Some Descendants of John HOGAN and Ellen BROOKS

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893
	1  	John Hogan	1833 - 1905
..		+Ellen Brooks	1833 - 1893
.......	2  	Michael Hogan	1862 - 1919
.......	2  	Bertha E. Hogan (nee CHRISTOPHER) 1879 - 1935

Here are some early HOGAN births in Huntley and Ramsay Townships: (Child's name, Father, Mother, Date of Birth) Chile Father Mother DOB Hogan, Anne Hogan, Edward Sheahan, Bridget 8/18/1847 Hogan, Bridget Hogan, James Hogan, Bridget 9/1/1846 Hogan, Catharine Hogan, Edward Sheahan, Bridget 3/4/1842 Hogan, Catherine Hogan, James McGrath, Bridget 11/1/1848 Hogan, Charles James Hogan, Denis Devlin, Mary 12/1/1881 Hogan, Jno Hogan, Patrick Cooney, Mary 6/19/1866 Hogan, Jno Hogan, Patrick Moran, Sarah 5/27/1868 Hogan, John Leo Hogan, Dennis Devlin, Mary 9/18/1888 Hogan, Judith Hogan, Thomas Feehy, Mary 6/5/1842 Hogan, Marcella Mary Hogan, Thomas Dubrielle, Elen Mary 11/20/1899 Hogan, Margaret Hogan, John Moran, Marsella 1/15/1846 Hogan, Martha Hogan, Patrick Cooney, Mary 7/19/1871 Hogan, Martha Hogan, Patrick Cooney, Mary 12/17/1859 Hogan, Mary Hogan, Hugh Seamer, Judith 7/20/1850 Hogan, Mary Hogan, John Moran, Marcella 2/12/1843 Hogan, Mary Hogan, Patrick Cooney, Mary 10/31/1858 Hogan, Mary Hogan, Patrick Cooney, Mary 1/1/1865 Hogan, Mary Hogan, Thomas Feeley, Mary 4/4/1845 Hogan, Mary Elizabeth Hogan, Denis Devlin, Mary 12/1/1881 Hogan, Michael Hogan, Jno Ahearn, Ellen 3/1/1864 Hogan, Patrick Hogan, Jno Ahearn, Ellen 3/20/1865 Hogan, Patrick Hogan, Patrick Lynch, Mary 2/4/1866 Hogan, Patrick Hogan, Patrick Mooney, Mary 11/2/1868 Hogan, Patrick Alonzo Hogan, Dennis Doolin, Mary 11/19/1885 Hogan, Terrence Hogan, Edmond Shehan, Bridget 6/30/1845 Hogan, William Hogan, Hugh Seymour, Judith 1/18/1851 Hogan, William Hogan, Patrick Lynch, Mary 8/15/1863

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