John Bower LEWIS
Petition in Support of his Candidacy in the 1872 Federal Election

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

March 14, 2005:

Hi Al-

I haven't written for a while, but that doesn't mean I had forgotten 
your web site. Last year I provided an image of the 1872  John Bower 
Lewis petition in support of his election to Parliament. I promised to 
provide a transcription of the names, and finally I can present you with 
the results for your website. I have adapted the original page on my own 
website to work on yours and I have attached the html file  it along 
with a photo of Lewis himself. The page contains a link back to the 
original newspaper image on my site since it's 300K and it seems like it 
would be a waste of space to store it on both of our sites. I'm sure 
anyone curious about the list would be content with the searchable 
transcription rather than the image from the Ottawa Daily News.

The page and photo are all you need to add to your site if you are  
interested. The list contains 531 names of  Ottawa voters who list 
themselves as supporting Lewis (the Conservative candidate) in the 
election - a rare chance to see how ancestors voted as well as some of 
the major domos in the city at that time. The page also contains some 
background information on John Bower Lewis himself.

Please feel free to add it to your resources on Bytown or Bust. It is 
more likely that people will find it there than on my own site.

Wes Cross

  John Bower Lewis was born in France on March 18, 1817,
the  son  of Captain  J. B. Lewis of the 88th Light Infantry. He came with
his  parents to Canada in 1820 and the family settled near Bytown, Upper
Canada.  Lewis studied law  and was called to the bar of Upper Canada
in 1839 and was later to be named  a Queen's Counsel in 1867. On
Aug. 31, 1843; John Bower Lewis married Helen Street, daughter
of the late Capt..Benjamin Street. He practiced law in the town of
Bytown and first entered politics in 1847 when he was elected to the
first Bytown municipal council. In 1848 he was elected as the second mayor
of Bytown. After the town became the city of Ottawa in 1854 Lewis was
elected as its first mayor. In 1857  he became  the first president of the
Ottawa Chamber of Commerce. He  was appointed as Police Commissioner
for Ottawa in 1863 and in 1872 he was elected to Parliament for the riding
of Ottawa. He seemed a certainty to succeed Hincks as Minister  of Finance
but instead he chose to resign his seat over the government's Canadian Pacific
Railway scandal. Lewis died at Ottawa on January 24, 1874 while serving
as City Solicitor. At the time of his death he was in the midst of an election
campaign in his attempt to return to the Federal Parliament. 
(Source for photo and most text: Canadian Orange Historical Site)
1872 Petition for John Bower Lewis

In his successful 1872 run for Parliament. A petition of support was printed a number of times in the Ottawa Free Press containing  an extensive list of members of various Ottawa social and professional societies, such as the Orange Lodge, Masons, St. George's Society etc.  The citizens listed are primarily the business men of Ottawa -  representing both large and small operations. Many of them, including Lewis himself, were from Goulbourn and March townships to the west. It provides a rare opportunity to see the politcal preferences of some of the citizens of Ottawa in 1872.
Click here to see the original petition from the Ottawa Free Press of  July 15, 1872
Some of the identified signers:
James Starmer, inn keeper

