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Hi Al,
    It took me less time than anticipated to gather up my McGee info.  I am not that 
    knowledgable in Wordperfect so I hope I did everything correctly and there will 
    be no problems on your end that you have to deal with.  
    I grouped all my McGee info under Henry McGee.  I felt it was less confusing 
    that way and better for people researching.  They all came from Vinton, Quebec, and 
    remained there except for James McGee who went to Montcerf.  You can delete the 
    page that I submitted earlier on James McGee and Elizabeth Gallagher on your website 
    as all the same info is included under the Henry McGee info.  It would only be 
    repetitive and perhaps confusing to keep the James McGee and Elizabeth Gallagher 
    page up.
    I tried to include some tombstone photos on relevant McGees but couldn't figure 
    out how to do it without sending the file into the 5MB range.  I will therefore 
    send them seperately.
Clare Whitney 


Generation No. 1

1.  HENRY1 MCGEE was born Abt. 1819 in Ireland, and died Abt. June 19, 1874 in 
Vinton, Quebec, Canada.  He married (1) MARY MCGAVIS or MCGINNIS Bef. 1839 in Ireland.  
He married (2) MARY MCGEE January 21, 1867 in Ste.Anne's Church, Ile du Grand Calumet, 
Quebec, Canada, daughter of PATRICK MCGEE and MARY MCKAN / McCANN?.

All descendants of HENRY MCGEE and MARY MCGAVIS or MCGINNIS are Roman Catholic.

Henry first appears in Vinton  in 1851.  Info from 1851 Canada Census, 
Litchfield, Ottawa county:
Henry McGee   35yrs.  b.Ireland (laborer) One member in family.
( I don't know where the rest of Henry's family is at this time.  I know that his 
son James McGee was born in Ontario-don't know where- abt.1845, and that Henry's 
daughter Ann was born in Ireland abt 1839. ) I don't know where they may have lived 
in Ontario.

2.	i.	ANN2 MCGEE, b. Abt. October 15, 1839, County Armagh, Northern Ireland; 
d. Abt. June 26, 1922, Vinton, Quebec, Canada.
	ii.	JOHN MCGEE, b. Abt. 1840, Ireland; d. Abt. September 21, 1861, Vinton , 
    Quebec, Canada.
3.	iii.	JAMES R. MCGEE, b. Abt. February 14, 1845, Ontario, Canada; d. Abt. 
August 3, 1916, Montcerf, Quebec, Canada.
4.	iv.	PATRICK MCGEE, b. Abt. August 16, 1849, Quebec or Ontario, Canada; d. 
Abt. January 22,1919, Vinton, Quebec, Canada.

Generation No. 2

2.  ANN2 MCGEE (HENRY1) married OWEN HEARTY November 1858 in Ste. Anne's Church, 
Ile du Grand Calumet, Quebec, Canada, son of FRANCIS HEARTY and BRIDGET KELLY.  
Children of ANN MCGEE and OWEN HEARTY are:
	i.	PATRICK3 HEARTY, b. Abt. 1864, Vinton , Quebec, Canada; m. MARY WALTERS 
    OR WATTERS (Patrick, Catherine SHEA) , July 17, 1906, Vinton, Quebec, Canada.
	ii.	FRANCIS HEARTY, b. Abt. 1865, Vinton , Quebec, Canada; m. MARY ANN O'DONNELL 
    (Thomas, Catherine LANE), November 11, 1895, Quyon, Quebec, Canada.
	iii.	JOHN HEARTY, b. Abt. 1867, Vinton , Quebec, Canada.
	iv.	MARY ANN HEARTY, b. Abt. 1870, Vinton , Quebec, Canada.
	v.	PETER HEARTY, b. Abt. 1870, Vinton , Quebec, Canada; d. Abt. March 2, 1953, 
    Vinton, Quebec, Canada; m. MARY (MINNIE) SAURIOL (Isaie, Elizine DAMOURE), September 23, 
    1901, Vinton, Quebec, Canada.
	vi.	MICHAEL HEARTY, b. Abt. 1873, Vinton , Quebec, Canada; d. Abt. March 31, 1924, 
    Vinton, Quebec, Canada.
	vii.	HENRY HEARTY, b. Abt. August 20, 1878, Vinton , Quebec, Canada; d. Abt. 
    April 24, 1943, Vinton, Quebec, Canada.
	viii.	OWEN HEARTY, b. June 19, 1876, Vinton , Quebec, Canada; d. Abt. 
    September 27, 1877, Vinton, Quebec, Canada.
	ix.	TERESA HEARTY, b. Abt. November 22, 1882, Vinton , Quebec, Canada; m. 
    THOMAS MOUSSEAU (Frank, Thérèse VADNAIS), January 14, 1920, Vinton, Quebec, Canada.

