James ROONEY and Catherine DWYER

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893
Newton, James son of Newton, Edward S. and Teevens, Anne was born3/19/1872
Sponsors: Rooney, James & Teevens, Alice	Harness Maker (Edward?)
Rooney, John son of Rooney, James and Dwyer, Catherine	 was born 6/14/1872
Sponsors were: Sullivan, Denis & Sullivan, Mrs. Maria	Labourer	(James?)
Rooney, Mary Anne daughter of Rooney, James and Dwyer, Catharine was born on 12/6/1867
Sponsors were: Corbett, William & Dwyer, Mary					

Cavanagh, William son of Cavanagh, Edward and Carey, Elizabeth, farmer married on 4/21/1884 
Hogan, Mary daughter of Hogan, Patrick & Rooney, Mary	
Witnesses were: Vaughan, John & Hogan, Bridget, sister of bride

Rooney, James, son of Rooney, James	 and Redmond, Mary laborer of Ireland	
married on 5/12/1867 Dwyer, Catherine daughter of Dwyer, Jno & Maxwell, Honora	
Witnesses were: Heenan, Rodger & Dwyer, Honora	

Dwyer, Sabina of Almonte 11/27/02 60	
Witnesses were: Dwyer, Martin(brother) & Rooney,Patrick (nephew)		

Rooney, Mrs James nee Catherine Dwyer of Almonte died 11/26/1888
Rooney, James		aged 59	(no date given)
Witnesses were: Rooney, James & Clancy, Daniel		
Tobin, Mathew, herder 7/11/1878						
Tobin, Mrs Mathew, nee Bridget Rooney 1/31/1899							

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