James Henry BURNS and Elizabeth HARNEY
also Lawrence BURNS and Bridget Ann McCABE
(James and Lawrence were brothers of my Grandfather, John George BURNS ... Al)

Hi Al,
I think we are each other's missing link in our search for our family tree! 
Unbelievable!. I have notes from my Grandma Agnes Burns Larose, she was the 
daughter of James H. Burns and Elizabeth Harney. She died last June at age 94 
with 116 descendents!!! Her memory also was as sharp as a tack and I spent a 
lot of days talking with her. i think my uncle has a picture of Larry Burns 
the trapper (see below).
    Anyway you must be from the Bill Burns family of 7 boys and 7 girls. - 14 
kids, geez. I'm from the James H. Burns family of 11 kids. No wonder we're 
Actually I'm from the John GEORGE Burns (brother of Bill) family...Al

    This is what I've been told or have from notes. So I don't know how 
accurate this information is. Some names and spellings don't match yours... 
Bill's children were:
    1. Jim Burns married to a Catherine Jordan who was called Katie Ann. They 
had no children. (Tombstone incorrectly says Catherine GORDON, 
but I believe Jordan is correct, from next door - Conc.3, Lot 12 ...Al)
    2. Mickey Burns  was married to Mary Sullivan and lived near Manotick Station.
Their three children were Lillie, Willie and Myrtle. Lillie married 
Patrick J. Harney (son of William Harney)
   3. Billy married Annie Sullivan
   4. Tommie married a Charles
   5. Danny married a Charles (brothers married sisters - the Charles girls were  
    from England and were British Home Children.)
   6. George married a Healy or Kealey (can't read the writing)
   7. Mary lived in West Lake (Where is West Lake?)
   8. Lizzie married Tom Starr
   9. Katie married Louie Mariville??? (Mainville ???)
  10. Maggie married William Carney / Kearney
  11. Annie married a Rhodes
 12. Sarah married Davey (not sure if first name or surname)- Probably a surname,
       a descendant of Edward Davey who came to Gloucester Township from County Tipperary)
 13. Tessie married Ambrose McCabe  
 14. Tim Burns who married Annie Kennedy
James Burns (1833-1908) married Ann Robb b. 1846 from Scotland.
 (Tombstone says 1840-1907, but 1833-1907 is more like it - James was the eldest son)
Their 11 children were:
    Jane or Jenny
    Ellen (who was called Nellie)
    Lottie (Charlotte or Loretta?)
    Ethel (died young, I think she drowned in the creek on the farm)
    George (John George .. my Grandfather ... Al) married Catherine THERESA CHRISTOPHER
    James Henry who married Elizabeth Harney, daughter of Patrick Harney Jr. 
and Ann Downey of South Gloucester. Patrick was a farmer and first postmaster 
of the Waller Post Office in Osgoode (now Gough Road near the defunct railway tracks)
from 1877 to 1908. James H. jr. also was a mounted Royal canadian police officer.

Do you live in Ottawa? I'm from outside of Detroit, USA where 
James H. and Elizabeth and clan immigrated in 1923.

Valerie Olander 
Hi Valerie:

OK, I have only about a million questions for you.

To start with, there's a picture of the tombstone of James Burns and Annie
Robb on my web site. They are my GGrandparents. At the bottom of the
tombstone is inscribed "Erected by James H. Burns". This would presumably be
your James H. Burns.

I gotta take some time and go through my file again - there are so many
James, Williams and Lawrences!

Hopefully, together we can sort them all out.

Do you know from where in Ireland the Burns came? I've been trying to find
out for a long time. (County Wicklow ! )

Yes, I'm in Ottawa and have visited the farms and cemeteries where all the
Burns were in the 1800's.
The farm house of James Burns and Annie Robb is still being lived in. It was built
around 1843 and now is covered by 14 layers of siding. There are more Burns 
in the cemetery at South Gloucester than any other name.

This will be fun.

... Al
Hi Valerie:

Great pictures! Thanks for them and also for the obit for James Burns.
They were a good-looking couple.

Just so I don't get mixed up any more - the picture and obit are of James
Henry Burns, son of James Burns and Ann Robb, right?
I think my mom said that another son, Terry, was also a street car conductor 
in Ottawa. He drove the last street car off the streets of Ottawa c. 1952.
Terry apparently lived on Somerset Street in the 1940's.

