Hull Militia List, 1808
First Male Settlers in Hull / Gatineau, Quebec, Canada
and The First Customers at Philomen Wright's Store
also, Miscellaneous Early Philomen Wright Settlement Papers

November 21, 2010:
Thanks to Carol Hutchinson for the following transcription of the 1808 List of Men who
were included in the Militia in Hull, Quebec. All able-bodied men between the ages of 
19 and 39 formed the militia units. Some (volunteers?) are older than 39.

Dear Allan

Here is a corrected transcription of the 1808 Militia List,
there should be another James Green age 19 after Samuel
Edey, and Robert Vortrez should be Robert Norton.

I am including a new word file for this, and also the scan of
the original record.  Page 67873 is probably the cover page,
but it looks like when it was copied, there was another page
underneath it, so I didn't add that to the above 1808 list.  
I do not have a complete scan of this other page.

I also have an 1813 militia list, when I get to it, I will send it
also.  This has been a collaborative effort between several
'cousins' and myself.  One was able to go to the archives, she
sent it to another cousin who copied it and sent it to me.  I then
made a transcription and 2 cousins proof read it for me.  Hence,
the corrections.

These papers were found in the Library and Archives of Canada.
On the back of the papers was:

Library and Archives Canada 
This copy is provided for research purposes only.  Responsibility regarding questions of copyright that may 
arise in the use this document is assumed by the recipient.  
File - Wright Papers 1808 - 1818

So, I do not know what the legal status of posting the list, or the
actual images on the internet.  Hopefully you know the answer.
and hope you can post it.

... Carol Hutchinson

Carol: I'm posting your transcribed list and an excerpt from the original image. It appears
that this document was numbered by Library and Archives Canada as being page number 67872 and
is included in the Philomen Wright Papers.
... Al

1808 Militia Roll, Hull, Quebec

Copy of a return sent to Col. Robson of the Capt. Wright Comp. and there (sic) ages and [assn?]

[?]onens Names                 Ages      [Annis?]

Jonathan Sunard		26
Elisha Warner			47
Nathan Marifield 		37  Merrifield / Merryfield
Dudley Moore			35
Dudley Moore			59	1
Luther Colten			29  Colton
Isaac Remmec			36	(Remic at Remic Rapids)
George Wood			55
Robert Norton		29
Benjamin Moore		18
Roger Moore			35
Richard Chamberlin		32 Chamberlain
James McConnel		35 McConnell
William McConnel?		21
William Gibson		24
Fransuay (Francois?) Cyoel	25	1
Leson Gobet			44	1
Asa Townsend			33	1
William G[uinis?]		31
Eliud Waller			21
Eder Waller			25
David Benedict		34
Samuel Benedict		63
Samuel Benedict		30
Samuel Edey			21
James Green			19
James Green			42
Harvy Parker			27	1
Edmond Chamberlin		35
Nathaniel Chamberlin		20
Ephriam Chamberlin		29
Benjamin Chamberlin		25
Thomas Wright		24
Elisha Sheffield		26
Simond Heath			37
Baptist Boushere		[blank]
Tiberius Wright		19	1
Philemon Wright		26	1
Charles Chambers		20
Martin Ebert			24
Henery Anderson		20
Martin Lower			24
John Wright			22
Benjamin Hopper Wright		18
Robert Chambers		[blank]
Joseph Bouchere		19
Frederick Whitmark		33
Daniel Wyman		28
Amasa [P]olley		54
Martin Moore			22
London Oxford		40 (First black settler in the Ottawa area)
Samuel [Cofren?]		32
John Rich or Elisha Blake	[blank]
Samuel Marsh			47	1
Jeremiah Colvin		42	1
Persey Colvin			19	1
Joseph Moore [tarrer?]		[blank]

Nathan Merifield		31 / Merrifield
John Albere			35
Jonathan Mund		29

John Sayer			[blank]
John Rish or Elisha Blake	[blank]
Jonathan Simonds		26
Elisha Warren			47
Robert [Muckhanson?]   	[blank]

(on the next page, probably the same list)
Jeremiah Colvin		42

0	officers & sergents
22	married
27	unmarried
0	absent
2	infirm
6	persons exented [exempted?] and for what
15	[fienlecks?]

Source: Excerpted from Library and Archives, Canada, Wright Papers Hull, Quebec, 1808 Militia List

December 9, 2010:
The First Customers at Philomen Wright's Store (Anson Gard went through the Philomen Wright Account Book, 1801-1809) Source: Pioneers of the Upper Ottawa and the Humors of the Valley, by Anson Gard, page 83 List of Philomen Wright's first Customers, 1801

December 13, 2010: Hi Al I have attached some archive info on the land petition for a group of settlers that Philomen Wright brought over in 1816. William Cook petitioned for a change of lots since the land was unsuitable for culivation in 1819. The intial lot numbers and the new lot numbers are provided. At the bottom of the letter are the the names: William Cook , John Brilion, John Hayworth, John Rogers, Jimy Cliton and Richard Auston / Austin?. Page 1 starts the appeal. Page 2 shows the Ranges and lots along with the names of the men petitioning. The full petition document is 31 pages. These pages provide a pretty good chronology of petition requirements. Application, clearance requirements, survey to confirm the requirements were met etc. All the way through to completion around 1824. If you go on line to the Library Archives Canada web site and search "William Cook and others" in the genealogy section, you will find the complete set. ... John Hull, Quebec, Canada, Land Petition, 1819 Hull, Quebec, Canada, Land Petition, 1819 See also the 1813 Hull Militia List.

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