James McEVOY and Margaret McNAMARA
Ireland to Gloucester Township

1  	James McEvoy	1818 - 1896
..		+Margaret McNamara	1822 - 1900
.......	2  	Edward McEvoy	1852 - 1914
.......	2  	Michael McEvoy	1854 - 1917
.......	2  	Thomas McEvoy	1855 - 1908
.......	2  	Hannah E. McEvoy	1864 - 1962

Thanks to Joan McEvoy Rooney who sent along the following information: Dear Al, I am a great-granddaughter of James McEvoy and Margaret McNamara(not Macnamara) of Bowesville. I have researched for years and will try to give my pertinent findings. It is 99% certain that the parents of James were Edward McEvoy and Rose Ann Burns from County Tipperary. Rose Ann Burns, widow of Edward is buried (1855) at Our Lady of the Visitation, South Gloucester. according to Visitation records - no stone found. Also Mary McEvoy, wife of David O'Meara from Rathcormac, County Cork, seems to be the daughter of Edward and Rose Ann and the sister of James. The original McEvoy farm in Gloucester, Lot 12, Concession 3, was immediately south of the farm of David O'Meara and the O'Meara and McEvoy names constantly appear as sponsors to each others children. Also Mary and David O'Meara were the sponsors to the marriage of James McEvoy and Margaret McNamara at Notre Dame Cathedral on May 17,1848. David O'Meara and Mary McEvoy were married in Notre Dame in 1833. Both families must have been in Gloucester Township in the early 1830's therefore, though previously it was thought that James McEvoy came in the 1840's. By the way, David O'Meara, along with Mary and several of their children, John, Ellen, James m to Ellen Green, Mary, and David are buried in Visitation not St. Mary's. (St. Mary's was the original name for Our Lady of the Visitation RC Church ... Al). To get back to James McEvoy,1818-1896 m to Margaret McNamara,1822-1900 (both at Visitation with monument). As mentioned they were married at Notre Dame on May 17,1848. Their Children are as follows: 2 John McEvoy 1848 -1856 2 Rose Ann McEvoy 1850-1927 2 Edward Sr. 1852-1914 + Hannah (Hanorah) Nolan 1864-1962 3 Lenore McEvoy 1897-1977 + William James 1894-1991 4 Bill James 4 Paul James 3 Monica McEvoy 1900-1979 +Alfred Kavanagh1877-1952 4 Paul Kavanagh +Nancy Wullschleger 4 Sheila Kavanagh +Redo Serafini John Kavanagh 1933-1983 +Lorraine Valiquette 4 Anne Kavanagh +Garry Guzzo 3 Edward McEvoy 1902-1988 + Jean Thomas 1906-1989 4 * Joan McEvoy * + Thomas Patrick Rooney 5 Siobhan 5 Eihmin 5 Niall 2 Michael McEvoy 1854-1917 2 Thomas McEvoy 1855-1908 2 Mary W. McEvoy 1858-1923 + Thomas Donoher 2 Patrick McEvoy 1859-1932 + Flo Sales 3 Allan James +Rhoda 4 Lois 3 Arnold 2 Bridget McEvoy 1861-? 2 James McEvoy 1962-1935) + Flo Rae All the children of James McEvoy are buried at Visitation Cemetery except Patrick and James who are at Beechwood. I have the present generations as well if needed. It was not James McEvoy who ran the store. James was purely a farmer. It was his sons, Michael and Edward who acquired land from the Bowes family. Edward farmed the land around the store, Michael was the postmaster and Hannah, the wife of Edward, ran the store from the 1890's to 1920. In 1920 Hannah sold some of the land to her brother John J. Nolan who inherited the farm of Michael Nolan near Bowesville, and she moved to Ottawa. Margaret McNamara is the daughter of Michael McNamara and Bridget McCormick. From present research it appears that this couple were from North Plantaganet in Prescott County from St Eugene parish. I have more info on Margaret's siblings if needed. I have also the entire genealogy of the Nolan Family of Gloucester beginning with William Nolan from County Wexford. My Grandmother, Hannah Nolan married to Edward McEvoy, son of James McEvoy was the child of Michael Nolan and Mary Daly / Daley of Gloucester. Michael being one of the sons of William. However, Michael Nolan is the one who did the work and might be best to contact re. Nolans. I also have info an the Forans, Dalys, and McKennas and others of South Gloucester. And then of course, I have the Rooney (desendents of Bernard and Michael) genealogy from my husband's side. Have fun! Joan McEvoy Rooney Send e-mail to Joan McEvoy Rooney and Al Lewis ----------------------------------- Dear Al, I just want to correct my mistake from the email I sent you today. The Daly's of South Gloucester I mentioned are not related to Michael Daley, but are from Patrick Daly and Honorah Quinn who were tenants on the O'Connor land in the north part of the Rideau Front. Joan Rooney
September 29, 2001
Joan and Al, I thought I would write, because I keep coming across the information on James McEvoy and Margaret McNamara. While I can't see an immediate connection, I'm curious as to whether or not my family information that I know so far rings a bell with you. I have been researching James J. and Mary McEvoy (both born circa 1830 in Ontario, Mary died in 1888). The emigrated from Ontario to Michigan, USA (1st to Tawas City then to Ludington), before 1869. They had the following children: John J. (born circa 1860 in Ontario) Elizabeth (born circa 1863 in Ontario) Margaret (born circa 1866 in Ontario) Mary Ann (born 1869 in Michigan, died in 1892) Julia A. (born circa 1872 in Michigan) One of the newspaper articles that I found, (around 1872), mentions a relative of James' by the name of Martin McEvoy. James also had a brother by the name of Charles living with them at the time of the 1880 census. It shows Charles (born in Ontario) as a widower with two daughters, Kate and Hattie (both born in New York, USA). He (James) also had a niece and nephew also living with him by the name of John and Maggie Fitzgerald (I'm pretty certain it's Fitzgerald, it was hard too read). Also, James' daughter Margaret was married in 1892 to Frank Miller and one of the witnesses was a Hugh J. McKenna. Do any of these names ring a bell with you? Of most interest to me would be to find out exactly what part of Ontario they came from, what Mary P.'s maiden name was and of course, who in Canada they were related to. I do know from census information that both James and Mary's parents were from Ireland. Thanks! Kelly McEvoy Doak
Below is a map scanned by Evan Rooney. It shows the western part of the Township of Gloucester in 1879. Three of the McEvoy farms are shown - there are two at Bowesville, (now the Ottawa International Airport), and another further south in Concession 4.

