William HOPKINS and Jane BARKER
ML# 233 on the McCabe List of 1829
Coolkenna, County Wicklow, Ireland to Gloucester Township

November 4, 2007:

Amelia Astleford, widow of John Burns / Byrnes was buried at the Gloucester farm of
William Hopkins. Many of the Burns / Byrnes and Hopkins in Eastern Ontario came
from County Wicklow and are related. 

Location of the William and Robert Hopkins farms at Beacon Hill
I thought I'd have a look for John Hopkins's marriage, and look who it is: Name: John Hopkins Birth Place: Ireland Age: 32 Estimated Birth Year: abt 1842 Father Name: Nicholas Hopkins Mother Name: Elizabeth Burns / Byrnes Spouse Name: Mary Hopkins Spouse's Age: 29 Spouse Estimated Birth Year: abt 1845 Spouse Birth Place: Canada Spouse Father Name: William Hopkins Spouse Mother Name: Jane Barker Marriage Date: 18 Nov 1874 Marriage Place: Carleton Marriage County: Carleton Family History Library Microfilm: MS932_13 ... Anne Burgess
Death Record for William Hopkins
Anne: Here is Nicholas Hopkins in the 1881 Gloucester census: Census Place: Gloucester, Russell, Ontario, Canada Source: FHL Film 1375865 NAC C-13229 Dist 104 SubDist E Div 2 Page 65 Family 295 Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace Nocholas HOPKINS M M 81 Irish Ireland Religion: Church of England Elisabeth HOPKINS F M 79 Irish Ireland Religion: Weslyan Methodist Mary HOPKINS F 30 Irish Ireland Religion: Wesleyan Methodist His next door neighbour is the following family: Census Place: Gloucester, Russell, Ontario, Canada Source: FHL Film 1375865 NAC C-13229 Dist 104 SubDist E Div 2 Page 65 Family 296 Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace John HOPKINS M M 40 Irish Ireland Occ: Farmer Religion: Wesleyan Methodist Mary HOPKINS F M 37 Irish eOntarioe Religion: Wesleyan Methodist Anny Louise HOPKINS F 6 Irish Ontario Religion: Wesleyan Methodist M. Elisabeth HOPKINS F 4 Irish Ontario Religion: Wesleyan Methodist William Sp. HOPKINS M 2 Irish Ontario Religion: Wesleyan Methodist James HOPKINS M 58 Irish Ireland (see death record from Anne, below) Occ: Blacksmith Religion: Weslyan Methodist ... Al
Death Record for James Hopkins (Blacksmith) and Jane Barker Hopkins
Hi Al, Yes, Wm. Hopkins, ML 233, if he's the guy in Gloucester (and his age makes that likely) had a wife, Jane Barker. I sent you her death cert yesterday too. Here's Wm. Hopkins and family in 1851 Gloucester: William Hopkins, farmer, b. Ire., C of E, 45 Jane Hopkins, spouse, b. Ire., C of E, 36 Ann Hopkins, b. Can., C of E, 14 Edward Hopkins, b. Can., C of E, 12 Robert Hopkins, b. Can., C of E, 10 Mary Hopkins, b. Can., C of E, 8 Mary Jane Hopkins, b. Can., C of E, 7 I started to work on the 1839 Fitzwilliam rentals records for Coolkenna today, and the name of the head tenant on the first page was Thomas Astleford. ... Anne
November 8, 2007: Hi Al and Anne, I am interested in this family because Hazel Hopkins a great grand daughter of William and Jane married Donald Sorley my great uncle. Found the following on one of Mary Crandall's Ontario Vitals Statistics Project pages http://homepages.rootsweb.com/~maryc/johns2.htm and thought you might be interested. Marriages performed by Rev. James Currie (Cassie?) Wesleyan Methodist Church 1838 Jan. 29 William HOPKINS, Glocester, to Jane BARKER, North Crosby, by license. Wit: James, Barker, Sarah Wanen (Warren). Regards, ... Allen Craig
November 10, 2007: See Anne's collection of emigrants from Ballynultagh and Ballyraheen to Eastern Ontario.
November 22, 2007: Hi Al and Anne, Came on following two pages at Early Canadiana Online relating to Wm Hopkins struggle to gain title to his land in Gloucester. Thought they might be of interest as background. They are part of a series dealing with the similar problems of John Rochester in Nepean. Also mentioned is Benjamin Rathwell / Rothwell. http://www.canadiana.org/ECO/PageView/9_00952_5/0126?id=082563e0b68b22e4 http://www.canadiana.org/ECO/PageView/9_00952_5/0127?id=e823f7a5bbd86dd3 Regards ... Al Craig ________________________ Thank you so much for this, Al. I was so moved by the description of the inferior soil, and covering rock, I imagine. What a brave and industrious soul William Hopkins was, trying to support a family on that. I recently took a drive around the area of Beacon Hill (north of Montreal Rd.) and Rothwell Heights to check out the Hopkins land, and I saw the Robert Hopkins school, etc., so I have a good idea of where they lived. It's a very attractive area now. The Tompkins family that Wm.'s daughter Ann married into was also from Wicklow. And Rathwell is a Wicklow name, too. This family is also connected to the Hawkins family at Manotick Station. ... Anne
November 23, 2007: See also Lancelot Jackson, ML# 662 from Aghold, County Wicklow.

July 11, 2008:
Henry Tomkins and Ann Hopkins, married in 1858. The bride and her father walked from their Beacon Hill farm to downtown for the wedding. Henry Tomkins, son of Peter from County Wicklow, lived at Manotick Station. Photo source: The Manotick Station Story Henry Tomkins and Ann Hopkins

January 21, 2010:
Here is an excerpt from an Ottawa Citizen article. Source: Ottawa Citizen Archives for August 27, 1932 The complete article accessible via www.bytown.net/citizensearch.htm Ann Hopkins Tomkins - Gloucester Township, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

New October 26, 2011: Hi everyone, I grew up in the 1950’s and 1960’s very close to the area were the Hopkins family once had lived. I remember playing in their family graveyard. The main tombstone was inscribed “William Hopkins”. The graveyard was located on Ogilvy road about 500 meters East of Gloucester High school. In those days Ogilvy road was a dead end that went straight through and ended were it would intersect Jasmine Crescent today. This is where the graveyard was located. For anyone interested I included a google map of the actual location. (see the red A) When the land was sold, the bodies were moved to the Pinecrest cemetery in the western part of the city. I also included newspaper clipping that gives some detail. ... Lou Bouchard
Hopkins Cemetery Map - Gloucester Township, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Hopkins Cemetery Newspaper Clipping - Gloucester Township, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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