Joseph MURRAY and Mary Ann WALLACE
Ireland to Osgoode Township, Ontario, Canada

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

August 13, 2002:
Hello Al:

If that is your picture in a suit, you look a lot like the Daley family
for sure.  Any relation?  I was looking at the 1879 Census for Osgoode
township.  It lists many Murrays in Osgoode at that time and I am pretty
sure they are all related somehow.  The Murray I am related to is Joseph
Murray from Concession X.  He was my great great grandfather.  His son
was Arthur Murray (my grandfather) and Arthur's son is Howard Murray (my
grandfather) and Jack (John Joseph) Murray (my father).  I believe that
Joseph Murray married a widow who's husband was last named Hall.  He
died on the Ottawa River.  She was a Methodist.

My question is this, I can't relate Joseph Murray in the 1879 Census to
the JMR Murray tombstone that is at St. Catharines Cemetary in
Metcalfe.  I also cannot figure out if these Murray's were famine
immigrants or Catholic uprising immigrants.  I have heard many stories.
I know that my family of Murray were Catholic.  I know that they
originally settled in Osgoode on the 10th Concession Osgoode but do not
know much else.  My dad's father was Howard Murray and he had sisters
(Ethel, Edna and May).  He was married to Elizabeth Daly who is related
to Michael Daley who contributes to this site.

I would really like to know when they emigrated and from where?  I've
never seen them on ship registers but have not looked really hard and
one of the stories I heard was that they were brothers who came to
Canada during an uprising in Ireland and jumped ship here in Canada???
Another story I heard was that three brothers came here and sent for
their wives and kids afterward.

Any information you can provide would be most useful.

Steve Murray

1881 Census Osgoode, Russell, Ontario, Canada Source: FHL Film 1375865 NAC C-13229 Dist 104 SubDist G Div 3 Page 38 Family 165 Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace Occ Religion Joseph MURRY M M 41 Irish Ireland Farmer Catholic Maryann MURRY F M 41 Irish Ontario Catholic William MURRY M 16 Irish Ontario Catholic Cathrine MURRY F 14 Irish Ontario Catholic John MURRY M 11 Irish Ontario Catholic Mariah MURRY F 7 Irish Ontario Catholic Emelia MURRY F 4 Irish Ontario Catholic Note: For more Murrays in Osgoode Township see John Murray.
January 29, 2009: Hi Steve, I happened upon a name I recognized while browsing the genealogy index for Osgoode Township. My name is Diane Wade, born and raised in Osgoode Township. The Joseph Murray you speak of was my step- gggrandfather. Maryann Wallace was married to John Hall who drowned in the Castor River in Russell. She had three small children, John, Bill, and Kate Hall. She married Joseph Murray and had 4 more Murray children, Alfred, Emmie, Arthur, Maria. Of interest, especially in those days...the Murrys were Catholic, the Halls were Methodist. They all attended church in Metcalfe. The Halls were dropped off at the Methodist Church at the Union Cemetery on Methodist Hill, Metcalfe and the Murrys continued on to the Catholic Church in the village. Thus there was never any 'Orange' in our family. If interested I have a Murry family picture of Joseph , Maryann and their families. ... Diane Wade
January 30, 2009: Thanks to Diane for the following photograph: Picture of Joseph Murray and family
February 6, 2009: Thanks to Michael Daley for the following: Hi Al in re-reading Your "what's new" January 29 2009, the article by Steve Murray, 2002 and Diane wade, Jan,29. they are both descendants of, James Murray, [1794- 1879] and his wife Maria Harveson [1801- 1879]. In the mid 1840's during the great hunger in Ireland, James Murray came to Canada to prepare a new home for his wife , and family. It is understood that the mother came shortly afterwords with the younger children - Matthew, Emma, Mary,and baby Joseph whom she was nursing. The ship docked at Boston after a 6- week journey during which the fresh water ran out as well as the mother's milk, the mother chewed rolled oats and put it in the baby's mouth to keep him alive, Daughter Mary died en route and was buried at sea. Somehow the family got from Boston to Osgoode Township, to lot 16 in the 10, concession. Like Diane states, Son Joseph Murray ,lived almost next door to a young woman widowed in 1870, Mary Ann Wallace was the oldest daughter of John Wallace, who had married Ann Cooper when she was age 14, and who bore 14 children , Mary Ann married John Hall, they had 3 children when John was drowned floating logs down the Castor River, Mary Ann then married Joseph Murray and had 4 more children. For more info on this Murray Family compiled by Teresa Murray Smith in 1977, see Vol. no V1 & V111 Pioneer Families of Osgoode Township at the Osgoode Township Historical Society, e-mail ... Michael Daley

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