3.  JAMES R.2 MCGEE (HENRY1) married ELIZABETH GALLAGHER November 25, 1868 in 
Ile du Grand Calumet, Quebec, Canada, daughter of MATTHEW GALLAGHER and BRIGITTE O'NEILL.

James R. McGee left Vinton and moved to Chute Rouge near Montcerf, Quebec, Canada 
in 1890.  There was another James McGee in Chute Rouge at the time.  He was James B. 
McGee married to Margaret Brennan.  James B. McGee was the son of Hugh McGee and Sarah 
Cunningham of Calumet Island (across the Ottawa river from Vinton).  In Chute Rouge,  
the two families were known as the "Red McGees" (James R. McGee and family) and the 
"Black McGees" (James B.McGee and family).  The terms referred to hair colour, although 
there were many "Black McGees" that also sported red hair.  Chute Rouge was named 
after the prevalence of red hair amongst the two McGee families that settled near 
the falls on the Desert River (Maniwaki).  As far as I know the two families were not related.
	i.	JOHN (JACK) HENRY3 MCGEE, b. Abt. April 14, 1871, Vinton,Quebec, Canada; d. 
    Abt. 1949, Timmins, Ontario, Canada; m. ELISABETH REID (James, Elisabeth (?)), 
    February 24, 1919, St.Antoine Church, Timmins, Ontario, Canada.
	ii.	MATTHEW MCGEE, b. Abt. April 10, 1873, Vinton, Quebec, Canada; d. Abt. 1949, 
    Montcerf, Quebec, Canada; m. BRIDGET KELLY (John, Mary-Anne DALY), June 8, 1910, 
    Bouchette, Quebec, Canada.
	iii.	MARY (MINNIE) MCGEE, b. Abt. February 10, 1875, Vinton, Quebec, Canada.
	iv.	DANIEL JOSEPH MCGEE, b. Abt. May 4, 1877, Vinton, Quebec, Canada; d. Abt. 
    June 8, 1913, Montcerf, Quebec, Canada.
	v.	BRIDGIT ANN (ANNIE) MCGEE, b. Abt. June 20, 1879, Vinton, Quebec, Canada; 
    d. Abt. 1960, Timmins, Ontario, Canada; m. ALEXANDER DONOVAN (David, Catherine
    "Katie" MCMILLIAN), September 21, 1909, Montcerf, Quebec, Canada.
	vi.	JAMES MCGEE, b. Abt. November 4, 1881, Vinton, Quebec, Canada.
	vii.	THERESA AGNES MCGEE, b. Abt. October 5, 1883,  Vinton, Quebec, Canada.
	viii.	ELIZABETH (DOLLY) MCGEE, b. Abt. October 30, 1885,  Vinton, Quebec, 
    Canada; m. (1) CHARLES WAINWRIGHT (Charles, Emma CASWELL), November 25, 1914, 
    St.Antoine Church, Timmins, Ontario, Canada; m. (2) MICHAEL SWEENEY 
    (John, Ellen O'NEIL), June 1, 1926, St.Antoine Church, Timmins, Ontario, Canada.
	ix.	JOSEPH MCGEE, b. Abt. October 15, 1887, Vinton, Quebec, Canada; m. 
    HELEN WOODS (Thomas, Anne REID), April 30, 1918, St.Antoine Church, Timmins, Ontario, Canada.
	x.	FREDERIC or ALFRED MCGEE, b. Abt. November 20, 1889,  Vinton, Quebec, Canada; 
    m. OLIVE RUMLEY (Thomas and Mary HILLS of Haileybury), July 2, 1918, 
    Smooth Rock Falls, Ontario, Canada..
	xi.	PATRICK HERBERT (HERBIE) MCGEE, b. Abt. November 25, 1891, Montcerf , 
    Quebec, Canada.
	xii.	EDWARD (EDDIE) THOMAS GERALD MCGEE, b. Abt. November 11, 1892, 
    Montcerf, Quebec, Canada; d. Abt. March 28, 1964, Los Angeles, California, 
    U.S.A.; m. (1), Abt. 1916, Montana (?), U.S.A.; m. (2) ANNIE GALLINGER, 
    Abt. 1923, Devil's Lake, North Dakota, USA.; m. (3) BEVERLY (?), Unknown, 
    Detroit (?), Michigan, U.S.A..
	xiii.	MAUDE MARY MCGEE, b. Abt. May 4, 1895, Montcerf, Quebec, Canada; d. Abt. 
    March 1978, Miami, Dade, Florida, U.S.A. (?); m. (?) CURRY.

