Hull Militia List, 1813
Some Early Settlers in Hull / Gatineau, Quebec, Canada

New November 22, 2010:
Thanks to Carol Hutchinson for the following transcription of the 1813 List of Men who
served in the Militia in Hull, Quebec. All able-bodied men between the ages of 
19 and 39 formed the militia units. 

Dear Al, Nancy, and Laurie

Here is a transcription of Hull Militia Order of 1813 (67885 and 67884)

I am also sending the actual images.

If you notice any errors, please let me know.

... Carol Hutchinson

Carol: I'm posting your transcribed list and and two excerpts from the original images. It appears
that this document was numbered by Library and Archives Canada as being page number 67884 and
is included in the Philomen Wright Papers.
... Al
Source: Excerpted from Library and Archives, Canada, Wright Papers Keyword: John Allen Hull, Quebec, 1813 Militia List
Carol's Transcription of the 1813 Hull Militia List Hull Militia Order of 1813 (67885 and 67884) (page # 67885 of Wright Papers 1808-1818) Sergt. John Allen Militia Orders I have Warned the Within named men as the Law directs Octr. 5 1813 John Allen, Serg (page # 67884 of Wright Papers 1808-1818) Dudley Moor Jr. (Moore) Eli Moor / Moore Francis Clark Richard Chamberlin / Chamberlain John Allen Jr. James McConnell William McConnell George McConnell John Rich Henery S. Wells _______ Fawford Abner (a Negro) (second earliest documentation of a black person in the Ottawa area) William Gipson (Gibson?) Antioine Paugh Zenas Olmstead Gideon Olmstead Jr. Abram Olmstead Jabez Olmstead Eder Waller Joseph Pariso (Parizeau?) Truman Waller Eliad Waller John Watson Thomas Wright Elisa Sheffield William Grimes Benjamin Chamberlin Simon Heath Abel Reynolds Nathan Merryfield / Merrifield John Almos Sir you are Commanded, and I do herby commen- you to name all the above mentioned Militia Men, and others whome you consider Militia men within your Limits, to appear at the usual place of Preade(Parade?) at the head of the grand Shodine Falls on Tuesday the fifth of October next with fine armes (firearms) at one oclock in the afternoon Given Under my hand At the head of the Great Shodine falls (Chaudiere Falls) Gideon Olmstead Lieut And make due return in good time & Season in 8 day To Sergt. John Allen (Sept 28th 1813) 1813 Militia Roll, Hull, Quebec
Source: Excerpted from Library and Archives, Canada, Wright Papers Hull, Quebec, 1813 Militia List
See also the 1808 Hull Militia List.

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