Joseph BOYLE and Sarah TOBIN
County Wicklow, Ireland to Ottawa, Canada to Wisconsin, USA

Contributed by Douglas Hall
I have enclosed a copy of the 1895 obituaries for Joseph Boyle and Sarah
Tobin Boyle for your information.
I see that you are interested in the Burns surname.  Joseph and Sarah's
second son, Joseph T. Boyle married a Jessie Buhrns in Buffalo County
Wisconsin in 1889.
James Boyle, the fifth son of Joseph and Sarah, was my wife's great

Joseph Boyle was born in county Wicklow Ireland, sixty-nine years ago.
Living there until sixteen years of age, he emigrated to Quebec, Canada.  He
was married to Sarah Tobin, who survives him, at Ottawa, Ontario, August 21,
1854 and remained in Canada until 1867 when he brought his family to
Onalaska, where he has resided, the twenty-eight years, in the home he had
ready for his family upon arrival here.  He always followed the occupation
of lumberman and endured great hardships in it's operations especially while
in Canada, being away from home in those early days from eight to eleven
months at a time, subsisting on game and provisions conducted up the stream
by canoes.  Since coming to Onalaska he has been a foreman of lumber camps
and for many years boom-master on Black River at this point. Of late years
he has been in charge of interests at City Point and vicinity for the C. H.
Nichols Lumber Co.  He returned to his duties after spending a few days with
his family here, seemingly as well as ever and in excellent spirits.
He was taken sick one week ago Wednesday and brought home Monday July 22.
Physicians pronounced his sickness intermittent fever which continued to
grow worse until the end came Monday evening July 29th at 4:20 o'clock.  He
remained conscious until Sunday afternoon and died very easily when the end
came.  The funeral was held from the house at 8 o'clock yesterday morning
and from St. James church in La Crosse at 9 o'clock, Rev. Father Ritz
officiating.  The burial took place in the Catholic cemetery.  The Pall
bears were the Hon Frank Pooler, J. P. Gambert, Alderman D. L. Aitken, Capt.
F. I, Phelps, August Sauer, and ex-Mayor C. G. Hall.  The funeral was very
largely attended and well managed.
The deceased had thirteen children eleven of whom survive him and were able
to be present before he died, except his daughter Ella who had been at
Merrillan and arrived one hour after death had dealt the final summons.  His
surviving children are Joseph, Patrick of La Crosse, Mrs. Mary Francis of
Merrillan, William, James of St. Paul, Edward, Duncan, George, Ella, Sarah
and Charles.
The deceased has always been very highly esteemed and numbered everyone
among his friends.  Father Boyle will be greatly missed but will always be
pleasantly remembered by everyone.

Tuesday July 30, 1895
La Crosse Daily Press. p. 1
An Old Onalaska Citizen Passes Away-
Funeral at Nine Tomorrow
Joseph Boyle a citizen of Onalaska passed away yesterday morning, aged
seventy years.  He had been suffering form nervous disease for a long time
and finally became prostrated.
He leaves a wife and eleven children to mourn his loss.  Deceased was well
known in Onalaska and was a respected citizen of that place.
The funeral will take place for St. James church tomorrow morning at nine o'clock.

La Crosse Tribune, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Saturday July 29, 1905 p. 7
The death of Mrs. Sarah Boyle occurred last night at about 12:30 after an
illness of about two days.  She was 75 years old.
Mrs. Boyle was taken ill Friday, but as she had had sinking spells
occasionally her condition was not supposed to be serious.  Last evening she
again had a spell and the doctor was called, but she died a few hours after.
Death was due to gall stones, her age preventing an operation.
Mrs. Boyle was born in Ireland and upon arriving in America made her home in
Canada for about thirty years. after which she moved to the vicinity of
Onalaska where she lived for about thirty five years.  Last September she
came to the north side and since made her home with her daughter, Mrs.
Andrew Daley, 1528 Avon street where her death occurred.
Those who survive her are Joseph and Charles Boyle of Minneapolis, James of
Itaska, Wis., Mrs. George Francis of Maryland, Wis., Duncan Boyle of
Superior, Wis., George Boyle of Alleeds, S. D., Patrick Boyle of 1210
Caledonia Street.
The Funeral arrangements have not been completed but it will probably take
place next Monday from the St. James church.  William Dwyer is in charge.

La Crosse Tribune, La Crosse, Wis.
Monday July 31, 1905 p. 5
Mrs. Boyle Is At Rest
The funeral of Mrs. William Boyle who died Friday evening at the home of her
daughter, Mrs. Andrew Daly of 1528 Avon street, was held this morning at
nine o'clock from the St. James church at the corner of Caledonia and
Windsor streets, Rev. Father Capellan officiating and William Dwyer in
Mrs. Boyle was 75 years of age and a remarkable incident connected with the
funeral is that there were eight brothers and two daughters present.
A large number of friends attended the services at the church and followed t
he remains to their final resting  place in the Catholic cemetery.

(note:  The reference to Mrs "William" Boyle above is incorrect.  Sarah was
married to Joseph Boyle)

From Sawmills to Sunfish, A History of Onalaska, Wisconsin, USA by John and Joan
Dolbier, 1985
p. 30
Joseph Boyle and his wife Sarah (Tobin) Boyle, came to Onalaska, Wisconsin, USA, in the early
1850's from Canada.  Joseph was a foreman in the logging industry in Canada
and continued that work here in the pine forests.
(photo of Sarah Tobin Boyle)
Their home was on one-half of the block between Second and Green Streets.
The family included 13 children.  They were:  John, Mary Jo, Joseph,
Patrick, James, Anna, William, Edward, Helen, Duncan, George "LeRoy", Sarah,
and Charles.  These children all attended schools in Onalaska.
The Boyles must have been kind and generous people.  Besides their twelve
natural born children they adopted George "LeRoy" as an infant.  Their
daughter Anna (Fraynd), died in childbirth so they raised the infant, J.
Clyde Fraynd.  While their son Duncan was serving in the Spanish American
War, he befriended a young fatherless waif from Puerto Rico.  He brought the
foruteen-year-old youth named, Martin Cardero, home with him.  Mr. and Mrs
Boyle took him into their home
Submitted by Percy Boyle, son of Patrick Boyle
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November 11, 2008: Hi Al and Doug, Here is the Notre Dame Basilica marriage record for Joseph Boyle and Sarah Tobin. It took a bit of experimenting to find it, since it's recorded as Boylen. Joseph's mother was a Burns. ... Anne Burgess
Source: DROUIN records at
Anne has also located the baptism of their son, John (also at the Basilica), and also recorded as Boylen. Here's the baptism of a son, James Boyle in 1865, and also Edward Joseph Boylen, in 1869, Doug. The gfather for Edward Joseph was William Slattery, and there was a successful merchant by that name, operating in the ByWard Market (Bytown or Bust has a page on him: His second wife was Mary Handrick / Hendrick from Kennystown, Co. Wicklow. I don't see any records for the family after 1869. Joseph Boyle/Boylen doesn't seem to be in the index to the 1871 census. ... Anne
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