4.  PATRICK2 MCGEE (HENRY1) was born Abt. August 16, 1849 in Quebec or Ontario (?), 
Canada, and died Abt. January 22, 1919 in Vinton, Quebec, Canada.  He married (1) 
MARY ANN DOYLE February 17, 1876 in Vinton, Quebec, Canada, daughter of 
THOMAS DOYLE and MARY DOYLE.  He married (2) ANN QUINN July 23, 1894 in Vinton, Quebec, Canada, daughter of JOHN QUINN and CATHERINE HEARTY.
Children of PATRICK MCGEE and MARY DOYLE are:
	i.	THOMAS PETER3 MCGEE, b. Abt. March 15, 1876, Vinton , Quebec, Canada; m. 
    LILLIAN ELIZABETH MCDONNELL (John COLE, Bridget GRACE), September 17, 1907, 
    Vinton, Quebec, Canada.
	ii.	MARY ANNE MCGEE, b. Abt. March 1, 1878, Vinton , Quebec, Canada; m. THOMAS 
    W. KAVANAGH (James, Jane MCDONALD or MCDONNELL), September 29, 1903, Vinton, Quebec, Canada.
	iii.	HUGH JAMES MCGEE, b. Abt. May 10, 1881, Vinton , Quebec, Canada.
	iv.	CATHERINE ELLEN MCGEE, b. January 24, 1882, Vinton , Quebec, Canada; m. 
    JAMES EDWARD MCBRIDE (Michael, Esther Elizabeth MIDDLETON), April 16, 1909, 
    Ste. Bridgide Church, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
	v.	JOHN J. MCGEE, b. April 11, 1884, Vinton , Quebec, Canada..  
	vi.	MARGARET AGNES MCGEE, b. Abt. February 14, 1886, Vinton , Quebec, Canada..
	vii.	VERONICA T. MCGEE, b. Abt. January 19, 1887, Vinton , Quebec, Canada.
	viii.	VINCENT HERBERT MCGEE, b. Abt. January 5, 1889, Vinton , 
    Quebec, Canada; d. Abt. March 14, 1914, Vinton, Quebec, Canada
	ix.	HENERY S. OR HARRY SYLVESTER (VESTY) MCGEE, b. Abt. April 10, 1892, 
    Vinton , Quebec, Canada; d. Abt. October 13, 1967, Vinton, Quebec, Canada; m. 
    CATHERINE MCGUINEY (Michael, Margaret KAVANAGH), January 12, 1915, Vinton, 
    Quebec, Canada.

Anyone out there with more info or corrections on Henry McGee and his descendants???
Clare Whitney

