John CURRAN and Catherine FOX
Ireland to South Gloucester

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893
December 13, 2001
	1  	John Curran	1821 - ? to Manotick Station
..		+Catherine Fox	
.......	2  	Hugh Curran	
...........		+Mary Finan	1868 - ? d/o John FINAN and Catherine McGEE *
................	3  	Catherine Curran	1891 -

* Catherine McGEE's first husband, John FINAN was killed in a fire and Mary was one 
of their children. They lived on the Stagecoach Road. Catherine had 4 children 
with John Finan, and on his death married Patrick CHRISTOPHER 
(Lot 7, Con. 4, Osgoode), s/o my Great-Great Grandparents, Patrick CHRISTOPHER and 
October 11, 2007: The marriage record below shows (on the right-hand side) the marriage of Hugh Curran and Mary Finan. The best man is Joseph Curran, likely a brother and the Maid of Honour is Bridget Doyle. The marriage record on the left shows the marriage of Michael Dolan to Mary Jane Allen. Just a guess but there are many Dolan's in the Fitzroy Township area and there was an early Allen family who came in 1823 with the Peter Robinson, PR, Settlers. ... Al (back at it for the winter) Marriage of Hugh Curran and Mary Finan and to add another piece to the Curran puzzle, here is a Patrick Curran in the 1881 Census. He also has sons named John and Hugh: 1881 Census Place: Gloucester, Russell, Ontario, Canada Source: FHL Film 1375865 NAC C-13229 Dist 104 SubDist E Div 4 Page 23 Family 98 Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace Occ Religion Patrick CURRIN M M 60 Irish Ireland Farmer Catholic Mary CURRIN F M 57 Irish Ireland Catholic (nee RICE) John CURRIN M 30 Irish Ontario Farmer Catholic Hugh CURRIN M 28 Irish Ontario Farmer Catholic Thomas CURRIN M 26 Irish Ontario Farmer Catholic Mary CURRIN F 23 Irish Ontario Catholic This Patrick Curran and his wife Mary Rice are buried at Our Lady of the Visitation cemetery at South Gloucester. In the 1985 transcription of this cemetery, Mary's maiden name is given as Ride -- but it is definitely Rice. ... Al
October 12, 2007: Still getting caught up. The following e-mail from Mary Ellen was what started this search for the early Curran families in the South Gloucester area: "Good evening. I have emailed you previously in June on the Britt family and was given quite a bit of helpful information. I have just tonight came across an entry for John Curran and Catherine Fox with a son, Hugh Curran. I believe these are my great great grandparents on my father's side. I hadn't come across the name Hugh as their son but according to what I have been able to find they also had a daughter, Ellen Curran, who married Edward Britt (These are my great grandparents as Edward's daughter, Theresa (or Mary Theresa) married my grandfather, John Murphy. They married on Nov. 10, 1885 in Carleton County. I have also found a son, Michael Curran who married Bridget Cogllan / Coughlan on Nov. 12, 1889 in Saint Paul's Church in Quebec (Aylmer ?). I shall look up Hugh on some other websites just to confirm that. I had come across the census for 1871 listing a John Curran, est. birth 1821, born in Ireland so I think this would be the same person. Although the entry is dated December 13, 2001 is it possible that you remember or have a record of who submitted this information? Thanks very much." Mary Ellen Hydeman and more: "I had also come across an Ontario Canada Census Index from 1871 for a John Curran, est. birth 1821, birth place Ireland, District Russell, Location Osgoode, Microfilm Roll C-10013, page 2. "This person is listed as head of household". Another item I found was a 1901 census for a John Curran, born July 10, 1818 in Ireland, immigration year 1846, spouse Catherine. Taken District Ottawa, Wellington Ward, family number, pg. 24. Catherine Curran born March 8, 1832 in Ireland, husband John. Immigration year 1840. Taken District Ottawa, family number 204, page 24. Archives Canada RG31,T-6428 to T-6556. I have to check these two items out to see where they lead me. I am not sure if our library has these documents but I could try getting them by inter-library loan I think. These families are from my father's side. Thanks for your help." ... Mary Ellen _________________________ Anne Burgess is also working on some Fox and Curran / Curren families who came from the Fitzwilliam Estate in County Wicklow, Ireland beginning in the 1840's. There is a death registration for a Bernard Curran, born c. 1816 in County Tyrone, Ireland. He died in downtown Ottawa, I think c. 1900. ... Al
