

(2) 1.7 John O'NEIL 2
Birth:	11 Dec 1845, North Gower, Carleton County, Ontario, Canada
Occ:	Blacksmith

Married _______? Campbell.

1. “John T. O'Neill file.”
2. “John Martin O'Neil Booklet,”  Edwin L Crosby M.D., 1961.

	Lewis	spouse of (2) 1.3
	Elizabeth	child of (2) 1.1
	Hannah	child of (2) 1.1
	John	child of (2) 1.1
	John Baptiste	spouse of (2) 1.1
	Margaret	child of (2) 1.1
	Martha	child of (2) 1.1
	Mary Ann	child of (2) 1.1
	Rosa	child of (2) 1.1
	Lucy	spouse of (2) 1.6
	Patrick	spouse of (2) 1.4
	Ambrose Timothy	child of (2) 1.6
	Catharine	(2) 1.2
	Cyrus	child of (2) 1.6
	Eugene Basil	child of (2) 1.6
	Frank	child of (2) 1.6
	George	child of (2) 1.5
	Hanorie (Hannora)	(2) 1.4
	John	(2) 1.7
	John	(1) 1
	John Martin	child of (2) 1.5
	Lorne	child of (2) 1.6
	Margaret	child of (2) 1.6
	Margret (Margaret)	(2) 1.3
	Mary Ann	child of (2) 1.5
	Mary Ann	(2) 1.1
	Timothy Sullivan	(2) 1.5
	John Dominic	child of (2) 1.6
	Michael	(2) 1.6
	Laney Jane	spouse of (2) 1.5
	Margaret	spouse of (1) 1

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