Clare has more photos (in full colour) of the McGees.
... Al
August 26, 2004: My name is Kerry Kelly and I have been doing a little family research on the history of the Kelly family of Allumette Island and the Kavanagh family of Vinton. I am the great-granddaughter of the Mary Anne Mcgee (married to Thomas Kavanagh)listed at this URL (http://www.bytown.net/jammcgee.htm) Tom and Minnie (as she was apparently known in the family) moved to Ottawa and then Temiscimang Quebec and had four children: Olive, Zella Anne (my grandmother), Thomas (who became a priest) and Weldon. I saw in your message that you may have further information and some photographs of the McGees. If you have digital copies of the photos or any other documents about the family that you may be able to e-mail me I would really appreciate it! If you are interested in further information about this line of Mcgees/Kavanaghs, please let me know. Thanks for your time, Kerry Kelly
January 19, 2006: Hi Al, I have been following the various McGee discussions on Bytown or Bust and have so far found no connection to your McGees nor to Thomas D'Arcy McGee. I have furthered my research into my McGees though, and here is an update. It is a bit lengthy but it could help someone find a link. I should note that Mary McGavis was a bad transcription record and her name is really Mary McGinnis. Henry McGee and Mary McGinnis were married in the Parish of Upper Creggan (Roman Catholic) on March 31, 1833. McGee was spelled as Magee in the records. The witnesses were John Mulloy and Bernard Quinn. The Parish of Upper Creggan is located in South Armagh on the border with Co. Louth, just a few miles from Dundalk (not far from Thomas D'Arcy McGee's Carlingford). Some of the Parish of Upper Creggan also includes ten townlands in Co. Louth that adjoin the border with Co. Armagh. I also found this interesting bit of information which reinforces the above record. I found it on www.infowanted.bc.edu which is a free, searchable database of Advertisements for Irish Immigrants Published in the Boston Pilot. Jan. 16, 1847 INFORMATION WANTED OF ANN MAGEE, who sailed from Liverpool in October, 1845, in charge of Robert Bere, who promised to send her to her father. He did not do so. Her father is anxious to hear from her. Any person knowing anything of the girl will please address him - Henry Magee, Calumet Island, Lower Canada, Litchfield P.O. A second advertisement was posted on Aug. 24, 1847 INFORMATION WANTED OF ANN MCGEE, daughter of Henry McGee, native of parish of Cregan, co. Armagh. She is 7 or 8 years old, and arrived in New York, USA, on the 7th of March, 1846, in the ship Roscius, in charge of Mr. Robert Bear and family, who emigrated from England and intended to settle in Canada. Any information respecting them will be thankfully received by her father, Henry McGee, who now lives in Litchfield, Lower Canada, or her uncle Peter McGee, Mason, corner of 39th and 9th Avenue, New York. Canada papers will please copy. The above would indicate that Henry McGee was in Canada in 1845. The only birth record for Henry's children found in the Upper Creggan records was for his son, John, born June 04, 1840. The parish priest mentioned that it is not surprising there were not more records found on Henry McGee and Mary McGinnis as there was much turmoil in the Parish of Upper Creggan during that time. It would be interesting to find out the story behind the loss of their daughter Ann. I do know they did find her, as she married Owen Hearty in Vinton in 1858. Further to my previously posted information on Henry McGee in the 1851 census for Litchfield, here is the entire family: Henry McGee, labourer, b.Ireland, age 35 Mary McGinnis, b.Ireland, age 40 Peter McGee, b.Ireland, age 16 Ann McGee, b.Ireland, age 14 Edward McGee, b.Ireland, age 12 John McGee, b.Ireland, age 10 James McGee, b.Ireland, age 8 Frank McGee, b.Ireland, age 6 The family that lived right next door to Henry McGee in Litchfield (Vinton) in the 1851 census was a family by the name of Michael Dollaghan and Bridget Magee. I believe this Bridget Magee (McGee) may be Henry's sister as I found this marriage record as well in the Parish of Upper Creggan: Michael Dollaghan and Bridget Magee, married October 29, 1826. Witnesses, Rev. James Hughes and John McDaniel The fact that Henry McGee and Mary McGinnis and Michael Dollaghan and Bridget Magee (McGee) were both from the Parish of Upper Creggan in Co. Armagh and both end up living next door to each other in Vinton, Quebec, strongly suggests they are related. The only other information I have to update regards James R. McGee's children found in Generation No. 2 in my previous posting: Mary (Minnie) McGee married a Thomas O'Leary and is buried in Timmins, Ontario. Agnes (Theresa Agnes) and Herbert (Herbie) both did not marry and are buried in Timmins, Ontario as well. Hope this helps someone. Clare Whitney

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