October 21, 2007: I'm not researching this family but found some useful and solid information about them through various censuses and the Ontario BMD's: 1881 Russell, Osgoode, Ontario census (as "Cursen" on the LDS site) John, 50, born Ireland Catherine, 50, born Ireland Peter, 28, born Ontario John, 26 " Michael, 22 " Henyh (Hugh), 20 " Ellen, 17 " James, 15 " Mary Ann, 13 " Joseph, 10 " Patrick, 7 " Henry, 5 " Note - all children born in Ontario. 2 doors away is the John Fox (aged 41, born Ireland) family (wife Ann, 41, born Ontario.) with their 10 children. I also think that John's age either was heard wrong by the census-taker or was transcribed wrong by transcriber. The original would have to be looked at. He seems to be in the 1901 Ottawa census with wife Catherine (who dies in 1903) saying that he was born in 1818. __________________ Ellen Curran married 10 Nov 1885 Edward Britt (witness Hugh Curran and Ellen Britt). She died in Toronto 21 October 1930 (her husband was the informant). She and Edward are in the 1901 and 1911 Ottawa censuses. Henry Curran married Ann Dooley 21 Apr 1903. She died 27 Oct 1918. He then married widow Ellen (Murphy) Guerin 15 Sept 1923 in Ottawa. Hugh Curran married Mary Finan 22 April 1890 (witness Joseph Curran & Bridget Doyle). Hugh died 5 Jan 1922. The informant was his wife. Michael Curran married in Quebec to Bridget Coughlan, a daughter of Andrew Coughlin and Maria (Lawry / Lowrey /Lowrie ?). Bridget died 27 Feb 1931 in Nepean and the informant was her daughter, Mrs. Daniel McLaughlin of Ottawa. Joseph Curran was married 30 Aug 1891 in Stormont to Annie Carter. At the time of his marriage, he was living in Cornwall. Witness to this marriage was James Curran of Cornwall, presumably his older brother. Patrick Curran married 17 August 1896 in Ottawa, Julia Ann Crepin (witness Henry Curran). She is a widow in the 1930 Rochester, New York, USA census (daughter Stella and son John Henry are with her in this census, both born in Ontario before 1900). They say they emigrated from Canada in 1923. There is a Catherine Curran who died in Ottawa on 27 Feb 1903 at age 74. She died of Asthma and was married at the time of her death. Hope this helps, ... Sue
October 23, 2007: Hello everyone, Sue, I just read your latest entry on the Curran children. Henry is my grandfather. After Annie Dooley died, he married Ellen Murphy Guerin in 1923. He went to Rochester, USA around this time and his family joined him for a short while. My dad, Henry's son, remembers an Uncle Michael, but the other names are a mystery. I too have been puzzled with the John and Catherine data in the census. I am having a terrible time finding where and when Henry crossed the border, his return and a few other missing years. I know he lived here in Trenton with Nellie (Ellen) until his death in 1952. He is buried in Ottawa. This would be wonderful news, if in fact, his family included all of these siblings. Thank you for all of these exciting tidbits. Debbie Gaudet nee Curran
October 29, 2007: Hello everyone, Found addtional info on John Curran, my grandfather, who may or may not be the John Curran on your site. Buried in Notre Dame Cemetery, Ottawa, is Michael Curran 1859-1944 Bridget Coughlan 1858-1931 wife Michael being the son of: John Curran 1833-1912 Catherine Fox 1827-1903 wife Found John's death certificate on, sorry I'll need to find the ref #. So, we may not be talking about the same John. However, His son, Henry, was indeed my grandfather. Help. Debbie ________________________ Debbie; You've confused the 2 John and Catherine Curran families. The one death you found in ancestry is the wrong John Curran. The one in Ancestry died 1912 in West Hawkesbury, Prescott County, Ontario. He had been living with his son, William (they are in the 1911 West Hawkesbury census, along with John's daughter Margaret and John's single sister Margaret). This John was born in Ontario, a son of Thomas Curran of Ireland and Margaret Motley of Scotland. If you check the 1901 census, you will find both of the John and Catherine Curran families in it - yours in Carleton county and the other in Vankleek Hill, Prescott county (where he died). This other John was born in Aug of 1831. It's all very confusing as their birth years are so similar, but they are 2 very distinct and different families. This family is also in the 1881 West Hawkesbury, Prescott census (as Curren). Online, there is no death registration for your John Curran. ... Sue

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