Some Descendants of John KENNEDY and Margaret MANION
From County Tipperary, Ireland to Huntley Township, Ontario, Canada in 1822
also Michael COPPS and Ellen MANION
John Kennedy is possibly ML# 427 on the McCabe List

Posted by Patricia Frey
Surname: Kennedy, Manion, O'Donnell

Have very sketchy info on Lawrence Kennedy of Carleton County, Huntley Township. 
His father's name was John, mother's was Margaret (Margaret's last name was 
difficult to read on Lawrence's death certificate but I think it's Manion). Lawrence 
was born 5/7/1830 in Ontario and his second marriage was to Mary O'Donnell 
around 1877-1879. All I know of his first marriage is the names of two sons - Joseph 
and Hugh. If this is the correct Kennedy/Manion union, I have some info to share 
on the family of Lawrence following their settling in North Dakota in 1879. 

Posted by Mary Jane Moss

Dear Pat, I show John Kennedy m to Margaret Manion and the marriages 
of two of their sons: Edward to Mary Lindsay in 1860 and Andrew to Sarah 
O'Leary in 1867. The marriage record states that John was formerly of 
County Tipperary, Ireland. I have further descendents of these marriages. 
I also have Lawrence Kennedy married to Johanna O'Neil and the baptism 
of two children, Lawrence Peter in 1865 and William James in 1868. Is this
 the right time frame?
Two sons of my COPPS family moved to Walsh County, North Dakota in 1880.

November 24, 2002:
Note: The Copps family lived in Fitzroy Township and attended St. Michael's RC 
Church at Corkery.

Michael Copps was the original pioneer settler from Ireland. His son Michael Copps 
and his daughter-in-law, Ellen Manion, are buried at Deep River in Renfrew County.
The COPPS Stadium in Hamilton, Ontario is named after this family. There was a COPPS
who was the mayor. Sheilah Copps, Heritage Minister in the Liberal Government is a 

