John FORAN and Mary RYAN
County Waterford, Ireland to South Gloucester, Ottawa, Canada)

John's Father (John FOORIN) is ML# 510 on the McCabe List
also Michael MURRAY ML# 141 on the McCabe List
and Nicholas BURKE ML# 510 on the McCabe List

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893
	1  	John Foran	1835 - 1901
..		+ Mary Ryan	1839 - 1920
.......	2  	John Foran	1861 -
.......	2  	Mary (Polly) Ann Foran	1863 - 1940
...........		+Martin Cahill	
.......	2  	Michael Foran	1864 -
...........		+Bridget Dunlap / Dunlop	
.......	2  	Honnorah Foran	1866 -
...........		+Charles McConvill	
.......	2  	Bridget Foran	1868 -
...........		+William Ackland	
.......	2  	William Foran	1869 - 1940
...........		+ Mary Powers	1872 - 1952
................	3  	Edna Foran	1900 - 1982
....................		+ Michael Quinn	1897 - 1971
.......	2  	Patrick Foran	1870 -
...........		+ Jennie Shaw	
.......	2  	Mary Ellen Foran	1872 -
...........		+ Joseph Villeneuve	
.......	2  	Agnes Foran	1873 -
...........		+ John Kelly	
.......	2  	Margaret Foran	1875 -
...........		+ Jack McMullen	
.......	2  	Elizabeth Foran	1877 -
...........		+ Obby Baxter	
.......	2  	Mary Theresa Foran	1879 -
...........		+ Thomas Swain	
.......	2  	Mary Clarenda Foran	1883 -
...........		+ Leonard Kelly	
December 20, 2005:
Thanks to Mary Quinn for this picture: Foran Sisters
... Mary Keywords: Lizzie Foran, Mary McGee, Maggie Foran, Minnie Foran, Thomas Daley, Ellen Hughes, Terrance McGee, Patrick McGee, Mary Daley, Thomas and Mary and Minnie Powers. ________________________ Mary and Michael: I've just been going through some stuff. The original John Foran (married to Ellen Burke) came from the same parish in County Waterford as James POWER, Morris FOLEY and Morris LANDRIGAN. What's more, on the McCabe List, they all gave George Flynn, Esquire, to vouch for their character as good settlers in Canada. My GGGrandfather, Patrick CHRISTOPHER came from the same area and his first wife was Catherine LANDRIGAN. There were other South Gloucester area folks who came from County Waterford as well, for example the Terry family. These families maybe all knew each other back in Ireland and became neighbours again in Canada. ... Al
January 20, 2006: Thanks to Mary Quinn for the following:
According to my grandmother, Edna Foran Quinn, the Foran's emigrated from County Cork Ireland. I know that the McCabe list (1829) states that John Foran (who would be my Great, Great, Great Grandfather) has a brother-in-law ~ Nicholas Burke ~ in County Waterford, however the 1851 census says that Ellen Burke was born in Canada. The fact the Forans came from Cork is a memory of mine that comes from the day when Mike Daley interviewed my Grandmother in 1970 and I was a young girl, twelve years of age, sitting listening and of course, asking questions. I remember laughing at the name of the County ~ Cork!! Not so funny now but back then I thought it was a hilarious name. She also told us that John Foran emigrated with his parents but they both died on the journey and he was a young boy of 15 or 16 years of age in Canada with no family. I believe she said the Foran's came with the Powers and through my research over the past many years the Foran's and the Power's families do seem to be close. They are sponsors at each other children's baptisms and are witnesses at each other's weddings and funerals. I also know that at one time my Grandmother received a call from the Billings estate. John Foran's name appeared in some of Braddish Billings papers. I am unsure of the exact year that he would have emigrated however by 1829 he is already married to Ellen Burke. I have not been able to find anything on Ellen. Was she a daughter of one of the Burke's from the Richmond military settlement? The early Notre Dame records show a William Burke with ties to South Gloucester people ~ was this her father or possibly a brother? Much more research needs to be done in this area. The 1851 census shows John Foran and Ellen Burke's children to be: 1) Nicholas Foran - born in Canada in approximately 1829 and died in 1903 ~ married Alice Daley (1827-1900) and had, at least, 9 children. Some of the descendants of Nicholas ended up in the Toronto area. Nicholas farmed on 100 acres of the original farm (Lot 21, Concession 3, Rideau Front Gloucester Township, County Carleton). 