Indian Hill Pioneer Cemetery
Pakenham, Ontario, Canada

The Lanark County Genealogy Society has information regarding the Indian Hill Cemetery
near Pakenham, Ontario. This cemetery is part of St. Peter Celestine church.

This area is Peter Robinson country (many of the settlers came in 1823). It's also LUNNEY country. Father Lunney (one of seven brothers) is the Priest at South Gloucester today. Some of the surnames, and year of death, in the Indian Hill Cemetery are: ABBOTT, Walter 1895 BRENNAN, Michael (husband of Eliza MALTIN) 1866 BOLTON, Mary Anne (infant dau of Benjamin BOLTON & Bridget RYAN) 1885 BODDY, Margaret (dau of William BODDY & Johanna BUTLER) 1889 BODDY, Mrs. William (Hanna BUTLER) 1903 BODDY, Hannah Mary (dau of William BODDY) 1913 CARNEY, (dau of Peter CARNEY & Sarah MCGUIRE) 1880 CONLEY, James (age 70) 1889 CLOSE, James (age 62) 1898 CALLAGHAN, Catherine (Mrs. Dan J. MARTIN) 1933 CRONIN, Ellen (Mrs. Jerry SULLIVAN) 1897 CLAROUX, William 1901 DORAN, Mary Anne 1887 DOLAN, Elizabeth (Mrs. Bernard Donaher) 1920 DONAHER, Bernard 1897 DRISCOLL, Hannah (Mrs. John DILLON) 1878 FAULKNER, James 1877 FAULKNER, Mrs. James 1895 FOLEY, Julie Anne*(dau of John FOLEY & J. O'BRIEN) 1880 FOLEY, George Richard* (son of John FOLEY & J. O'BRIEN) 1881 FOLEY, Michael Eugene* (son of John FOLEY & J. O'BRIEN) 1881 FLYNN, John (age 38) 1877 FINLEY, Anastasia (Mrs. James FERGUSON) 1887 FARRELL, Sarah (Mrs. Joseph H. GENDREAU) 1894 FITZGERALD, James (age 79) 1915 FERGUSON, Mary (Mrs. Palmer TRAVERS) 1915 FARRELL, Mary (Mrs. Michael J. TIMS) 1923 FARRY, Alice (Mrs. James LEVI) 1873 GORMAN, Mary (Mrs. John FLEMING) 1874 GARVEY, Patrick (son of John GARVY & Mary O'MALLEY) 1877 GALVIN, James 1914 GALVIN, John Matthew (husband of Rita HOUGH) 1915 HORAN, Mary (Mrs. John CLOSE) 1894 JEFFREY, Wilfred 1929 KELLY, Anne (Mrs. Denis GALLIGHAN) 1866 KARNEY, John 1866 KEAGAN, Ellen (dau of Bernard KEEGAN & Mary MORRIS) 1881 KEAGAN, Bernard (age 73) 1883 KEARNS, Peter (husband of Ellen PRICE) 1920 KELLY, Michael (age 3 years ) 1866 LUNNEY, Patrick (age 60) 1880 LEE, Alice (Mrs. John SHEEDY) 1939 LYONS, Catherine (Mrs. Charles PRICE) 1906 LEVY, James 1877 MARTIN, Frances (Mrs. James FITZGERALD) 1914 MULVANEY, Margaret 1865 MERRIMAN, Michael 1888 MURPHY, John Edward (age 65)* 1894 MURPHY, Catherine* 1913 MALEY, Patrick 1895 MALEY, James 1904 MARTIN, Daniel (age 65) 1912 MURRAY, Bridget 1918 MCCOY, Neil (age 93) 1901 MCHALE, Patrick (age 84) 1915 MCARAN, Patrick 1873 MCDONOUGH, Bridget (Mrs. James FERGUSON) 1921 NORTON, Michael 1865 O'MALLEY, John (age 82) 1892 POWER, Margaret 1883 PRICE, Charles (age 84) 1902 QUIGLEY, Bridget (Mrs. Jeremiah FOLEY) 1895 REGAN, Patrick (son of Patrick REGAN & Frances DUFFALAY) 1866 REGAN, Mrs. Patrick (Frances DUFFALAY) 1905 ROACH, Mary Anne 1894 RYAN, Mary (Mrs. Egbert FREUDENBURG) 1894 ROBINSON, Jane Elizabeth (Mrs. John STAFFORD) 1914 SHEAHEN, James (age 57)* 1896 SHEEDY, Elizabeth Anne 1919 SHERLOCK, Michael 1924 SHERLOCK, John 1924 SHAERON, Matthew (Shearon) 1918 SHEARON, John 1935 TEEVENS, Mary (Mrs. John SHERLOCK) 1913 WHALEN, Catherine (age 76) 1891 WALTON, Margaret (Mrs. Bernard CAMERON) 1896 WALSH, Bridget (Mrs. John O'MALLEY) Note: see the Lanark County web page above for more information and some interesting research by Max Sutherland.

Here are the seven Lunney brothers from Pakenham c. 1938. Photo Source: Peter Robinson's Settlers, 1823 1825, by Carol Bennett, page 115. Lunney Brothers from Pakenham, Ontario, Canada

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