Horton Township, Renfrew County, Ontario, Canada
History and Genealogy

February 17, 2013:

Horton Township is located within Renfrew County and has its front on the Ottawa River, between the towns of Arnprior and Renfrew.

Map of Horton Township in 1879 Source: McGill University Digital Map Project Horton Township, Renfrew County, Ontario, Canada in 1879
Key words: Castleford, Carswell, Winnoch Lake, (Loch Winnoch), Harcourt, Lac des Chats See Horton - The Story of a Township, by Doris and Campbell Humphries, 1986 -- it is a very good book about the history of Horton Township. Some early settlers in Horton Township Cole, Ezekiel, from Goulbourn Township Dunlop, Gabriel, from the Gatineau Valley, Quebec (see posting dated March 8, 2013, below) Source for the next four names: McGill University 1879 Digital Atlas for Horton Township Mann James Physician and surgeon born from Pakenham, Canada McLachlan James Farmer from Lanark County, Canada McNicol Duncan Millwright and builder from Pakenham, Canada Ward James Tinsmith and Reeve from Lanark County, Canada
March 8, 2013: Might I suggest the following detail be added to the above-noted page? It is unlikely that Gabriel Dunlop was an early resident of the Township. Gabriel, my 3 X great grandfather farmed in the Meech Creek Valley at Old Chelsea. He no doubt visited his brother James Dunlop who was living in Horton Township. I use as a reference The Founding Families of Admaston, Horton & Renfrew Village, ISBN 971.381 F771 (pages 108-10). [Note that this source itself quotes The Story of Renfrew, Vol.1, 1919.] James (c1785, County Roscommon, Ireland) first lived in the Richmond Military Settlement [ref. 1821 census] with wife Mary (c1794, County Cork, Ireland) and in 1837 moved to the Township from Goulburn and Huntley with his sons Gabriel, James, John and William. A son Robert remained in Perth. Gabriel (c1819, Ireland) and wife Mary (c1821, County Tyrone, Ireland) farmed on Concession 3, Horton and had the following children: Mary, James, Katherine, John, Gabriel, Ann, William, Sarah Jane. [Note: Conflicting data from Notre Dame parish, Bytown holds that Gabriel's spouse was Anne Patterson (c1821, County Tyrone]. James (c1822, Ireland) and wife Mary (c1821, County Tipperary) was on the adjoining farm in Concession 3 and had the following children: James, William, Mary, Gabriel, Judith, Robert. John and wife Rebecca Burwell (c1815, Lincoln, England) farmed in Concession 6 and had the following children: Elizabeth, John, Anne, Sarah (Sally). William (b.1826, Hull, PQ) and wife Mary (County Fermanagh, Ireland) farmed in Concession 2 and had the following children: Robert, Margaret, John, William, Mary Anne. ... Will Dunlop
New March 21, 2019: (post retirement) Horton Township was well known in the 1800's as a leading employer in the Canadian forestry industry. The following picture shows the steamboat Samson owned by the Upper Ottawa Improvement Company. Our web page for steamboats shows many of the steamers used on the Ottawa and Rideau Rivers.
Photo source: Horton - The Story of a Township, by Doris and Campbell Humphries, Juniper Books, 1986, page 5. The steamship Samson on the Ottawa River, 1910

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