Thomas Starmer, Ice merchant
John Cross, wheelwright
Robert Barry, plasterer
John Huckell,  salesman
B. Huckell, feed  & grain store owner (see Aug. 24, 2005)
Jonas Barry , plasterer
J.W. Booth, lumber mill owner
John Rochester, lumber mill owner
A to D
E to L
M to R
S to Z
Acres G Eastcott James MacCarthy John Sarke D
Allan, W Edwards John MacEdward, G Scantlebery John
Angus A Edwards S MacGregor R Schofield Wm
Angus George Edwards Wm Main A Scott CS
Angus James Egleson P A Sr Malloch E C Shaver W H
Angus James Elliot R Mann G Shearer John
Angus Rob Jr Elliott, G E Martin, James Shoolbred Wm
Angus W Esmonde J P Mason A Short W H
Annable WA Evans, J Masson D Shouldis, G
Arnoldi K Evoy Alexander Matheson W M Simpson S
Atchison Robt Falls W H Matthewman A H Sims George
Atkins Wm Featherston, John P. Matthews Thomas Sinclair Donald
Auclair P C Fewkes thomas Matthews, James Sinclair, R
Baldwin A H Fingland Wm May J Sixmouth Wm H
Baldwin J H Fisher Benj May, George Skead James
Bangs C W Fitzsimmons John McAlmond John Skead R
Barry Jonas Fleck Alex McCarthy H f Skinner Joseph
Barry Robt Forde G McCarthy John Skinner Samuel Sr
Bartlett Geo Forrest, A G McCarthy Rich Slack James
Bate H N Fox D McConnell Rich Slater J D
Bate N Fraser A D McCormick A J Slocombe James
Bate, C T Frederick T McCormick, A Smith John
Bayley A Gallagher Thos McCormick, H Smyth J J
Beament Thos Gammill, John J McCraken, Jas Somerville W M
Beardwood Jonathan Gardner Wm McCulloch R Soper A W
Bearman, James Garland J M McCullough James Sparks Alex
Bell, J G Gibson J H P McCullough Wm Sparks N
Benjamin E H Gibson Jas McDermott Thomas Sparks, R
Bennett Henry Gilpin R McDougall P A MD Sproule, Thomas
Bethune N W Goodall A McGarity T Stacy, E
Billings B Gordon B McGee C Starmer James
Billings W R Gordon James McGillivary, E. Starmer Thos
Birket Jas Gough George McGillivrary D MD Stephen, R W
Birkett  Jas Gough Wm McIntryre, John Stephens A J
Bishop R Gouldthrite S McKay Thos Stephens R
Bishoprick Mark Jr Gowan J H McKinnon N Stephenson, Wm
Bishoprick Mark Sr Gowan T H McLaren Jas Stevenson A
Blyth G R Gowan, H & J McLean Hector Stewart J C
Blyth Geo R Goyer D McLean, H Stewart Robert
Blyth J J Graburn McLeod Stewart Stiff Thomas P
Blyth John Graham A McMahon Mick Still Phil S
Blyth John Jr Graham Robert McMartin P Stockdale John
Blyth Robt Graham Wm McMullin H Stockdale Richard
Boese jas Graham,  R H McNaughton D Stockdale Wm
Bonett S W Graham, Frank McNutt CS Story George
Booth G D Grant A A McQuade D Strachan Jas
Booth J R Grant Arch Meadows H Strang J
Borbridge Thomas Grant D M Merrill H Stubbs, George
Borbridge Wm Grant Edward Merrill J C Stwart John
Borbridge, S W Grant J M Metcalfe Joseph Surtees Robert
Borthwick, H J Green William Michaels H Sutherland G S
Botherill Edwd Jr Greenway John Michaelson J B Sutherland Wm
Bott Geo Griffin Edwd Miles E Sutton J T
Boucher, W. Hall E Mills A K Swalwell A Jr
Bourne Samuel Hallandal F Mills A K Sweetland, J (MD)
Bourne W H Halpenny J Mills Alex Switzer R
Boyden J Hamilton R Minore H Tackaberry J B
Bradley, R A Hamilton, Wm Minore Wm Taylor J M
Brennan J C Hardy R Mix Wm Taylor P A
Breton W II Harvey John Monk J B Taylor, A H
Bronson & Weston Hay, George Montgomery R S Thenault A P
Brough James Haycock R H Moore Andrew Thistle Wm R
brown Alfred Helmer, Nath Moore Andrew Thompson H
Brown David T Henderson A Moore Isaac Thompson James H
Brown F Henderson, John Moore Jas Thompson T W
Brown J MD Heney, John Moore W Thompson W G
Brown J MD Hick Robert Moore, David Titus A
Brown Wm M Hickmett John Morgand W H Turnbull Js
Brown, W W Hidgson John Morrison Daniel Van Cordlandt  Ed
Bryson C Higman R Morrison Wm Wadsworth james
Buchanan Jas Higman Thos Morse, John Walker, W H
Buras W H Hill, John Mortimer A Walkley E
Burns John Hinds Hugh Mortimer Geo Wallace E
Burns, John Hodges Henry Mosgrove A Wardell Abraham
Burpee, C A Hointon Joseph Mowat A Watson R
Butler Wm Holbrooke G M Mowat D Watterson William
Cameron Malcolm Holland A Moxley W Webster, John W
Campbell A. Holland Wm L Mulligan Robert Whillars, Wm
Campbell J A Hope James Murphy John White J G
Canty John Howe Jas G Mutchmor Alex Whiteside Henry
Cardwell Wm Howe W Nettle, R Whittier A S
Carman M Howes, W B Newell George Wigmore Jessie
Carman R Howlett Andrew Nicolson J S Wills, W J
Carruthers John Huband Chas Nicolson J S Wilson D
Carson R Huckell John Noel Chas V Wilson Geo Jr
Cassels, R S HuckellBenj O'Donnell P Wilson Geo Jr
Cawest Alfred Huckett E E Orme J L Wilson Wm
Chalmers, Wm Hudson A E Orr J Jr Wilson, Z
Champness Fred Hughes J W Orr John Sen Wood D C MD 
Champness,W Humphries John Palmer E C Woodburn T M
Chesterton, Walt Hunton, F H Parsons Alb Woodburn, A S
Christie Samuel Hunton, Thos Paterson John Woodland R
Ciappy John Hutchison G LDS Patterson Andrew Workman W G
Clark George Hutchison H Patterson J H Wright Philemon
Clark T M Hutchison W M Patterson Mathew Yelding A (Yeilding, Agar)
Clarke, James Ilson John C Peacock W Young Levi
Clemow F C Inglis H Peacock, George Young William
Clewe Wm Irvine Wm Peacock, James
Cluff Thos Jackson Jas Peacock, John
Cluff, W H Jackson John Pelton A
Codd, Richard James Wm Pennock P Jr
Coleman A O F James, R L Pennock P Snr
Collier T Jamieson J C Pennock, J T
Cousens W Jamieson R   Pennock, John
Cowan John Jamieson R E Pennock, William
Cowan Wm Jamieson W A Percy A
Cowan, Wm Jamieson Wm Sr Perkins Lyman
Coward D W. Jarvix James Perry G H
Cox James Johnston Robert Pinhey C H
Cox, George Jolicoeur O Pinhey J H
Crain J W Journeaux Phillip Pipus G
Crain, Geo Joyce A G Porter John
Crane R Keays, Archibald Potts Joseph
Crosby C A Keefer Thomas C Powell A W
Cross John Kelty A C Powell, William F.
Cunningham C R Kerr Robert Pratt  Isaiah
Cunningham Jas Kier S C Pratt A
Curtis John King Charles Prentiss T B
Cuzner, L Lamb J T Preston, G Ed.
Dalgleish James Lamb W A Proderick Wm
Daniel R T Lambkin Thos Purdy, John
Davidson T R Lang A W Raitt Jan
Davis Hugh Lang Edward Randall John
Davis Wm Lang james Ray Wm
Davis, J G Lang, Robt B. Reid J P
Dennis J Langford J Rice Dan
Devlin R J Langford John Rice Wm
Dewar Colin Langford John H Roberts John Jr
Dewart Jos Latchford James Roberts, John
Dickson Wm H Laughton Jas Robertson Duncan
Dimbleby J Lee Thomas Robertson, J P
Dixon Geo Leggo C Robertson, John
Dobler, J W H Lennox Robt Robinson Hiram
Dolan Mick Lepine Henry Robinson, J G
Dolan Mick Jr Leslie John Rochester James
Doran M Lewis F Rochester, John
Dowsley Thos Link Francis Rodden R J
Draper B J Litle Jas Roger C
Drummond A Little J J Rogers Samuel(see Aug. 24, 2005)
Drummond, G P Living H Roos John
Dunlop J H Logan Geo Md Routh A J
Durie J S Lorenz G Routh C T
Durie J S Lyon T Routh E
Dyde, Sam
Rowe, A

