Simon HUGHES and Emilie Ellen SHEPHERD
County Meath, Gatineau County, 99th Regiment

New April 2, 2004:

Would anyone have information on Simon Hughes who received 100 acres in Goulbourn 26/03/1824. 
He had been in the 99th. Regiment. He married Emily Shepherd. The first child (I believe 
him to be the eldest) of whom I have a Baptism is Thomas, b. Feb. 21, bap. Aug. 29, 1831 
at Notre Dame. I do not have a Marriage for the parents. They moved to the Quebec area and 
a child. Elias, was baptized at St. Stephen, Chelsea in May,1848. Thank you,
Linda Bekkers

Thanks to Linda for this very complete file on Simon Hughes!

Generation No. 1 

1.  SIMON1 HUGHES was born Abt. 1794 in Navan Parish, County of Meath, Ireland, and died Bef. 1871.  
He married EMILIE ELLEN SHEPHERD.  She was born Abt. 1811, and died Aft. 1871.


2.                i.    THOMAS2 HUGHES, b. February 28, 1831, Goulbourn, ON; d. November 16, 1901, Belvidere Township, Montcalm County, MI.
3.               ii.    MARGARET HUGHES, b. Abt. 1832, Goulbourn, ON; d. January 28, 1888.
4.              iii.    MARIA E. HUGHES, b. Abt. 1834, Canada West; d. March 15, 1919, Home Township, Montcalm County, MI.
5.              iv.    MATILDA CAROLINE HUGHES, b. October 13, 1835, Goulbourn Township, ON; d. January 14, 1869, Fieldville, QC.
                  v.    ELIZABETH HUGHES, b. September 30, 1836, Goulbourn, ON.
6.              vi.    WILLIAM ALEXANDER HUGHES, b. March 04, 1837, Ontario; d. Bef. July 27, 1911.
                vii.    ELIAS JAMES HUGHES, b. March 29, 1848, Wakefield, QC; d. April 20, 1930, Denholm, Wright County, QC; m. CAROLINE ORR, September 22, 1884, Wakefield Anglican Church, Wakefield, QC; b. October 22, 1838, ON; d. September 17, 1909, Denholm, Wright County, QC.
               viii.    JOHN LEWIS HUGHES, b. May 01, 1851, Quebec; d. May 04, 1920, Ann Arbor, MI.

Generation No. 2 

2.  THOMAS2 HUGHES (SIMON1) was born February 28, 1831 in Goulbourn, ON, and died November 16, 1901 in Belvidere Township, Montcalm County, MI.  He married CATHERINE YOUNG March 07, 1860 in Notre Dame Basilica, Ottawa, ON.  She was born May 03, 1844 in Ottawa, ON, and died March 10, 1879 in Low Township, Low, QC.


                   i.    MARY ANN3 HUGHES, b. January 31, 1862, Low Township, Gatineau County, QC; d. March 10, 1917, Edmore, Home Township, Montcalm County, MI; m. (1) LESTER JACOB HUYCK, May 29, 1882, McBride, Day Township, Montcalm County, MI; b. May 29, 1859, Orleans Township, Ionia County, MI; d. Abt. 1948, Montcalm County, MI; m. (2) HIRAM JOSEPH GARVIN, December 31, 1908, Home Township, Montcalm, MI; b. Abt. 1863, Canada.
                  ii.    SIMON JAMES HUGHES, b. July 12, 1865, Low Township, Low, QC; d. August 18, 1866, Low Township, Low, QC.
                 iii.    JOHN T. HUGHES, b. Abt. 1867, Low Township, QC.
                 iv.    CATHERINE MATILDA HUGHES, b. February 05, 1869, Low Township, Low, QC; d. December 14, 1875, Low Township, Low, QC.
                  v.    DANIEL JOSEPH HUGHES, b. February 19, 1871, Wakefield, QC; d. March 03, 1944; m. ANTONETTA A. 'NETTIE' SCHWENTER; b. July 1876, Germany; d. May 31, 1913.
                 vi.    ABIGAIL GERMINA HUGHES, b. Abt. June 1873, Low Township, QC; m. ------------KERNEY.
                vii.    ROBERT ALPHONSE HUGHES, b. June 19, 1875, Ottawa, ON.
               viii.    WILLIAM ALEXANDER HUGHES, b. November 01, 1877, Low Township, Low, QC.

