Surname HOUSTON / HUESTON in Goulbourn and Gloucester

January 13, 2002:
Interested in finding out where my ancestors came from in Northern Ireland. 
In 1823 my earliest traceable ancestor came from Northern Ireland with wife 
Sarah and sons William and John to farm a land grant of 100 acres in Goulbourn 
Township -- the western half of Lot 10, Concession 3, on Goodwood Creek.(now the Jock River). 
Settlement duties were paid Sept 1825. the land was sold to his son William April 1831. 
William died Aug 24, 1841. His brother Hugh (1784-Feb 21, 1852), had come at the 
same time, with wife Agnes, son Hugh and daughter Margaret to farm a 100 acre land 
grant on Concession 8. Both families were Wesleyan Methodists.    

Brad Houston
The records of this family (including possibly the County of origin in Ireland) might
be at St. Paul's United Church in Richmond, Ontario. I believe that this church was 
Methodist before Church Union in 1925.
I'm not sure about the Houston family, but many of the Protestant families in Goulbourn 
came from County Cavan.
I remember as a kid there was a cottage community at the Big Rideau Lake, south-west of
Ottawa. A Houston family was part of the group from Goulbourn Township. Other families were
Featherstone, Cathcart, Wilson and Kemp (Kemp's Tavern).

... Al 
January 13, 2002
The web page looks great. I am impressed. It should get the query aired.
For a lot of my information on my early ancestors, I have to thank Alison Hare 
CGRS of Nepean, who did extensive researching for me. She checked church, cemetery, 
census and land records for me. One of the cemeteries where she found a number of 
my ancestors, was one where a number of hers were buried as well. I believe she did 
check the United Church records, but will double check with her. 
Tracing back the line had baffled me; and I was amazed that Alison solved the dilemma. 
My great-great grandfather had three wives, the first two dying in childbirth, each 
after producing half a dozen offspring. He also was illiterate, so that in each census 
Houston was spelled completely differently: undoubtedly spelled phonetically with 
each census taker hearing it differently, and William wasn't able to read and 
correct it. 5 censuses, 5 different spellings! 
Thanks for your efforts and information.   
Brad Houston
PS have a look at my Web Page.

May 17, 2002: Through the Goulbourn Museum I have been able to find dozens of Houston / Hueston / Heuston relatives. A couple of changes to the query are now in order. William and Sarah came from Ireland with 3 sons: William 17, Hugh, in his teens, and John aged 2. William's brother Hugh came with Agnes and daughter Margaret. The name was chiefly spelled Hueston for the next couple of generations. My chief query now is what county in Ireland the families came from, as I now have almost all of the family tree in Canada. Brad Houston
September 17, 2005: Hi Carole: I noticed on Al Lewis' site that you were looking for any info on the Huestons of the Ramseyville area so when I came across Sarah Hueston daughter of Alexander Hueston and Mary Ann Freeman of Gloucester who married William George Bell of North Gower Sept 9 1884 I thought I' d send it along. You can see the marriage record at I have the following info about Mary Ann Freeman: Mary Ann Freeman was the eldest daughter of Sarah Moxley and John Freeman also of Gloucester. The Freemans lived near Bowesville; the Moxleys were at Ramsayville and Hawthorne. Mary Ann (Freeman ) Hueston moved to Alberta and lived with a son James Houston (Hueston) at Stettler where she died in 1918. Hope this is of interest Regards ... Allen Craig

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