James COSTELLO and Mary Anne TEEVENS

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1861 Census for March Township, District 2, Page 12, Line 43
James Costello, shoemaker, age 40, b.1821
Mary Anne (Teevens), age 32, b.1829
Mary Ann, age 12, b. 1849
Margaret, age 10, b. 1851
Catherine, age 8, b. 1853
James, age 7, b. 1854
Hellen, age 3, b. 1858
Patrick, age 3, b. 1858
Michael, age 1, b. 1860

Usually the age listed in the 1861 asks for their next birthday, so add 1 
year to the birth year. For example, Michael Costello is going to be 1 year 
old on his next birthday, thus he was born in 1861 rather than 1860. 
Catherine is going to be 8 on her next birthday, so she would have been born 
in 1854. The following is the reason behind this thinking.

From the Ontario Archives,MS 932, Reel # 32, Registration # 001930, shows 
the marriage of Catherine Costello to Edward Paiment.
Edward Paiment, age 23, born in Ottawa, resides in Ottawa, bachelor, 
machinist by trade. His parents were Joseph Paiment and Catherine Broule.
Catherine Costello, age 26, resides in Manotick, born in March Township, 
Her parents were James Costello and Mary Ann TEEVENS.
They were married in Ottawa, Notre Dame Basilica, on November 22, 1880 by 
Rev. J. Duhamel, by Licence. Roman Catholic. Witnesses were Jean B. Roy of 
Ottawa and Pierre Robert of Ottawa.

Totally separate, I have both Daniel Fogarty and Philip Fogarty living 
together in the 1842 Census for Nepean. Arrived circa 1832. I am beginning 
to think that their father was Philip and was a UE. Loyalist. Both father 
(Philip) and mother (Catherine Burke) died, so Daniel took and cared for 
their children, thus the reason why they are buried with his. Just a 
wholesome thought.
Taylor Kennedy

October 11, 2001 Hi Taylor; Just thought I'd mention that the wife of Joseph Paiment was Victoire or Victorine Brulé, not Catherine. A little story: - Victorine was visiting her daughter in Hull at the time of the Great Fire of 1900. She died of fright apparently, a few days later. She was the mother of Thomas Paiement (Payment) who was Mayor of Ottawa at that time. Victoire was born in Montebello. There were three girls baptised Victoire in that family; the first one died a few weeks later, but the other two survived, with one of them adopting the name Victorine. The story of Victorine dying of fright came from the book "Une Ville en flammes" by Lucien Ouimet, historian. Frank Watters

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