3.  MARGARET2 HUGHES (SIMON1) was born Abt. 1832 in Goulbourn, ON, and died January 28, 1888.  She married LOUIS ORREY October 04, 1855 in St. Camillus R.C. Church, Farrellton, QC.  He was born November 15, 1838 in Canada, and died January 20, 1917 in Duluth, MN.


                   i.    JOSEPH3 ORREY, b. September 13, 1856, Low Township, Gatineau County, QC; d. May 13, 1946, Ottawa, ON; m. BRIGITTE RICE, July 17, 1893, Gracefield, Wright Township, Gatineau, QC; b. May 15, 1865, Gracefield, Wright Township, Gatineau County, QC; d. June 14, 1894, Gracefield, Wright Township, Gatineau County, QC.
                  ii.    THOMAS ORREY, b. April 11, 1859, Low Township, Gatineau County, QC; d. June 08, 1880, Low Township, Gatineau County, QC.
                 iii.    JAMES FAIN 'JIM' ORREY, b. April 07, 1861, Low Township, Gatineau County, QC; d. May 03, 1922, Ottawa, ON.
                 iv.    LOUIS ORREY, b. December 10, 1862, Low Township, QC.
                  v.    LOUIS ORREY, b. September 15, 1864, Low Township, Gatineau County, QC; d. August 03, 1948, Malta, Phillips County, MT.
                 vi.    ALEXANDER PIED BLANC ORREY, b. April 07, 1867, Low Township, Gatineau County, QC.
                vii.    PETER HYPOLITE DANIEL ORREY, b. June 28, 1869, Low Township, Gatineau County, QC; d. April 06, 1873, Low Township, Gatineau County, QC.
               viii.    ELIZIAH ORREY, b. November 15, 1871, Low Township, Gatineau County, QC; d. Abt. February 12, 1912; m. ROSINA DEMERCY; b. Canada.
                  ix.    MARGARET ELLEN EMILY ORREY, b. July 12, 1873, Low Township, Gatineau County, QC; d. September 04, 1956, Ottawa, ON.
                   x.    ROBERT FRANCIS ORREY, b. September 15, 1875, Wakefield, Gatineau County, QC; d. January 22, 1933, St. Louis County, Duluth, MN; m. LAURA CHRISTINE PEDERSEN, December 14, 1910, Duluth, St. Louis County, MN; b. June 18, 1888, St. Louis County, Duluth, MN; d. January 09, 1970, Alameda County, CA.

4.  MARIA E.2 HUGHES (SIMON1) was born Abt. 1834 in Canada West, and died March 15, 1919 in Home Township, Montcalm County, MI.  She married JAMES MAHONEY September 15, 1855 in St. Camillus R. C. Church, Farrellton, QC, son of JOHN MAHONEY and CATHERINE MAHONEY.  He was born Abt. 1836 in Ireland, and died May 21, 1918 in Fieldville, QC.

