Margaret: (Feb 23, 2001)

Thanks for your e-mail regarding John McDermott and Mary Banforth.
Do you mind if I add a new web page with your e-mail address on it as a
contact for this family?
I think I remember seeing the name Banforth before. Is it possible it was
spelled Banfield or Bonfield early on?

... Al Lewis
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Subject: McDermott family

I am looking for John McDermott, born August 25, 1840 in Ireland, arrived in
Canada 1846, married Mary Banforth.  They lived in Ottawa, Ontario and had
six children: Elizabeth Agnes, Margaret Ellen, Thomas, Edward, John and
I would appreciate any info on this family.
Margaret Robertson
Hello Al:
I received your email regarding adding me to a new web page as a contact 
for the McDermott/Banforth family. That would be fine with me. Thanks for 
replying to my earlier email. 
Margaret Robertson

October 19, 2001 Hi, My great grandparents were married in Ottawa in October 1872. His name was John McDermott from Ireland. His wife was Mary Ann Bamford from Rochdale England. They had several children. He worked for the J.R. Booth Shingle mill for about 50 years. He was very active in St. Patricks church at it's beginning. He was a strong swimmer, having saved several people from drowning over the years. He was active having fought in four wars, the Crimea, U.S. Civil War, Egypt and the Riel Rebellion. He died at age 98 in Ottawa. I would love to find descendants of theirs in the hopes of finding some pictures of them. Margaret Robertson
December 31, 2003: Hi Al, As I work on my family tree, I have found to have made some mistakes in the information I've given you for your website. The corrected information is as follows: Looking for descendants of John McDermott and Mary Ann Bamford who lived in Ottawa 1800's to 1900's. John McDermott was born Aug. 25, 1824 Ireland and Mary Ann Bamford, his wife was born in Rochdale England. They had twelve children, that I have found so far. He worked for the J.R. Booth Shingle Mill at Ottawa for about 50 years. John also fought in four wars: the Crimean, the Egyptian campaign, the U.S. Civil War for the Union side, and also enlisted from Ottawa for the Riel Rebellion in Canada. John died Jan. 20, 1923 at 98 years of age. Any information on this family would be appreciated. They were my great grandparents. Thank you Margaret Robertson
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