I'm attaching a map showing the location of the Harney farms. There were two
adjacent (this was in 1879), 150 acres of William's and 50 acres of
There is a better map here which shows the Waller Post Office on the Harney
When my scanner is working again, I'll send it to you.

Still trying to sort out some stuff (also on the Harney's) for you. By the
way, which Larry was the trapper?

... Al

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> hopefully these will turn out. If you have a photo of the James Burns-Ann
> robb house I'd love to see it. Do you know if the Harney house is still
there on Concession 2, lot 5 I think its off of Manotick Station Road.
See posting dated March 1, 2011, below.
> My mom returns from Florida monday. She's going to love this!

Valerie: (snip) .... I think most of the drownings occurred in the spring runoff. That's the only time of year that the water is at all deep. I remember my mom telling me that for a week or so every April, her dad was unable to drive the kids to school "with the horse with the buggy behind" because the water covered the road. I showed her the picture of James Burns and Elizabeth Harney. She remembers that her dad had a brother named James who went to Detroit. Terrence, James' brother was a streetcar operator in Ottawa and lived on Louisa Street. . Unfortunately, she doesn't remember a lot. The family moved to Ottawa when she was about 6. She did not know that Larry was a trapper, but she does remember that he lived in the North for parts of the year. Thanks for the following picture of Larry. Al: I also found in my Grandma's notes the names of Laurence Burns and Bridget McCabe's kids: 1) Mary (m/ Lippman died Ottawa 1966) 2) John 3) Jim 4) Edward 5) Veronica 6) Evelyn 7) Douglas 8) Herbert 9) Cecie or Cecil 10) Kenneth My mom has the deed for the Kilfoyle property! (Guilfoile, later moved to the Gatineau). She also is trying to dig up a photo of your Grandfather George with brothers, William and Terrence together in Detroit. It was taken when they came for James H's funeral in 1948. She said she remembered Uncle George!. Sounded like she got a kick out of all three of them. She would have been about 14 at the time. She said she thought one worked for the railroad, one was a policeman and the other on the trollies. (By the way, i thought Larry the trapper resembled the picture of George on your web site.) Val