August 5, 2005: Mike and all, My name is Jim Rosse. My mother's maiden name was McEvoy. She was the grand daughter of Patrick McEvoy who as you know lived and worked for Phillip Cassiday / Cassidy at or near 36th and Q Street in Omaha, Nebraska, USA. Up until a couple of days ago I was unaware of the fact that Phillip Cassiday's wife's maiden name was Margaret Phalen (Whalen). When Patrick McEvoy's brother James was married he listed Mary Phalen as his mother's maiden name. It is well to note that James McEvoy, the father of James and Patrick McEvoy died while they were waiting in Iowa for the Nebraska Territory to open up in 1854. That meant that the boys at 14 and 12 years of age were orphans in the wilds of 1854 Nebraska, No other mention of Mary Phelan exists. Do you have any info in regard to Mary Phelan or James McEvoy? Do you think , with what we know, that Mary was Margaret's sister and that James McEvoy was Phillip Cassiday's brother-in-law? I look forward to hearing from you. ... James Rosse jrosse@cox.net __________________ Hi Al, I appreciate any Information either you or your friends can add. The Phillip Cassidy married to Margaret Phelan is mentioned in http://www.bytown.net/cassidyp.htm. I had previously had the information on the Cassidys in Nebraska with the exception of Margaret Cassiday's maiden name of Phelan. I would appreciate it if you would add my E-mail address to your web site. There was some strong tie between the McEvoys and Phil and Margaret Phalen Cassidy. So much so that after James McEvoy died and was buried in Council Bluffs, his boys and I suspect Cassidy his body was dug up, transported across the Missouri River and reburied in " Cassidy's Burying Ground which was on Phil Cassidy's farm in Nebraska. Thanks for your help, Jim Rosse

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