The Hub and the Spokes
written in 1904 by Anson A. Gard
now available on CD
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada History

New April 7, 2004:

Hi Al,

While we have been setting up our company (Archive CD Books Canada Inc.)
we have also been collecting historically significant books on Canada 
and one of them was a  wonderful book called "The Hub and the Spokes," 
written by Anson A. Gard.  This book was published in 1904 and was written 
primarily as a sort of tourists guide to Ottawa.  It is more than that, however, 
because the author is also a consummate name dropper and so it is also 
a great source of personal history for hundreds of ordinary people 
living and working in the capital at the turn of the century. And just 
to put the icing on the cake, Anson decided to include over 1500 high 
quality (for 100 years ago) photographs and engravings of people and 
place connected with Ottawa.  In short it's 'gift' for anyone working 
on Ottawa history or on the people who were living here then.

What I had done is move it up our production schedule so that we have 
just now released our facsimile copies of this book on CD.  If you want 
to you can visit our web site at to have 
a look at a picture of the book and read a little more description (catalogue ref. CA0025). 

Malcolm Moody

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