also John HURLEY and Mary McGILL
County Cork ?, Ireland to Osgoode Township

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893
November 18, 2002:

Hi Al,
Thanks for your information on the Hurley / Fitzsimmons - I see you are on a 
lot of Web lists too.
I have decided that my husband's HURLEYs (James) are the ones in Osgoode, at 
the east end of the twsp. ,Con 11, Lot  40+.  They came from County Cork after the 
great famine it seems. 
Their daughter Ellen Hurley married James Farmer at St Catherines in 1876.  James 
FARMER was from Winchester Township Con 9, Lot 1.  Do you know anymore about them??  
What is puzzling me is that I saw another James Farmer with 
land in Osgoode near Kenmore, and I wonder how he fits in with James Farmer in Winchester???
When I get time I'll send you the tree of those Hurleys for your site, as well as 
my South Gloucester McNamara family.

Here is a Hurley family who are buried at St. Catherine's Cemetery in Metcalfe, Ontario

Descendants of John Hurley
	1  	John Hurley	1841 - 1913
.		+Isobel McCaffery	1861 - 1905
......	2  	Peter Hurley	1888 - 1938

October 10, 2006: Dear Joan and Al, James and Mary are the parents of John Hurley who is buried along with his wife Isabella McCaffrey and their son Peter at St. Catherines cemetery in the Metcalfe, Ontario. For your information, I'm attaching the first number of pages that I'm working on concerning the Irish Ancestry of my family. You will note the obvious information that I'm missing. We Hurley's are also related to the McEvoy family of Osgoode Township by virture of the Marriage of my Dad's sister. James Hurley would be my great-grandfather and John, my grandfather. I'm not sure that I want info posted on a website in any great degree at the moment but you are welcome to this info as it may be helpful to you in your quests for information. Any information that you can provide to me of course will be greatly appreciated. Love to hear back from you, ... Ronald Patrick Hurley __________________________ Thanks to Michael Daley for the following reply: Good morning, Al A happy "THANKS GIVING," to you & and Grace, and family, To Ronald Hurley, in your search for, James Hurley ,and Mary Brannen / Brennan, last resting place, ?? You didn't state their age, but I presume they would have been interred in St. Catherine's first cemetery, where the first catholic church and cemetery in Osgoode township was once situated, lot 20 , con. 6. This property was sold by , [5 acres part of lot 20] by the diocese of Ottawa , June the 5th, 1868,to James Murray, some bodies were removed to the new cemetery in the village, My G,G,G, Grandfather Michael Daley died here January 1st 1841 , was buried in that cemetery, I accept the fact his remains would have been left there ,?? You have many relative's from here , your Aunt May , family , your Uncle Dan's Hurley . 3 of his daughters married in to Osgoode Township farm families , P S the Brannen / Brennan family lived , at one time on the East half of lot 23, con , 5 in Osgoode Township ... Michael Daley
January 17, 2008: Hello Joan Rooney, Al Lewis and Michael Daley, Joan, this refers to some previous e-mail comunication we had in which I think I recall you mentioning an Ellen / Nellie Hurley who married into the Rooney family. On reviewing my records, I found copies of the 1871 and 1881 census records for Osgoode township which list my great-grandfather's family (James Hurley) and another Hurley family i.e. John Hurley for whom I do not know much about, other than John Hurley's daughters Sarah and Ann (Annie) were the female sponsors at the baptisms of my twin Uncles Jack and Jim on July 8, 1885. Could this be the Hurley family to which your husband is more directly related? And would the Ellen Hurley listed as his daughter be the Nellie Hurley of whom you spoke? I would appreciate any info from any of you concerning the John Hurley family and how they might be directly related to the James Hurley family. Thanks and hoping to hear back from you, Ron Hurley
January 20, 2008: Thanks to Sue for her usual thorough research, as follows: I'm not researching this family but have found the following BMD's for this family which look pretty complete. It seems that the first 3 children born to this family were born at Vankleek Hill. This John and Mary Hurley are in the 1881 Osgoode, Russell census, just 2 doors away from the James and Mary (Brennan) Hurley family. Anyway, here is the following: John Hurley, born in Ireland sometime between 1811 and 1816, married Mary McGill (born abt 1833 in Ireland and died in 1889). They had 9 known children: 1) Mary, born 17 March 1856 at Vankleek Hill and died aft 1911. She married 19 Nov 1878 at St. Eugine, Prescott, Thomas Mullin. They had at least 12 children from 1880 - 1898, all born in Prescott county. 2) Ann (Annie), born 10 Feb 1859 at Vankleek Hill and died 30 May 1929. She married William Gillissie on 1 Feb 1886 in Metcalfe. They had 4 known children from 1887-1899. 3) Catherine (Kate), born 9 Apr 1860 at Vankleek Hill and died 10 Sep 1923, married 13 June 1889 in Metcalfe, Patrick Carey. They had 3 known children from 1892-1894 in East Hawkesbury, Prescott. 4) Sarah Jane, born East Hawkesbury, 6 Feb 1864 and died 5 July 1933, married 24 Sep 1889 at St. Eugine, Prescott, William Conlon. One known child, born 1902 in Kenmore. 5) Ellen, born abt 1865 in Marvelville (Metcalfe), married 6 July 1904 in Carleton County, Matthew McDonell, a son of Daniel and Anne Reid McDonell. Marvelville is the home town of Larry Robinson, member of the NHL Hockey Hall of Fame for the Montreal Canadiens. 6) Eliza (Lizzie), born Aug 1868 in Metcalfe and died abt 1911, married 27 May 1902 in Prescott county, Patrick McDonell, a son of James and Sarah McGill McDonell. 3 known children, born 1903 - 1907 in Glengarry. 7) Agnes Rose, born 1 March 1873 and died 12 Nov 1877 in Osgoode. 8) Dennis, born 10 Oct 1875 or 1876 in Marvelville and died after 1911, married 4 May 1898 Maria Ann Murray. One known child. 9) Cornelius, born 10 April 1878 and died after 1901. Single, and enumerated with brother Dennis in the 1901 Osgoode census. _________________ The Ellen/Helen Hurley who married James Farmer, was born in Ireland abt 1 June 1844 and was a daughter of James Hurley and Mary Brennan, according to her death registration (died 1929). She and James Farmer had at least 8 children, 2 being twins. ... Sue
March 18, 2008: Hi there, Thank you for your reply, I would be pleased for you to add me to the Hurley web page. I have been doing the Hurley family tree for some time now, and have got back to 1830. Regards ... Carol.

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