Timothy HOULAHAN and Mary CAHILL
From County Clare, Ireland to Nepean Township
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Note: The first record of the Houlahan family in the Ottawa area is of John Houlahan who was a Godparent at a baptism in 1829 at 
Notre Dame Cathedral in downtown Ottawa. Here is the record:

15 Nov 1829    
Baptism of John, aged 7 mos., lawful son of John O'Bryan / O'Brien and Sarah Casey
     Godparents: John Houlahan and Margaret Power   
	 Angus McDonell, P.P. (Parish Priest)

	1  	Timothy Houlahan	
.		+ Mary Cahill	
........	2  	Ann Houlahan	1821 -
............		+ Godfrey Vaillaint	
........	2  	Margaret Houlahan	1823 - 1851
............		+ John Kenny	1819 - 1883
........	2  	Mary Houlahan	1825 -
............		+ Martin Rudy or Ruddy	
...................	3  	Mary Ann Rudy	1846 -
........	2  	Patrick Houlahan	1828 -
............		+ Ellen Morrissey	
...................	3  	James Houlahan	1849 -
...................	3  	Patrick Houlahan	1853 -
...................	3  	John Houlahan	1855 -
...................	3  	Margaret Houlahan	1857 -

E-mail from Ed Houlahan, Feb. 23, 2001: To know more about the Houlahan's who moved to Ottawa from County Clare Ireland and what part of Ottawa the Houlahan's settled in, contact me at e.houlahan@caps57.com Thank You
From Ed on May 29, 2001: Dear Mr Lewis. I sent you an email a short time ago about the Houlahan's from County Clare Ireland. Sorry for my mistake, but my grandparents were Edward Houlahan & Mary Watt. That's as far back I knew. My cousin James Chandler came across my name on your Bytown or Bust site and filled me in on more. Now I can look up more on your site, and on my own. If you want to post more on your site, I am one of seven children from Houlahan / Watt son Edward who married Joan Morford. They are Karen (King) Patrick, Kevin, Thomas, Roy, Edward, Timothy once again, Thanks Ed
Names for Search Engine: Houlahan Kennedy Larkin August 11, 2001
Houlahan Park in the City of Ottawa is located in Nepean, Barrhaven, Tartan Drive
Keyword: Great Irish Famine migration to the Ottawa, Canada area.
August 14, 2001: Hello: I am Peter Houlahan son of John Houlahan, who was the son of the late Joseph Houlahan of Chicago, Illinois, USA by way of Ottawa. I must confess, I know very little of my grandfather's family except that he had quite a few Siblings in Canada. Does any of this sound familiar? I will try to get more info from my father. I'd like to know more about the family line. ... Peter Houlahan
April 13, 2006: Hi Peter Houlahan Your grandfather "Joseph Houlahan of Chicago, Illinois, USA" was my father Herman Houlahan's brother. We lived in River Canard, Ontario (near Windsor, Ontario in Essex County). I remember very vividly your grandfather and possibly your father (there was a young man with him) visiting us at our little farm. They had a shiney black car parked in our driveway and I remember watching them through the window. I was very young at the time but I believe this was between 1955 and 1957. My father also had other brothers and sisters. John who lived in Detroit, Michigan, USA Patrick who lived in Windsor, On Frank who lived in Nepean, On, now part of the City of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Alan who also lived in Nepean, On Stella who lived with one of her brothers in Nepean, On Leo lived in Sudbury, On Agatha who lived in Ottawa, On Their parents were John P. Houlahan and Margaret Jane Brophy. These things I know for sure. And I guess we both know who the rest of our ancestors are now. Your Distant Cousin Kathleen Buck (nee Houlahan)
May 22, 2008: Source: Sarah B. Craig, Hello Nepean, page 48. Clarke Fields Sign in Barrhaven, Ottawa, Canada See also the pioneer Clarke family.
E-mail Peter Houlahan, Ed Houlahan, Taylor Kennedy, Jim Chandler, Kathleen Buck and Al Lewis

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