John BENSON and Mary CUMMINGS from Charleville,
County Cork, Ireland to Ramsay Township, Ontario, Canada, in 1823

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

Al, I am wondering if you have any further information on my gr-grandfather, John Benson. What little I know about him is that he was married to Mary Cummings. I believe she and their sons, William, Francis, Robert and John accompanied John on the ship Stakesby. My family information says that John was born before 1800 and died May 1854. My family records also show that there were children born after their arrival in Canada and that they were born in "Lower Canada". Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Camella Benson Turner ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Al, Thank you SO MUCH for the information!! I was wondering if I would ever find out where my great-grandparents came from, and you have added another piece to the puzzle! just put on the internet information about Ancestors to Canada, and that is where I found out that John and Mary had been on the Stakesby. Prior to that, I thought they may have landed in Canada from France. My family records show that their son William was born in France, but I don't know where that information was found. Probably not true. I don't know where John died or where he is buried. I am descended from John and Mary's son, William, who went to Illinois. John and Mary's other children, from what I know of them are: Francis Benson, born about 1818 (no further information) Robert Benson, born abt 1819 died 8/24/1869 (no further information) John Benson b: 3/20/1821 d: 1902. He married Rosalina. John had two sons, William and John. I don't believe that John, Jr's children had issue and those of Williams that survived went to Wisconsin. George Benson born about 1823 in Lower Canada married Elvira Sanderson and she died in New York, USA (no further information). Samuel Benson born about 1825 in Lower Canada married Mary (no further information). Mary Benson born about 1827 in Lower Canada married Hiram Haskell (no further information) Eliza Benson born about 1829 married Robert Ross. Eliza died in Wisconsin. Some of the Ross children married their spouses in Forest, Canada. Jane Benson born about 1831 in Lower Canada married Joseph Britton in Forest, Canada. Dora Benson born 5/10/1841 married J. K. Cairns. J.K. was born 1847 and died 6/28/1911. Thank you, again, for your help!!! Camella Benson Turner

Surname: MILLER, BENSON I am searching for a John Miller and Ellen Benson Miller who may have lived in Clarendon, Quebec and had a child baptized in Gatineau, in the 1830-1840 time period. My Ellen Benson was born between 1810 and 1815 in Ireland, and with her father (and possibly other unknown family members), John Benson, born about 1780 Ireland, came to Canada at some point after she was born. We believe they settled in the northern Ontario/southern Quebec area. There Ellen met and married (early 1830's) a John Miller, born about 1805, in New York, USA, or Canada. Together they had 8 children: Mary Ann, Sarah, John, William,and Matilda born in Canada, and Bridget, Ellen, and James born in Wisconsin. If anything rings a bell, kindly e-mail me. Good luck in your search! Mary Joan Geist

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