Hello Al Yes I remember visiting your site about 4 months ago in search for Kennedy. You were very limited on the information as I was when I started my research in Feb. 2000. I had to start with about 15 Kennedys existing and deceased. Today approximately 150 Kennedys with another 80 still to insert into my family pages. Names as Fogarty, Fallon, Costello, O'Grady, Taylor, Tierney, Brophy etc. I have been trying to get back to Ottawa since May, 2000 for some local visits of cemeteries and a lady decendent of the Tierney clan. She's about 80 and has a lot of stories on the Kennedys. Were you aware that the Kennedys were in Canada prior to the Peter Robinson group? They arrived around 1820 with the Manions from Ireland. Were you aware of the book on the Kennedys written by one of my relatives Desmond Kennedy who was descended from William Kennedy? Were you aware that Kennevale Street in Barrhaven was named after the Kennedy's in Nepean as it runs through the farm lands of James, William and Thomas's on concession 3. ...Taylor Kennedy
Peter Robinson Settler in 1825 - Ship "Regulus" KENNEDY John 29 Margaret 30 Ellen 10 Mary 6 Honorah 1 Origin: Kilbolane, Cork Location: lot 19, con 10, Huntley Township
From Taylor Kennedy: John Kennedy born about 1798, Tipperary, Ireland, married Margaret Manion circa 1823, born in Ireland 1798. The history of John comes from secondary sources as well as Beldens atlas of 1879 and Dr. Dunn’s history of St. Michaels Parish in Corkery, published in 1924. Dr. Dunn’s book gives his arrival as 1823. The census returns for Huntley 1851 to 1901 indicate that John Kennedy’s eldest son, Patrick was born in Ireland, The census and Patrick’s death certificate, gives various years of birth, the earliest being 1823, making it possible for John Kennedy to have arrived in Canada in 1822. The nominal role of the First Carleton Regiment of Militia, December 24, 1828, men aged 19-39 years, lists No.446, John Kennedy, age 22, living in Huntley. John Kennedy that came with Peter Robinson was 29. In his last will and testament, John leaves a lot of land to his sons describing the concessions and lots whereas nothing is referred to Lot 19, Concession 10. The witnesses for the Will were Patrick Egan, Joseph Jamison and ………….ROBERT BURNS. Six children, Patrick,Lawrence,John,Andrew,Edward,Catherine and maybe Mary. This data disqualifies this John from sailing on The Regulus 1825. ? Email Taylor Kennedy and Al Lewis
Taylor: This is fascinating stuff. I'm really interested in your map of the Nepean area. I began doing this but found it was too much work for me to add the farm locations from the 1879 map, so I just made a general map of Nepean. My daughter and her family live at Kennevale - thanks for the origin of the name. Things like this are important and not generally known. Similarly about the Kennedys and Manions being here before the Peter Robinson settlers. I think many of them are buried at the cemetery in South March. (St. Isadores Church). Maybe the idea for the Peter Robinson settlement was even conceived in our area. Maybe Capt. Burke put the idea into Peter Robinson's head. Who knows (yet!). Burke was a man of influence here. He was born Catholic but became Protestant in order to advance in the military. He is buried at St. Phillip's Church in Richmond. Is the Kennedy history book available for sale anywhere? I'd like to get a copy. (Note from Taylor: "The Kennedy book is not a book that was written for sale however the Nepean Historical Society has a copy there."). Thanks again for your input. I look forward to hearing from you. ... Al
Hi Al Seeing that you mentioned Potvin in your last e-mail, Andrew Edward Kennedy, born 1880, West Huntley, son of John Kennedy and Mary Kelly married Rosie Potvin 1911, in the parish of Saint Jean Baptiste in Ottawa who was the daughter of Samuel Potvin and Marie Anne Robert. John Kennedy born in 1830 is the son of John Kennedy and Margaret Manion of Huntley. Take care Taylor
More from Taylor: Hi Al I visited the information that you have posted regarding BEHAN, BROWN, FINNER & TEEVENS. I was especially interested in the witnesses who attended the funerals. As you'll see below how they are inter-related. Take care Taylor 1) Edward Kennedy [son of John Kennedy & Margaret Manion], married Mary Lindsey / Lindsay. In Edwards will, his sons, Joseph Parker, John Angus and James Edward were awarded horses and equipment but there was no mention of his married daughters Mary Behan and Emma Ryan. Mary Behan [ Kennedy ] daughter of Edward Kennedy & Mary Lindsay married Jeremiah Behan who is the son of Edward Behan and Ann McMahon Emma Ryan [ Kennedy ] daughter of Edward Kennedy & Mary Lindsey married Laurence Ryan son of John Ryan and Mary Gleeson / Gleason 2) Catherine Ann Kennedy [ daughter of John Kennedy & Margaret Manion ], married James Vaughan. One of their children, Edward Vaughan, married Julia Theresa Grace who is the daughter of Martin Grace and Bridget Devine . When Julia died, Edward married Frances Devine ( daughter of James Devine ). 3) Andrew Kennedy [ son of John Kennedy & Margaret Manion ], married Sarah O'Leary who is the daughter of ( Samuel O'Leary and Mary Conboy ). Their daughter Bridget Onaugh Kennedy married Francis "Frank" Richard Forrest who is the son of David Forrest and Ellen Foley ). ------------------- Lawrence Kennedy, son of John Kennedy and Margaret Manion is mentioned in the papers you have on your web site as one who was leaving with his herd on the train for North Dakota in 1879. Taylor
Here's more from Taylor (Jan. 8, 2001) 1 John Kennedy + Margaret Manion 2 Hugh Kennedy b.9 Sep. 1827 married Hanorah O'Grady , ( daughter of Michael O'Grady & Judith Darcy) then married Hanora O'Grady ( daughter of Henry O'Grady & Catherine Slattery) then married Catherine O'Malley ( daughter of Michael O'Malley & Margaret Hamnough ) 3 Son of Hugh and Hanorah O'Grady was Edward "Ned" Kennedy b. Aug. 11, 1876. He married Margaret Dixon Oct. 2, 1905 ( daughter of Michael Dixon & Bridget Conlon ) 4 Their daughter, Gertrude Agatha Kennedy, b. Aug. 16, 1918, married James Leo "Jimmy" Byrne who is the son of ( James Byrne & Mary Ann O'Heare ) O'HEARE could be AHEARN or O'HARE. Edward "Ned" Kennedy's sister Catherine Ann "Kate" Kennedy married Thomas Kennedy who was the son of ( Anthony Kennedy and Mary Ann Byrne ) -------- Sorry Al The last e-mail regarding Edward "Ned" Kennedy and his sister Catherine are children of Catherine O'Malley and not Hanorah O'Grady. Also Andrew Kennedy, Edward & Catherine's brother married Mabel Brown. Also John Angus Kennedy .. Taylor
May 17, 2002: Hi Al Here's a tombstone, Thomas Francis Kennedy and Lillian Whittaker, in St. Patrick's Church Cemetery on Jockvale.
Thomas Francis Kennedy is the son of Thomas Kennedy and Catherine Kennedy. Thomas Kennedy is the son of Anthony Kennedy and Mary Anne Byrne. Catherine Kennedy is the daughter of Hugh Kennedy and Catherine O'Malley, Hugh's 3rd wife. And Hugh is the son of John Kennedy and margaret Manion of Huntley Township.

