James ROONEY and Catherine DWYER

Newton, James son of Newton, Edward S. and Teevens, Anne was born3/19/1872
Sponsors: Rooney, James & Teevens, Alice	Harness Maker (Edward?)
Rooney, John son of Rooney, James and Dwyer, Catherine	 was born 6/14/1872
Sponsors were: Sullivan, Denis & Sullivan, Mrs. Maria	Labourer	(James?)
Rooney, Mary Anne daughter of Rooney, James and Dwyer, Catharine was born on 12/6/1867
Sponsors were: Corbett, William & Dwyer, Mary					

Cavanagh, William son of Cavanagh, Edward and Carey, Elizabeth, farmer married on 4/21/1884 Hogan, Mary daughter of Hogan, Patrick & Rooney, Mary	
Witnesses were: Vaughan, John & Hogan, Bridget, sister of bride

Rooney, James, son of Rooney, James	 and Redmond, Mary laborer of Ireland	married on 5/12/1867 Dwyer, Catherine daughter of Dwyer, Jno & Maxwell, Honora	Witnesses were: Heenan, Rodger & Dwyer, Honora	

Dwyer, Sabina of Almonte 11/27/02 60	
Witnesses were: Dwyer, Martin(brother) & Rooney,Patrick (nephew)		

Rooney, Mrs James nee Catherine Dwyer of Almonte died 11/26/1888
Rooney, James		aged 59	(no date given)
Witnesses were: Rooney, James & Clancy, Daniel		
Tobin, Mathew, herder 7/11/1878						
Tobin, Mrs Mathew, nee Bridget Rooney 1/31/1899							

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