Thomas HUNTON and Amelia HOUGHTON

February 20, 2007:

Hi Al 

Two of my ancestors namely William Hunton and Thomas Hunton along with their 
father William came to Bytown in 1828 according to a line in William Lett’s poem.  
I know that William and Thomas both worked for Howard & Thompson grocers in the 
1830s until they opened their own store.   

I am trying to find out how they came to Bytown.  I know they left Leeds England.  
Do you know if they would have gone to Quebec or Montreal first?  I would also 
like to know how early pioneers from England got here.

I do have lots of material and photos that I would like to share if others are 

As a side note.  The Hunton’s owned the land where the Ottawa Public Library is 
on Metcalfe Street.  The home was called The Hunton House.  The same architects 
who built the Parliament Buildings built the home.  It was apparently a wonderful 
home.  I have never been able to find a photo of it.   

I have been in contact with Archives Canada and they are mailing a package of letters 
that were written by Thomas Hunton and his wife Amelia Houghton.  I can’t wait to 
read them.  I told them I would donate all my photos to them at some time in 
the future.  One of my favorites’ if a Topley photo of Isaac Firth.  

Today I found a ‘story’ in some old papers at home called – Thomas Hunton of Bytown.  
It is nine-typed 81/2 X 14 inches pages long.  I had a Xerox copy of this story 
but today I found the original.  It is truly amazing and details daily life in Bytown 
during the 1840s onwards.  Amelia Houghton is a descendant of the Billings family 
so this adds to my intrigue.  I also have several perhaps 50+ Topley photos of 
Thomas Hunton, Amelia, Billings’ family members, Houghton family members, Isaac Firth, 
etc. etc. etc.  There are some that I have not been able to identify.  Thanks again 
for your wonderful site.  I plan on spending time at Archives Canada reading 
The Bytown Gazette to see what else I can learn.  I really want to find 
out which ship they sailed to Canada on if that is possible.  I also want to know how 
they got from Montreal to Bytown. 

Thanks for any help. 

Mary Cox

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