Russell W F

Ryan Martin

Ryan, Carroll

August 24, 2005:
Samuel Rogers and Ben Huckell
I was just looking at the petition signed by various men of note on your website and saw my great- great- grandfathers name on there. He was Samuel Rogers, who was a Cabinetmaker / Undertaker in Ottawa at that time. His son was George Henry Rogers who ran the Rogers Funeral Home when he retired and Colonel Samuel Maynard Rogers, who was in the Northwest Rebellion and in the Boer War in Africa and was a Colonel of the Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa. Just thought I would help to identify someone else in your list for you. ... Hal Jenner ____________________ Hi Hal, thanks for the note. By wild coincidence, I have an excerpt from the Ottawa Daily Press regarding your gr-gr-grandfather. I'll let the newspaper story tell the tale below. The Ben Huckell also mentioned in the story was a grain merchant in Ottawa at the time. The article is from Wednesday January 21, 1874. I can send you the complete page (824) in pdf format if you are interested. One of Ben Huckell's son's served in the Northwest Rebellion as well (at age 15) and another son served in the Boer War, both as privates. The quotes attributed to both Sam and Ben in the article I take to be apocryphal, but funny nonetheless. ... Wes Cross

New February 1, 2016: This is further to my note from earlier today. You will find an interesting article at the following link, written by my Grandfather Collis John Bower Lewis about his recollection of the Richmond bank robbery of 1938. Enjoy! I can remember my grandmother taking me to Ottawa city hall when I was young and pointing to the list of Mayors on the wall in the lobby. The first was of course John Bower Lewis amd she was proud of the fact that we were descended from him. ... Brian Lewis ________________________ Hi Brian: Thanks very much for your two very interesting e-mails. Your pioneer ancestor, John Bower Lewis, was a prominent man in the early days of Ottawa. I believe that he started out in Richmond but later moved to South March and from there to Ottawa. You will see his property on the first map from 1879 on that page, labelled as "Estate of William Lewis", presumably his son. John Bower Lewis also owned the Klondike Hotel there, at the corners. This building may still be standing, although the area is under development these days. ... Allan Lewis

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