Irish Famine Stories in the Ottawa Valley
by Michael McBane

New March 31, 2014:

The following link will take you to a terrific paper written by Michael McBane. It concerns the oral
tradition of the Irish famine immigrants to the Ottawa Valley. In the article, Mr. McBane offers an 
alternative view of Irish immigration from the convential wisdom of well-known Irish scholars in 
Canadasuch as Donald Akenson and Cecil Houston. Some of their books are listed in our bibliography.

This paper is an important work regarding the Irish Catholics of the Ottawa Valley. It discusses many 
of the immigrants who came to Irish settlements in the Ottawa area in the years surrounding "Black '47".

Featured are the immigrants from County Mayo, Ireland who settled in Pontiac County, Quebec,
Fitzroy Township, Ontario and the village of Mayo, Quebec in the Gatineau Valley.

I have printed off a copy of this paper in case the original is removed from the Internet at some point. 
Some of the surnames mentioned are Dunnigan, Joyce, Gibbons, Stanton, Gavan, Rowan, Moyle, Mulligan,
O'Mally / O'Malley, O'Donnell. MaMahon, Madden, Dolan, Phillips, Doherty, Jordan, Costello, McHugh,
O'Hara, Dowd, Doyle, Draper, McBane, Houlihan / Houlahan, O'Reilly, McColgan, Kilroy, Gavan, Quinn,
and Burke.

To read this important work, visit .
This is a .pdf file; the article runs from page 7 to 26.

Thanks to Thelma Hartman for passing this link along to us.

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