September 4, 2014: Hello, My father-in-law was Raymond Patrick Kennedy, born 1914, died 1997 in Carleton Place, ON. His father I think was Joe. Joe's first wife (Ray's mother) died after having the first 11 (I think) children, after which he married her sister and had another 10 children. Some of Ray's siblings are John, Tillie (Matilda?), Joe, Gerald, and Leo. He was elderly when I met him, and many of his siblings were already deceased. My children are interested in the family history and I wondered if you have any info regarding this family. I've browsed through some of the Kennedy pages on your website but haven't found him. If you have any info I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks very much, Christina _____________________________ Hi Christina: Thanks for your e-mails. I believe that your Kennedy family may be descended from the original pioneer families, starting with John KENNEDY and Margaret MANION who came from County Tipperary in 1822. I am sending a copy of this e-mail, and also a copy of your previous e-mail to Taylor Kennedy whose Kennedy ancestors were early settlers in Nepean Township. Taylor has done a lot of work on these early families. Is it OK with you if I add your e-mails to our web site as a contact for other Kennedy researchers? Please let me know. I have the records of St. Michael's at Corkery from about 1836 to about 1900 and can do lookups for specific individuals. This was a close-knit community and all the families were friends and neighbours. You will have fun researching this area. It's great to be doing this for your kids! Both Taylor's Kennedy ancestors and your husbands' Kennedy ancestors settled about 10 miles apart. Both of their original homesteads are now included in the City of Ottawa. Thanks again, ... Allan Lewis __________________________ Hello Al, After searching for the past several hours, I've found the connection. Raymond's father Joseph Patrick Hugh Kennedy was married to first Maud Killeen, then to her sister Mary Killeen. Joseph was the son of John Kennedy and Mary Kelly. That John was the son of John Kennedy and Margaret Manion. So, I've gone back to your website and have found some very interesting reading! Thanks, Christina ______________________ Hello Al, Thank you for your email. Yes, please add my emails to your website. It would be very interesting to find out more. Do you know where in Co. Tipp that John Kennedy and Margaret Manion lived? I live in Co. Mayo, so I could go to Tipperary and research the old church records, which could give us more information about their families. Thanks so much, Christina _________________________ Hi Christina: I've just had a look through some old records here from the 1820's and have found some material regarding the place of origin in County Tipperary for both your Kennedy and Manion families. It's interesting material and I'll add it to this page tomorrow. ... Al

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