                   i.    CATHERINE3 MAHONEY, b. November 13, 1856, Fieldville, QC.
                  ii.    JOHN MAHONEY, b. October 05, 1858, Fieldville, QC; m. MARIA SMITH, November 19, 1889, St. Stephen R.C. Church, Old Chelsea, QC; b. Abt. 1871, QC.
                 iii.    JAMES SIMON 'YANKEE JIM' MAHONEY, b. January 25, 1862, Fieldville, QC; d. December 16, 1949, Low, QC; m. BRIDGET MCGRATH, April 11, 1899, Our Lady of the Visitation, South Gloucester, ON; b. January 11, 1858, South Gloucester, ON; d. October 29, 1935, Fieldville, QC.
                 iv.    MARIE M. MAHONEY, b. November 02, 1862, Fieldville, QC; d. February 26, 1942, Home Township, Montcalm County, MI.
                  v.    THOMAS MAHONEY, b. September 25, 1864, Fieldville, QC; d. February 06, 1939, Home Township, Montcalm County, MI.
                 vi.    JANE MAHONEY, b. January 1867, Fieldville, QC; d. January 1877, Wakefield, QC.
                vii.    WILLIAM ALEXANDER MAHONEY, b. January 15, 1869, Fieldville, QC; d. December 01, 1958, Ottawa, ON.
               viii.    DENIS MAHONEY, b. May 09, 1871, Fieldville, QC.
                  ix.    CATHERINE ANN MAHONEY, b. August 17, 1873, Fieldville, QC.
                   x.    DELIA ELLEN MAHONEY, b. 1876, Fieldville, Low Township, Gatineau County, QC; d. September 23, 1976, Ottawa, ON; m. VICTOR EDWARD 'ED' MCCARTHY, August 07, 1899, St. Patrick's Church, Ottawa, ON; b. 1874, Canada; d. September 16, 1961, Ottawa, ON.
                  xi.    JOSEPH PATRICK MAHONEY, b. December 19, 1878, Fieldville, QC.

5.  MATILDA CAROLINE2 HUGHES (SIMON1) was born October 13, 1835 in Goulbourn Township, ON, and died January 14, 1869 in Fieldville, QC.  She married PATRICK MAHONEY August 16, 1852 in St. Camillus Church, Farrellton, QC, son of DENIS MAHONEY and HONORAH O'LEARY.  He was born Abt. 1818 in Ireland, and died June 27, 1875 in Fieldville, QC.

                   i.    ELLEN EMILY3 MAHONEY, b. November 01, 1855, Fieldville, QC; d. February 28, 1923, Fieldville, QC; m. WILLIAM JOHN HICKEY, June 25, 1872, St. Camillus Church, Farrellton, QC; b. May 17, 1842, Canada East; d. July 03, 1916, Fieldville, QC.
                  ii.    ALICE MATILDA MAHONEY, b. February 14, 1858, Fieldville, QC; d. Aft. 1923; m. ROBERT J. WOODS; b. June 1859, Lascelles, Wright County, QC.
                 iii.    DENIS MAHONEY, b. May 20, 1860, Fieldville, QC; d. August 1948, Timmins, ON; m. (1) MARGUERITE BRENNAN, February 06, 1890, Eglise Visitation, Gracefield, QC; b. February 08, 1868, Gracefield, QC; d. April 14, 1897, Gracefield, QC; m. (2) CLARA MORIN, June 25, 1900, Eglise Ste. Philomene, Montcerf, QC; b. 1880, Montcerf, QC; d. December 14, 1960, Timmins, ON.
                 iv.    PATRICK MAHONEY, b. February 22, 1863, Fieldville, QC; d. May 27, 1929, Maniwaki, QC; m. BRIDGITTE BRENNAN, June 22, 1892, Notre Dame de la Visitation, Gracefield, QC; b. May 14, 1864, Gracefield, QC; d. September 25, 1920, Maniwaki, QC.
                  v.    SIMON THOMAS MAHONEY, b. June 03, 1865, Fieldville, QC.
6.  WILLIAM ALEXANDER2 HUGHES (SIMON1) was born March 04, 1837 in Ontario, and died Bef. July 27, 1911.  He married (1) CATHERINE 'KATE' LAPORTE June 12, 1883 in St. Camillus R.C. Church, Farrellton, QC.  She was born Abt. 1854 in Quebec.  He married (2) MARTHA LAPORTE October 24, 1910 in St. Camillus Church, Farrellton, QC.  She was born 1839 in Ontario, and died July 27, 1911 in Ottawa, ON.

                   i.    MATILDA3 HUGHES, b. Abt. 1879; d. January 15, 1919, Low, QC; Stepchild; m. JAMES EVANS; b. 1876; d. 1942.
                  ii.    CATHERINE HUGHES, b. Abt. February 1881, Low Township, Low, QC; d. August 12, 1883, at the age of 2 years, 7 months..
                 iii.    MARGARET HUGHES.
                 iv.    WILLIAM HUGHES.


                  v.    VIOLET MARY3 HUGHES, b. December 16, 1886, Quebec; d. November 25, 1949.

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