John and Jane MURRAY
from County Monaghan to Osgoode Township

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893
 August 10, 2001

Hello!  I have been searching for my gggrandparents John and Jane MURRAY
(or possibly even McMurray as it is rumoured that they may have
shortened their surname after coming to Canada) who emigrated from
County Monaghan in 1832 and supposedly settled in the Osgoode Station
area near Ottawa.  I believe they settled on land which was being
offered cheaply at that time to the suffering people from Ireland.  John
and Jane had 2 children when they emigrated, Christopher, age 2 and
Harold who died on the journey.  They had other children here in
Canada:  James, Joseph, Matthew, Thomas, and 3 girls (not sure of their
names).  I noticed a John Murray on your list of "Early settlers in
Goulbourn Township".  Would the time frame coincide and are all the
people on this list members of the 99th regiment?  Thanks for any help
that you may be able to provide me with.  
Mary Brohman, Kitchener.
Mary: The list of names contributed by Alexa Pritchard on the Goulbourn page contains names of the disbanded soldiers from the 99th Regiment. The list only includes privates, corporals and sargents. It does not include "officers". The amount of land granted to each individual depended on his military rank. You could contact the Goulbourn Museum by e-mail and see if they have further information on the John Murray who is included on Alexa's list. You could also e-mail Alexa who is the expert in this area. There was a family of MURRAYs who were in Osgoode Township. ... Al Lewis

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