John O'BRIEN and Annie HOGAN
North west Lot 6, Concession 2, Osgoode, (now Gough Road), 75 acres in 1879

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

E-Mail from Marcia O'Brien, posted to Gatineau County Genweb:

I am looking for any information on Henry O'Brien born in
l849 in Venosta, Quebec. We have a notation of a possible
brother and sister, Michael and Julia and possible parents
may or may not have been Hugh O'BRIEN and Catherine DUGGAN.
Henry married Margaret CRUIKSHANK in l884 in Farrellton,
Quebec and then moved to Wisconsin. Does this sound
familar to anyone? Please e-mail me direct. Marcia O'Brien

Note: This family was related to the O'Brien's in Osgoode Township. David CRUIKSHANK (born c. 1852) and Bridget MALEY (born c. 1841), both non-family members, were living in Osgoode in 1861 with the family of Patrick O'Brien (b. 1834) and Mary Unknown (b. 1836). Patrick and Mary had a daughter, Ann, born in 1852. Log house built in 1838 in Concession 2, Osgoode. ... Al Lewis
Dear Mr. Lewis. Thank you for posting that message for me. We have finally been able to obtain a copy of Henry's death certificate and it turns out his parents names were Michael O'Brien and Mary (last name unknown) both of whom were born in Ireland. Henry's wife Margaret was the daughter of Alexander CRUIKSHANK and Catherine O'Brien. Henry's siblings were Michael and Delia according to his death notice. Marcia O'Brien
There were several O'Brien families in Osgoode from the 1840's, some of whom may have gone to the Maniwaki, Quebec area with Father Deleage. (There is a village called Deleage, just east of Maniwaki). Elisabeth: By the way, I have John O'Brien 1810-Nov 24, 1898 and Annie Hogan 1821-Sept 18, 1887 buried at St. Brigid's in Osgoode Township near Manotick. There are other O'Briens there also. There are also some HOGANs buried at St. Mary's, South Gloucester - probably relatives of Annie. ... Al
Surname: Cruikshank, O'Brien, Sullivan, MacKenzie Hi Al, I couldn't locate the specific couple you mentioned but the note on your website regarding several families being 'enticed' into the Gatineau region of Quebec probably explains the connection. I do not have any record of Daniel Cruikshank but Catherine (see 2 below) married Alexander Cruikshank in Farrellton, Quebec on 25 Jun 1861 . Some of my names from that region that may tie to your area: 1)Bridget Katherine Sullivan b:1852 daughter Patrick m: Catherine Donovan 2)O'Brien - Catherine, Michael Patrick b:abt 1846 and Bridget b:1849 all children of William m:Marguerite Mooney. From Gord Cruikshank on Wed, 11 Oct 2000, in response to Cruikshank, Sullivan, O'Brien, posted by Al Lewis on Tue, 03 Oct 2000
----- Original Message ----- Sent: Tuesday, October 03, 2000 7:59 PM Subject: Sullivan, O'Brien > Hi - > > Are your Sullivans or O'Briens from anywhere near Venosta? I have a Margaret O'Brien (parents John O'Brien and Ann Hogan) married to Thomas McCambley (son of William McCambley and Catherine McDonald), and lots of Sullivans. > > Elisabeth
Hi Al - Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. The years for John and Ann O'Brien fit with the dates I have for Margaret. Margaret O'Brien was born in 1849 (location unknown) and died September 3, 1943 in Venosta, Quebec. She is buried in St. Martin's in Martindale. She's the only O'Brien in the cemetery, so I guess her family wasn't from Venosta. See my Family tree information ... McCAMBLEY SULLIVAN O'BRIEN McCAFFERY McDONALD HENRY (was McENERNY?) CUNNINGHAM PLUNKETT The User Home Page Report lists everyone. There are some holes in the Gedcom because I removed living people. Here's a photo of Thomas McCAMBLEY , born 1843, husband of Margaret O'BRIEN. Elisabeth See also Miles FOX. Some of his relatives (neighbours of the O'BRIEN families) also went to Venosta from Osgoode (in 1870). Elisabeth
----- Original Message ----- From: Gord Cruikshank Sent: Thursday, November 02, 2000 11:20 PM Hi- Linked to your website based upon your notes at Al Lewis' "By Town or Bust" It appears we may have several links in common. Possibly you can check and confirm some e.g.: - you list Andrew Sullivan born 1886. Would he be born 2 March 1866, son of Jeremiah James Sullivan m:Mary Ellen Mahoney ? If so his sister Katherine Bridget married my grandfathers cousin, Alexander Cruikshank in 1899. - My grandfathers cousin, William Hickey married Clara Myles.( His father and grandfather were both named John Hickey) Clara Myles sister, IsabeI Myles married Patrick Brennan- and somewhere in that link is a tie to Thomas McCambley m:Catherine O'Brien - I have Edgar and Melvin Driscoll, sons of Freddy Driscoll m:Edith Montague. Freddy was the son of Stephen b:1864 m:Isobella (Bella/Isobel) Cruikshank b:1874 I expect there may be other ties but just confirming these would provide some additional information for myself. On some of those mentioned I have descendants and/or ancestors not listed in your database if you are interested.
See also Henry O'Brien and Margaret Cruikshank
Correspondence with Brice Cruikshank
