William BURNETT and Mary GLEESON
also John H. COSTELLO
and Margaret BURNETT

Surnames: Burnett  Costello  O'Meara  Kilroe

Looking for information on Burnett family. My ancestor is: Margaret Burnett
b. Sept. 11., 1815 married John H. Costello circa 1840 in Carleton County, The 
family moved to Iowa in the 1850's.
MATTHEW COSTELLO emigrated from County, Tipperary, Ireland abt. 1826 with his family. 
Matthew lived in Carleton County approx. 1827-1854. farming and working on the 
Rideau Canal. His son, JOHN H. COSTELLO married MARGARET BURNETT of 
Carleton County, formerly of County Tipperary.
August 27, 2001 From Jean: Children of John H. and Margaret BURNETT COSTELLO 1. Matthew b. Sept. 07, 1841 in Goulbourn Township, Canada d. Jan. 11, 1863 in Arkansas, USA (Civil War) 2. Anna b. March 10, 1843 in Goulbourn, Canada d. June 19, 1873 in Clinton County, Iowa SP: PATRICK J. MURPHY b. Ireland 3. Ellen b. Feb. 1846 Ottawa, Canada d. Feb. 02, 1885 Clinton County, Iowa SP: William O'GRADY b. May 04, 1832 in Canada d.. March 23, 1921 Clinton County, Iowa 4. Thomas J. b. Dec. 17, 1846 in Canada d. March 11, 1915 in Clinton County, Iowa SP: ELIZABETH NUTTERVILLE..married July 04, 1871 in Iowa b. Dec. 25, 1847 d. Aug. 17, 1925 in Clinton County,IA 5. Mary E. b. Oct. 22, 1850 Ottawa, Canada d. April 17, 1948 in Clinton County, Iowa SP: SIMON R. O'GRADY b. Sept. 15, 1841 d. Feb, 17, 1918 in Clinton County, Iowa 6. John (Jack) b. Nov. 18, 1851 in Canada d. Nov. 21, 1895 in Clinton County, Iowa SP: Annie STUART (STEWART) B. 1849 Canada d. Nov. 22, 1907 Clinton County, IA 7. Michael F. b. May 05, 1853 in Iowa d. May 26, 1925 SP: MARGARET B. LANAGHAN / Lannigan b. July 04, 1864 Iowa d. June 07, 1953 Clinton County, Iowa 8. William J. b. May 05, 1853 in Iowa d Feb. 01, 1939 in Clinton County,Iowa SP: MARY ANN MCGINTY b. Dec. 14, 1867 d. 1938 in Clinton County, Iowa. 9. Margaret b. Nov. 1, 1854 in Iowa d. March 29, 1933 in Iowa SP: William McGonegle b.Nov. 30, 1853 in Boston, Massachussets, USA. d. Oct. 25, 1912
My ancestors, Matthew and Ann O'Meara Costello emigrated from County, Tipperary to Canada in the 1820's. Matthew was born abt. 1789 in County, Tipperary, Ireland and d. Aug. 26, 1865 in Clinton County, Iowa. SPOUSE: Ann O'Meara was b. abt. 1791 and d. Nov. 8, 1861 in Clinton County, Iowa. Their children were: 1.John H. b. 1810 and d. Aug. 02, 1891 in Clinton County, IA SP: Margaret BURNETT b. Sept. 11, 1815 and d. Feb. 23,1901 Clinton County, Ia .....(Married at St. Phillip's, Richmond, Canada) 2, Winifred Savina 'Vena' b. 1816 and d. 1878 in Clinton County, IA SP: Patrick W. KELLY b. 1803 and d. 1865. in Clinton County, Iowa .(.Married at St. Phillip's, Richmond, Canada) 3. Thomas b. abt. 1820 d, ? SP. Ann KILROE b. Dec. 17, 1832 d. ? (Married at St. Patrick's, Ontario, Canada) 4.Matthew b. Oct. 12, 1823 at Fallowfield d. Jan. 29, 1913 in Clinton County, IA SP: Mary Ellen O'MEARA b. 1829 in Fallowfield d. May 26, 1900 in Clinton County, IA (1st marriage in the new St. Patrick's Church at Fallowfield) 5. Mary b. abt. 1826 and d. May 18, 1891 in Fallowfield, Canada SP: George HOULAHAN b. 1807 and d. March 22, 1872 Fallowfield (Married in St. Phillip's Catholic Church, Ontario, Canada) 6. Eleanor 'Ellen' b. May 09, 1827 and d. Sept. 29, 1898 in Clinton County, IA. SP: Martin HANRAHAN b. 1814 and d. Feb. 03, 1889 in Clinton County, IA 7 Ann b. 1828 d. 1870 in Clinton County, IA SP: WILLIAM O'MEARA b. 1823 and d. Sept. 06, 1898 in CLinton County, IA 8. Michael b. Dec. 16, 1829 Baptized at Notre Dame-Ontario Sponsors: Patrick O'Meara and Margaret Burns. (NO OTHER DATA ON MICHAEL) 9. Catherine b. Oct. 12, 1832 Nepean.......baptizd Oct. 14, 1832 NO OTHER DATA ON CATHERINE
Jean: Thanks very much for your interesting e-mails regarding the Costello / Burnett etc. families. I've added them to http://www.bytown.net/jcostell.htm and I've also fixed up your e-mail link on that page (I had an error there). It's interesting. There was a family named NUTTERVILLE in this neighbourhood around 1840 who may be connected to your folks. There are also (I think) some references to them and to the O'Leary's and Kelly's at St. Michaels Church just a little to the north of here. The Burnett farm is one of the last to survive here. It's still in operation. Do you have a picture of it? If not, I could take one from the road and e-mail it to you. A large plaza (Walmart, etc.) is now being built in the neighbourhood - it may be on one of the old Tierney farms. Thanks again! ... Al Lewis
Hi Al, Yes, I would surely like to have a picture of the Burnett farm! I regret 'progress' when it destroys part of our heritage. As for the Nutterville family, can you tell me where Smith Falls is located? (Smiths Falls is located about 40 miles south-west of Ottawa. It's a settlement which sprang up when the Rideau Canal was being built and there are many Irish descendants living there ... Al). The 1870 Iowa census says all of John and Bridget Nutterville's children were born in Canada. As for Bridget's surname, I have found it spelled BRADY and another place says Bradley. Maybe someone can help. Thanks for your wonderful site! Jean in Iowa
August 28, 2001 Jean: I'm setting up a new page here for the Nutterville family. It includes the material which you sent me yesterday. Later today I'll add the stuff which I have. ... Al
October 11, 2001 Note for search engine: Gleason / Gleeson
January 4, 2003: Hi Al Thanks for the cheers. At least the Leafs are getting paid, he he he he. Yes, Mick [ aka Michael William Kennedy ] son of William Kennedy and Elizabeth Carroll. I must ask aunt Rita if she remembers the Burnetts. I have noticed a slow decline in her memory these days. By the way Lorne and Al, I have tracked down one of the sons of Mick and his second wife Theresa McGrath. Michael Kennedy has brothers Art in Jockvale and Leo in Montreal. Michael lives in Manotick, I not only phoned but sent his son Michael paperwork but they are not interested! The Celtic Committee cashed my cheque. I hope they are for real. Lorne, feel free to contact me. No Problem! Gee, I sounded like Mel Lastman just then. Take care guys Taylor
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