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These families married O'GRADYS.

John O'Grady and Hanora (Honora) Meara started my Canadian roots. Hanora
emigrated from Tipperary, Ireland to Canada in 1826 as a widow with
eight sons, several married; a ninth son died in Ireland. John (d. 1824)
is buried in Kilbarron, a parish near Nenagh in Tipperary.
This family immigrated to Fallowfield, Nepean Township, Carleton County.

Thanks to many generous contributors, I have the O'Grady lineage from
Fallowfield, several branches in Iowa and further descendants in Renfrew
County: in Hagarty Township, in Grattan Township and in Eganville. There
are more descendants in Northern Ontario and in Ottawa.

In addition to O'Gradys, I am searching for information on the following
1. the family of my maternal great, great grandmother Hanora Meara
(O'Meara?) 1778 - 1842;
2. the family of my paternal great grandmother, Margaret Spain(e) 1820 -
1894 (=Thomas O'Grady) of Fallowfield, Nepean;
3. the family of my paternal grandmother Mary Ann McMahon d. July 3,
1926 (=Thomas O'Grady)  of Fitzroy Harbour; (a Catherine McMahon of
Ferguslea, a different family than the Fitzroy McMahon, married John
James O'Grady.)
4. the family of William Costello 1807 - 1875 =Margaret Murphy 1811 -
1974 of Brudenell, my wife's maternal line.

Thomas was a favourite name in my ancestral line. Seven sons in Hagarty
each named a son "Thomas", and not always the third son. This practice
has led to some interesting genealogy work!

Searching one family name leads to the others. I hope to make some
contacts through UOVGEN to help with my search for

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E-Mail from Alexa Pritchard: I've been working on John O'Grady b 1757 and Honora Meara of Fallowfield in connection with Sgt. William Shea of the 41st Regiment. William had several daughters that married Murphy, McGinn, McCabe, Gormley, the boys married Kelly and Roane. By the time you get to his grandchildren you bring in Hanrahan, Brady, Fitzgerald, O'Meara, Spain, Tierney, Bradley, Mears, Hanratty, McKay, Crosby, and so on. A great proportion moved to Petersville Iowa in the 1850s. In 1898 when William's son John sold the home, on Shea Road, it was to the O'Gradys, who have owned it for over 100 years. Send E-Mail to Alexa Pritchard, Mary Dupuy and Al Lewis
September 9, 2001 Hello Al: Thank you for the leads -- these are two churches I have not tried as yet. As one of my Moran births took place in Fitzroy, it sounds promising. Also, in looking at your web site I found two connections in the O'Grady family tree. Although not in my direct line, two Moran brothers married two O'Grady sisters from Fallowfield. James Michael Austin Moran married Etta Celestine O'Grady and Lawrence Joseph Anthony Moran married Anna Eva O'Grady, on the same day, September 27, 1916, at St. Patrick's R.C. Church in Fallowfield. I found that quite interesting. Mary Dupuy Al Lewis wrote: Mary: You will find some of your surnames by using the search engine below. Enter a name (e.g. Moran) and then click "Find". I'm also researching some of these names and have some stuff here. Very early records, from the 1820's can be found at the "Mother Church" - Notre Dame Cathedral on Sussex Drive in Ottawa. Also at St. Michael's in Corkery (walking distance to Fitzroy). ... Al Lewis E-mail ag.lewis@sympatico.ca

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