Hi Brice: Thanks for your e-mail regarding the Cruikshanks, O'Briens and Sullivans. I don't have much information, except that there were about 4 Sullivan and about 4 O'Brien families who were neighbours in Osgoode Township in the 1840's. There is a "Davet Cruikshank" mentioned as living with one of the O'Brien families in the 1861 census for Osgoode. These families (Sullivans are my ancestors) are tied in with the families from around Venosta. I'm trying to get more info on the families who went to Venosta area from Osgoode/Gloucester. I'll keep looking through this material to see what I can find. Do you mind if I include your e-mail on my web site, along with your e-mail address as a contact for these families? Do you know where I can get copies of births/marriages/deaths for the parishes around Venosta, etc.? I hope we can get this sorted out sometime. Do you have any idea where in Ireland the Sullivans and O'Briens came from? I think County Cork, but am not sure. I believe there was a John Cruikshank in Bytown (before 1850?). He may have been from Scotland, but I'm not sure. ... Al ------------------------------------- ----- Original Message ----- From: Brice Cruikshank Sent: Monday, November 27, 2000 9:58 AM Subject: Cruikshank/O'Brien A colleague referred me to this site. Alexander Cruikshank and Catherine O'Brien were my great-grandparents. Their son, Alexander was my grandfather, he would be a brother of Margaret who was married to Henry O'Brien. Alexander and Katherine Sullivan had 6 children, one of which, Walter was my dad. They were raised on a farm in Brennan's Hill, Quebec which is now occupied by a cousin. I was born and raised in Venosta, Quebec, a hamlet between Low and Kazabazua. I inherited family history from my aunt and would like to share information particularly on the Cruikshank side. Nice to hear from you. I'm a bit of a neophyte in this but certainly use my email on the website. In terms of parishes, St. Martin's in Martindale (about 5 houses North of Low) was the original parish and would have records for Venosta, Low and area; St. Camillus in Farrellton would have records for those from Wakefield to Brennan's Hill. There is a Mary Sullivan, married to Gerard Sullivan who has written a quite extensive history of the Sullivan family. I don't have a copy but my mother does. I could provide information on Mary as well as the parishes if you wish.
Hi Jeanette: Thanks for your e-mail. Just about everything I have on the Maniwaki / Gracefield area is already on the web site, although I'm trying to find more information. However, some of your ancestors may have been in Huntley Township (just west of Kanata today). For example Danis, Sophia , daughter of Joseph Danis and Domithilde LaRocque was born on 6/16/1870. Sponsors were LaRocque, Joseph & Danis, Josette. This is from the records of St. Michael's in Corkery. There are also other French names - Lalonde, Dutrisac, Lacroix, Moran/Morin, Ranger and others. Various spellings, Denis for Danis, etc. Do you mind if I start another web page for these folks? We could add to it as information appears, and I'll put your e-mail address on as a contact. It's amazing how much they all travelled back then. There are lots of O'Briens at Huntley, but I have trouble sorting them all out. Still working on them. Thanks again, ... Al Lewis ----- Original Message ----- From: eanne Danis Sent: Saturday, January 13, 2001 10:34 PM Subject: Inquiry > Do you have any information on the following names: > > Sophie Brien > > I have a Henry in my line also. > My grandparents Thomas Danis and Melina Paquette were born in > Gracefield. Thomas was the son of Domithilda Lacroix and Moise Danis > who were married in Maniwaki in 1854. > > I would appreciate any information on the church in Maniwaki or > Gracefield. > > surnames of Danis, Lacroix /Neveu, Morin, Paquette, Faubert (Foubert), Larocque > > Thanks, Jeanette -------------------- August 11, 2001: Do you have any information on the following names: Sophie Brien / O'Brien I have a Henry in my line also. My grandparents Thomas Danis and Melina Paquette were born in Gracefield. Thomas was the son of Domithilda Lacroix and Moise Danis who were married in Maniwaki in 1854. I would appreciate any information on the church in Maniwaki or Gracefield. surnames of Danis Lacroix / Nepveu Morin Paquette Faubert Larocque Thanks, Jeanette
Here are some Larocque births from St. Michael's at Corkery: 1. Larocque, Francis son of Larocque, Moise and Denis, Mary born 12/7/1867 Godparents: Major, Gregoire & Denis, Lucie 2. Larocque, Leo son of Larocque, Moise and Denis, Marie born 1/1/1865 Godparents: Larocque, Leon & Denis, Josette 3. Larocque, Margaret daughter of Larocque, Theophile and Keating, Catharine born 3/28/1865 Godparents: Corbett, Patrick & Barry, Catharine 4. Larocque, Matilda daughter of Larocque, Leo and Close, Sarah Ellen born 7/5/1869 Godparents: Larocque, Moses & Mary 5. Larocque, Theophile son of Larocque, Theophile and Keating, Catharine born 3/23/1868 Godparents: Garon, Charles & Garon, Lucie 6. Larocque, Agnes daughter of Larocque, Theophile and Keating, Catherine born 7/8/1870 Godparents: Lalonde, Antoine & Lalonde, Margaret Marriage: Larocque, Leo son of Larocque, Joseph and Cardinal, Esther of Darling Township (west of Almonte) married 7/9/1869 Close, Sarah Ellen Daughter of Close, David & Carr, Serah Jane Witnesses were: Larocque, Moses & Larocque, Mary of Darling Twp ... Al
O'BRIEN Died at Bytown in 1846, on the 27th ultimo, John O'Brien, aged 106 years. Deceased retained his physical and mental faculties almost unimpaired till within a short period of his death. Thanks to Taylor Kennedy
New May 31, 2015: Thanks to Gaston Lamontagne for the following information: Hi, It have found a marriage in Notre-Dame, Ottawa. John O'Brien married Ann Hogan on the 28 November 1848. He was the son of Connor O'Brien and Bridget Fahay / Fahey ? She was the daughter of William Hogan and Margaret Ryan Gaston Lamontagne In 1862, John O'Brien and Anne Hogan baptized Jane at St. John's Church on the Stage Coach Road in Osgoode Township: The sponsors were Michael Ryan and Anne Ryan.
Here is the record (from the Drouin Records at Jane's baptism, 1862, daughter of John O'Brien and Anne Hogan
... Al

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