March 2, 2001: Hi Val: First, here's what I found out about the Pokey Moonshine Settlement. It was what is today the village of Manotick Station. There was a train station there from about 1855 onwards and a store (maybe two). Someone had a whiskey still back in the bush, along the railway track. Since it was illegal to sell liquor, an ongoing raffle was set up, the winner of the "raffle" got a bottle of liquor. It seems that everyone who bought a raffle ticket was a winner of a bottle. Just when I was beginning to think that our ancestors were boring, they seem to have had some interesting things going on in the neighbourhood. Regarding Ann Robb: When you first mentioned a connection to the Campbell clan, I thought you meant from hundreds of years ago, her family had been connected to the Campbell Clan in Scotland. Do you think she was related to the Campbell families of Osgoode Township? It never occurred to me. I've often wondered if she came to Canada on her own, possibly to Robb relatives in Ottawa, if she had any here. In the 1901 census, she says that she came to Canada in 1879. My grandfather was born in 1880, so I always assumed that he was the oldest child. When was James H. Burns born? I can't read his age at the time of the "Big Fight", ( a bare-knuckled boxing match held in 1893 in the field of James O'Leary on the River Road) although it says Lawrence Sutton was 23. It's really hard to figure out the ages from the census (you'll see when I get it all together for you. There are many records on the family at Our Lady of the Visitation (was St. Mary's). Unfortunately it was about three years ago when I looked at them and didn't really know what I was looking for back then. I'm going over to Osgoode Township this weekend and will bring my camera and look for the Harney farmhouse and post office. The Kilfoyle houses are apparently not still there (new houses have been built in the area). Mary Kilfoil / Guilfoyle was murdered c. 1926. Talk to you soon. I think if we can find out more about Ann Robb's movements it will help a lot. There's a museum on the Quebec side which I'll try to visit in the spring. There's a new retirement building which has 350 acres attached to it, to be developed. I think most of this land once belonged to our many Burns ancestors. I got a picture of the old log house where , I think, James Burns and Elizabeth Walsh lived. The roof has fallen in and it's sad looking now. However, the house next door, lived in by James Burns and Ann Robb is in good shape, although the logs have been covered with siding. I'll be sending you pictures of these also. ... Al ----- Original Message ----- From: To: Sent: Thursday, March 01, 2001 11:33 AM Subject: Re: Lane/ leville > Hi Al, > I was wondering if you have anything on Ann Robb and the connection to > the Campbells. I'm assuming there is no information on them on your web site > because of the books available on the Campbells through the Osgoode > historical society. There's so many of them I think four volumes available. > Should I order all four or are they different families? > Also wondering if you heard anymore about what the Pokey moonshine > settlement was all about. > Thanks > Val
May 3, 2005: Hi, Mr.Lewis. My name is Patricia Flynn Jenkins. I found your site delightful, and I learned a lot. It was lovely to see pictures of my greatgrandparents, James and Elizabeth (Harney) Burns, Loretta Burns, my grandmother, was one of their children, I remember Elizabeth, as a small child, but never got the chance to see my greatgrandfather. Loretta married a Dennis Flynn, produced 2 sons, Gerald and Ronald. There is an old photo of some of our Burns and a young Flynn teenager in Hastings County. Gerald was born in 1928 and he passed on in Feb.1987. He married Annabelle Valocik, they produced 4 girls. Now, we have 9 children total. My husband and I now reside in South Carolina, USA. I remember the Burns side of the family, Agnes, Olive etc... Well, it was nice seeing your site, and I will check back to see if anything new is added. ... Patricia Flynn Jenkins. _______________________ Hi Patricia: Nice to meet a new cousin! Val Olander (whom I'd never met and who lives in Michigan) contacted me through the web site and she and her mom then made a trip to Ottawa. We looked up the old churches and farms, etc. of the Burns and Harney families. The original Burns homestead is still standing. It was built in 1843 by James's grandfather father, Lawrence Burns (1805 to 1879). When we were there, a young couple were doing some renovations and we counted 14 layers of siding over the original log house. Again, thanks for your e-mail. Do you mind if I add your e-mail to the James Henry Burns page as a contact for other researchers? By the way, were your Flynn ancestors also from the same neighbourhood in Osgoode Township? I have some info regarding an early Flynn family here. The Flynn family often show up in church records here as witnesses, Godparents, etc. of both my BURNS and CHRISTOPHER ancestors. ... Al __________________________ Hi Mr.Lewis, I got your email. Go ahead and add my info. to your site. I don't know a lot about the Flynn family, but Im doing a lot of checking. I will email you and give you more on them. I do have some info. I know that they lived on a farm in Erinsville (north of Napanee, Ontario) and had a large family, Mic, Mary, parents, Stella, Jack,Dennis, Lilly, Patricia, Mike and Anthony, the twins, I've got a family pic. of them on their farm and a pic of the twins, as young boys and of them in about their late 60s. The twins lived on the family farm well into old age, I also heard that their sister, Stella stayed on the farm, also have pic. of one more sister, I think her name was Margaret, She moved to Michigan, USA and had a family, I still hear from my great aunt Joe, she resides in Canada, she was one of James Burns 5 children, She married a Robert Hopper , had 5 children. Aunt Joe is still as sharp as a tack, she must be close to 90. I will correct their names as best I can. Nice to hear from you. ... Patricia.
May 7, 2005:
Thanks to Patricia for this picture. James Burns and Elizabeth (Harney) Burns with grandson Ronald Flynn (Loretta Burns' son)