2) Hannorah Foran - does not appear in the household in the 1851 census, however, church records show: John Murray, son of Michael Murray and Margaret Phelen married Hanora Foran daughter of John Foran and Ellen Burke Oct 7, 1850 at Our Lady of the Visitation Church, South Gloucester. We do not know her birth date (approximately 1830) but I am guessing she may have been the second oldest child, but it is possible that she was the first-born. John Murray was a farmer in the area. Hannorah and John Murray had four children: Michael, John, Margaret and Eline. Hannorah died in 1861, at a young age ~ approximately 30. John Murray remarried Mary Thompson daughter of Alexander Thompson and Eleanora Casserly. John Murray and Mary Thompson had many other children. 3) William Foran - born in Canada in approximately 1831. He writes home from Philips, Wisconsin, USA in 1886 and says he expects to live the balance of his days in Wisconsin. He got into some sort of trouble and left home ~ his sister Ellen advises John, his brother, in one of the letters she writes home "you will be surprised to know that I have met with William. William and his wife and child came to Kingston to see me before I left there and he told me all about his trouble and leaving home…. I am sorry for his trouble but I hope he will do well". If I had to guess I suggest that William may have impregnated his wife prior to their marriage... but this is just a guess on my part. 4) John Foran (my Great, Great Grandfather) - born in Canada in approximately 1833 and died in 1901. He married Mary Ryan ~ daughter of Bridget (unsure of her maiden name) and Michael Ryan. John Foran and Mary Ryan had 13 children (the sixth was William Foran, my Great Grandfather). We can get impressions about John Foran from the letters that were found in the Foran ancestral home. He and his brothers and sisters were literate (letters dated from 1866-1892). Many people could not even sign their names at this point in history (marked by and X), however this family was corresponding by letter with each other. Receipts in the attic show that they received the local paper, The Free Press, regularly. They established a school on their property in 1881 (The Bogtown School) and John continued on as a trustee, as did Nicholas, John's older brother. John seemed to be a very trustworthy person. Two people who travel far away (Mrs. Ellen Burke and Patrick Murray) have John taking care of their interests in a local farm ~ entrusting him to rent it out etc. Ann (Slatterly) Ryan (married to John Foran's brother-in-law ~ Johnny Ryan) writes to John Foran to try to get him to get Johnny to settle down and stop running all over the countryside avoiding his husband duties. John Foran was fun-loving as he and Patrick Murray seem to joke regarding Patrick trying to find a wife. He helped to take care of his Mother-In-Law (Bridget Ryan) and seemed to be the center of his extended family ~ his brothers and sister write to him asking about the other siblings. His sister Ellen writes about "it would bring back the happy hours that we have had to be together once more dear brother". They seem to have been a close bunch. John farmed on 100 acres of the original farm (the west part of the farm which is where the original homestead of the family was located ~ Uncle Carl Quinn's farm of today). Although John Foran seems to have lived so long ago, remember he did not die until 1901. He would have been alive when Edna Foran Quinn (my Grandmother) was born in 1900. One generation links to the next! 5) Michael Foran - born in Canada in approximately 1834. Michael seems to be the one who travels the world. From letters written home we can see that there was no contact for quite some time. He writes home asking about his sister Ellen in 1889 yet Ellen passed away in 1880. He writes home from Dun County, West Cousin Wisconsin in 1867 and again from Washburn, Wisconsin in 1889. He worked in camps getting out ties, "bene to Idiho - toitey to years and I have made a bout to thousand dolers and have bene robed of won thousand my com rade and my self and to more got slot i have traveld the south all over purtey ner soe now be fore i shal travel any more i shal goe to si yous wonse more i have traveld all over this world and made to fortunes but I am alive. Thank God for it". We have no information that indicates Michael ever married or had children but this link needs to be researched further before we could say for sure. 6) Ellen Foran - born in Canada approximately 1841. Ellen travels from Kingston, Ontario to Watertown, New York to Fredonia, New York to Titusville, Pennsylvania to Bradford, Pennsylvania. She met E.J. Huntley in Fredonia, New York and was married to him in 1871 and moved to Titusville, Pennsylvania. They had a five-year-old daughter who died in May 1877 (born approximately 1872). In the spring of 1876 Ellen and EJ Huntley moved to Bradford, Pennsylvania. In August 1876 Ellen and EJ Huntley had their second daughter. Ellen had a tumor and was operated on but she died in 1880 in Bradford Pennsylvania. We have a picture of Ellen which she sent home in 1867 (enclosed in this letter you will find a photagraph of mine which I suppose you would like to see. It is not a very good one but I was a rather a sober looking face but I thought I should send it to you now as I will expect yours) and we have her death notice which appeared in the Bradford, Pennsylvania newspaper in 1880 (her husband EJ Huntley sent it home with his letter of Dec 17, 1880 "I will give you the circumstances of Nellie's death…") During her travels, prior to her marriage she worked making "two dollars a week since last New Years. It is quite a change between 4 dollars a month" in a letter dated June 21, 1867. She was thinking of going west at one point. Perhaps she would have gone to Wisconsin to be with her two brothers but instead she met EJ Huntley in approximately 1869. We know a fair bit about this family considering the fact that they were all born in the late 1820s and 1830s. It is possible that there are a few more members of John Foran and Ellen Burke's family. We have linked Hannorah into this family from church records. We know of two other marriages or couples that had children, which were found in Our Lady of the Visitation records however, further research must be conducted to positively link them to this family. These records include: Thomas Foran who is married to Margaret Murray and Joseph Foran married to Rosalie Papin and they had at least one son Joseph born 1857. There is a Thomas Foran who shows up in Montcerf, Maniwaki papers who I suspect is the above Thomas and a son of John Foran and Ellen Burke due to families from South Gloucester re-locating to the Maniwaki area and the fact that he married a Murray (so did Hannorah and the Forans and Murrays were neighbours in the Bowesville area). ... Mary Quinn
February 25, 2006: Mary has sent in some interesting old letters written by the Foran and Quinn families. They are located on our page at
February 14, 2007: Dear Mary Quinn and Mr. Lewis of "Bytown or Bust": I have just finished reading the "Bytown or Bust" information on the Forans and Mary Quinn's transcribed letters. Michael Daley, thank you for putting me on to them. What a gem of a find for those of us working on the Foran and Murray's of the Osgoode area. I am a descendent of the Michael Murry and Margaret Phelan line and the John Foran and Ellen Burke line.( gg grandparents). John Murry (son of Michael) married Honora Foran (daughter of John Foran and Ellen Burke). My maiden name is Patricia Murray. I have been researching these families for several years, based on information from the McCabe list and my own family history. Forans. I have visited Mothel, the townland in County Waterford, where the Forans were said to come from. There are still Forans in the area. though I have not made any direct connections between them and our immigrant ancestors. There are many Powers there as well. The Powers were a prominent family and there is probably a history written about them somewhere. In a local history of the area, which included a list of cemeteries, I discovered the headstone of a Thomas Foarin "who departed life 1736 age 50; also Honora Power", whom I presume to be his wife. I think these are likely ancestors. Honora is a name that was passed on down to most recently to my aunt who was named Norah. It is interesting to note that Nicholas Burke is listed in the McCabe list (ML# 510) as a brother-in law to John Foran, Ellen's Burke's brother, and the name Nicholas turns up in the Foran family in Canada. Murray / Murrys John Murray, son of Michael and Margaret Phelan, married Honora Foran. Honora died and his second wife was Mary Thompson. I am descended from the John Murray and Honora Foran through John their son, known to the family as Jack. I have records from the the parish in Gowran, Kilkenny, where they are from, that establish Michael's parents and siblings. We could not connect with any Murray's when we were there. The Cork vs Waterford issue may be simply a case of where they left from, ie: Cork, being the port of embarkation and not where they actually lived. My grandmother did the same thing. Manchester /Liverpool area. was referenced in her prayer book. Liverpool was the nearest port. The family actually lived in Cleator Moor, Cumbria , northeast England. I would love to have any more information and copies of pictures. We recently had Michael Murry's tombstone repaired at Our Lady of Visitation Church Cemetery. It was erected by his son Patrick Murray, our bachelor, fun loving, gad about. Letters bring life to these people. All of this information has added a lot to my research. I have no information on "Ann Murray" married to John Tierney but will keep an eye out for you. Just to complicate matters........ I didn't mention in my e-mail that the Murray / Murry of Osgoode ( my grandfather) married an Ellen Murray from the Gatineau, the Martindale / Low area. The two Murray families we assume were unrelated. There maybe an Ann Murray tied into that Murray family. The Murray's of Osgoode started out with an Murry spelling in Kilkenney.Ireland As to the gravestone at Our Lady Of Visitation Church Cemetery. I had it repaired, a couple of years ago. Patrick Murray, referenced in the letters as writing from Newfoundland ,( the roving bachelor) had it erected. By the way, Michael Murray had two wives, the first was Margaret Phelan (also spelled Whelan in some records, my ancestors) and Patrick's parents. The second wife was Margaret Gallager / Gallagher. The inscription reads MICHAEL MURRAY Who died Feb 10,1864 Aged 74 years A Native of County Kilkenney Ireland Also his wife MARY GALLAGER Died June 25 1861 Aged 54 years This has been erected by Patrick son of the former and stepson of the latter as a memory of his Fillial Attachment. May God have mercy on their Souls Amen I am currenty writing all this up and it should be finished in a couple of months. We get up to Ottawa fairly frequently and I would love to meet anyone working on these families. Thank you Pat Fuller (nee Murray) ______________________________ Hello all - I have not been checking my emails as often as I should but was pleasantly surprised tonight to find all this terrific information regarding the Forans and Burkes. I would love to share information regarding these families. I have more letters that were written by Patrick Murray in Newfoundland and were sent to South Gloucester to John Foran. I'll dig up my electronic copies and forward. I'd very much like to get together to share information next time you are in Ottawa. I have a fair amount about various South Gloucester families. I also have a fairly detailed tree on the Forans and would gladly share. Have you been able to find out anything about Ellen Burke (John Forans wife)? I have not been able to find out anything about her. I have a lot of Foran family pictures as well. p.s. - Mike - yes I am still into history - don't have as much time as I'd like to spend on it - but I think once you have the bug - you always will. Say hi to Betty for me. ... Mary Quinn
September 28, 2007: About a half dozen families are listed on the 1829 McCabe List as being from the townland of Mothel, County Waterford. They all gave Mr. George Flynn as a reference as to their character as potential settlers in Canada. These settlers from Mothel came to South Gloucester and Osgoode Townships. The detail shown on the McCabe List can be seen below. The townland of Mothel consists of only 259 acres! Townland Acres County Barony Civil PLU Province Parish Mothel 259 Waterford Upperthird Mothel Carrick on Suir Munster Source: IreAtlas Townland Database at
February 29, 2008:
The McCabe List -- persons to South Gloucester from County Waterford, Ireland
Hi Al and Mike - hope everything is well with you. Al ~ you previously made a comment regarding all the Waterford immigrants in the McCabe list making mention of knowing George O'Flynn and perhaps they all knew each other back in Ireland. I was searching the web recently looking for additional information on my Powers ancestors. I found the following making reference to a will in Ireland. " Will of Mary POWER of Dunhill Lodge, dated 11.7.1821 mentions sister Kate POWER of Granny, brothers Matthew and William, niece Anne POWER of Granny, cousins Catherine WALSH and George O'FLYNN, relatives Nano POWER and Mary POWER of Croan. 16.11.1821 Proved 19.10.1821" So this George O'Flynn had some ancestry into the Powers family. Interesting eh? ... Mary (see more at the Power families at South Gloucester).
September 3, 2008: Hi Al, While searching for something else, I found this death certificate for a daughter of Nicholas Foran, b. Ottawa, d. Toronto (as a Mrs. Keating) and was to be buried in Ogdensburg, New York, USA. I thought her family might be known to you. ... Anne Burgess Death record of Ellen Foran Keating

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