February 18, 2009: We have two new Burns researchers of the descendants of Lawrence Burns and Margaret Doyle: Here is Lawrence Burns (Larry the Trapper) as an older man: Larry Burns (Larry the Trapper) I have group photos of Grandma and her 10 children taken near the end of WWII. By then Grandma is looking pretty old and the youngest child (Ken) was certainly no younger than his late teens. As you can see Grandpa Larry was literally out of the picture. By that time they were living somewhere in Sandy Hill (Ottawa). Someone (Grandma or my Father) mentioned at least once how her father (Patrick McCabe) would walk in from Manotick to chop wood for her. I'm sure the kids did most of the chopping, because in those days six year old's chopped wood. Grandma still had an Irish accent, and many times as a toddler she rocked me in her rocking chair while singing Irish lullabies (Too-a-loo-a-loo-a, Galway Bay). She died sometime in the early 60's, and was buried at Beechwood Cemetery (I think). ... Gerald Michael Burns _______________________________ and thanks to Michael Daley for the following information regarding the McCabe family of Osgoode Township: Hi Al , I used to hear my grandfather talk about the McCabes. the 1901 census there near neighbours, are Burns, Herbert, etc. The census reads: Patrick ,m head m. born Oct 20,1840 age 60 Ont. F. labour Irish R.C. Elizabeth (Davey), wife. M. Born Dec 8, 1848 age 52 Ontario irish R.C. Edward Son, Single bor. April 10. 1879 Ontario age 22, Ontario F. Labour Thomas son single born Feb.19, 1882 age 19 Ontario F. Labour Ambrose son single born aug 10 1883 age 17 Ontario F. Labour Thomas brother single born May 14 1830 age 70 IRELAND IMG. 1842 Bryan Nelly f. Lodger single born June 18, 1890 age 10 , Ontario (Ellen O'Brien?) In 1879 Patrick and Thomas were situated on the south end of Tobin Island, that is on lot 26 con . V in Snake Island. there are some homes on that property , it is now called Devereaux road where the McCabes were . hopes this helps ... Michael Daley ___________________________ And here's a picture of the Lawrence Burns family during World War II. Bridget-Ann McCabe is second from the right, bottom row. Larry Burns and Bridget McCabe's Family in WW2
March 4, 2009: Gary Burns here, I thought this photo might be of interest to you. It's from St Pat's church in downtown Ottawa. Men from the parish in ww2. My dad and uncle are on the list. My niece who's in high school sent it to me. It's just so wonderful to think that there are young ones ready to take over the hunt. Gary Volunteers for World War 2 from St. Patrick's Basilica, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Burns men on the above commemoration list: James Burns, Kenneth Burns, Robert Burns, Douglas Burns, Lawrence Burns and G.H. Burns. Two of my uncles, Ernest (Ernie) Burns, and his brother, Donald James Burns also served in WW2. They were in separate units but met up in Italy in 1945 by co-incidence. My grandmother sent money to them to go and see the Pope. Question: Did they go ??? ... Al ____________________________________ also posted on March 4, 2009, from Vicki Burns: Hi there, Just discovered your site today - it's a lot to take in! My grandparents were Annie Robb and James Burns. My father was the son of William Ewart Burns. I have William's dates as 1890 - 1965. I know he was alive when I was born. My dad is interested in finding anything connected to his mother, Catherine Wrynn, who died when he was 12. We don't have a single photo of her, which is why I was doing some research and found your site. I wonder if anyone out there has photos of Burns family gatherings in the 20's and 30's that she might be in. I was just reminiscing with dad about all of his aunts and uncles the other day - he came up with nine but I didn't know there were more! Do you have this all laid out in a visual way in a family tree anywhere? Thanks for all of your hard work and research, Vicki Burns
January 25, 2010: Here's a newspaper article about James Henry Burns and his epic fight with Lawrence Sutton.
Source: Ottawa Citizen Archives James Burns / Lawrence Sutton Fight, c. 1893 To read the complete article, visit the Ottawa Citizen for March 10, 1928.
Also, here's an interesting e-mail from Terry Byrne, regarding the above roll of soldiers from St. Patrick's Basilica: I took two years off of genealogy and am now back to it. Here is some information that may be useful In many churches there are plaques commemorating those who volunteered to serve in WW11 like the one you have on your site for St. Patrick's church. What some people may not know is that the person who did the caligraphy on these plaques was A. J. Casson from the Group of Seven. His name appears at the very bottom of the plaque in very small letters but still visible. I went to the Archives to verify it was one and the same, and their best opinion is that it is the same A. J Casson. ... Terry Byrne
February 10, 2011: New e-mail address for Vicki Burns is vburns@bell.net (incorporated in the list below).
March 1, 2011: Hi Al, Please find attached a picture of the Harney homestead, Lot 5, Conc. 2, Osgoode Twp. ... David Nolan
Picture Source: Thanks to David Nolan Harney Homestead in Osgoode Township

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